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Whatever I am in the mood to talk about.

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Hi guys its Trivium! Long time no talk? Anyways, we had an outbreak within Agent eSports, which spread onto Twitter. It infuriated me and I immediately though of vVv and The Five Pillars. For those who don't know I am an ex member of vVv, and I still love this organization! Many don't know, Jerry is a huge inspiration and one of my most favorite people in the world! I spoke to him a few times before, but when we met at MLG Columbus back in November, I was awe-stricken by the amount of intelligence one man can have, and motivated by his wording. Honestly, he's one of those people that can tell you more about yourself than you knew about yourself before! I'm sure everyone else who ever met him can agree with that as well!

Well anyway, here is the article! If you enjoyed it please retweet this tweet it would be very much appreciated! #BelievVve!


@Agent_Trivium on professionalism in @AgenteSports, eSports, and in General.

I expect everyone in @AgenteSports to maintain a higher level of professionalism, weather you are planning on going pro or not. If were giving you the chance, the least you can do is show we don't just pick up anybody. If you were able to look at our DM's on the Agent twitter and see how many people would love to have your opportunities, maybe you all would stop taking things for granted.

For those who don't know I was a player and staff member for an organization known as Vision Valor Victory, or vVv. When you apply and earn an interview to become part of the organization, you are expected to know and be able to explain the "Five Pillars of vVv Gaming" which I will link for everyone at the end of this article. These were written out by the owner himself and one of my personal mentors, vVv Lord Jerith. These pillars were established for two purposes: one as a guide to give every single person wanting to be involved in the a concrete post explaining what is expected of them as a member of vVv: and two, help vVv maintain the prestigious image it has managed to upkeep over 7 years, and earning itself over 120 top 5 placements in 20 different titles.

Is there a correlation to maturity over social media and respect for the teams each player represents? I'd say so.

It doesn't matter if you are a youth AM wanna be AM team, or a T8 team, act mature. If you think the players of Evil Genius, Complexity, Optic, Team Kaliber, or even Annex are where they are today by complaining about their team mates on social media, or down talking their own organization where the public can see or hear it? I don't think so.

Of course everyone messes up and says something they don't mean, or a harmless joke is taken the wrong way. But when it turns into a 14-15 tweet battle back and fourth, that is UNACCEPTABLE. I don't care if you have 40 followers and half of them are smurf accounts you made to make yourself look better (which thats a whole other story), that is still 20 people that get a poor taste in their mouth of you, as a representative of an organization, therefore making the organization, your team mates, other players, the staff, the designers, and the organization as a whole look bad.

Of course I used a small example and that may or may not have gotten the point across. Lets move on a larger scale now.

Your an AM team with a combined total of 1200 followers (we will say 500 per player and 200 on the team/org Twitter), you drop one player and announce you have an open slot on social media. Everything between you and the dropped player is worked out behind closed doors, everyone looks good.

On the other hand, if you say something along the lines of, "@'insert name here' is dropped from our team LF1" and nothing was resolved prior, or the dropped player wasn't informed before the Tweet went out, thats a major problem. Especially when names get thrown back and forth at one another, people cry and carry on, etc. Now that looks bad in front of a lot more people. Lets say somewhere along the line something gets 4-5 retweets from randoms with 200 followers a piece. Thats an additional 600 that see your immaturity, now your at an 1800 person reach. Thats how a lot of teams get a bad rep.

Even outside of eSports this little lesson is very, if not more, applicable. One day every single person reading this will represent something, weather its a small business, clothing brand, musical group, or even just there self. Being able to show the correct level of maturity, based on the situation, is key in anything you do, and problem solving is the most important skill in both the workplace, and at home.

Why not practice on a small scale? Learn how to interact on a day to day basis. Most importantly, hold yourself to the highest standards. Who knows, one day you could be interviewing for the position of a lifetime and how you compose yourself could determine your fate of that position.

One more thought before I end this post, I want to leave everyone something to think about and its a quote from Lord Jerith himself:

"It's not about what an organization can do for you, but what can you do for the organization".

For those of you not understanding that quote, I can tell you right now you will need a lot of work, especially if you want to be in the gaming and eSports industry.

This quote simply means , if you do good work for somebody (an eSports organization in this case), it will get recognized. If you are someone who puts 110% of their effort into something, passion, and maintain a positive presence in the [eSports] community, the organization will grow, and because of your involvement, YOU will grow.

In conclusion, just problem solve behind closed doors, and if you do get in an argument in public on social media, there are things called "Direct Messages". Send them there, leave them there. I want nothing but the best for the people we at Agent eSports pick up as players, but I also expect them to give us their best. If I see poor representation, I will take note and let you know in a PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL message. If problems persist, actions will be taken. On the other hand, I will do my best to reward the positives as well.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope that this has opened some peoples eyes.

As promised here is a link to the 5 Pillars of vVv. Everyone should read this!



blog-0625045001396615641.pngSo, I am officially returning Black Angel Gaming. This is a team designed to develop not only mine, but other local talent in the Pittsburgh area. I am currently talking to a few players locally, some followed by pros/top am's and one by vVv Gaming its self. Once the final roster is fully confirmed I will make another blog releasing the details. As I mentioned in my away post, this is not full time at all. Just enough time per week to develop to play a LAN monthly, and keep brushed up on the feel of playing LAN events.

I will be updating the team twitter as soon as possible, but have just received a team partnership with Cinch Gaming. Cinch is very similar to Scuf, except where Scuf uses paddles, Cinch uses small buttons located near your middle or ring finger. With the feel of the X1 controller in my hand, I find the buttons to be a lot more convenient and comfortable, instead of resting on the paddles like i did on the 360, since I was used to the paddles, I had to adjust, but it was quick and easy! Like what you see below? Use our promo code BaPgh for 5% off your purchase!



Thank you guys for reading! Follow us on Twitter @bA_Gaming!


Who Am I?

So while I'm away I want to try to do at least one blog entry a week just to stay a bit active. Once again my post is in our away section, but as of now its until May 10th. I'm currently on a bus headed to Penn State University Park campus so I have plenty of time on my hands (Three hours to be exact). I promise I'll try to make these as entertaining as possible :yucky::yucky::yucky:

So I am nearing around half a year here as a member of vVv. I had the chance to develop a relationship with many people at MLG Columbus and it was such a great experience! For anyone contemplating on going to any event I highly suggest going at least once. But for the people who I haven't met, especially those who play MMO's because on the rare occasions I am on mumble, its my once a month game of League of Legends.

Starting off with the literals of who I am my name is Alex Ribeau. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently I am attending Penn State as a Psychology major. My ultimate dream is to live Bam Margera's life. Through all of his ups and downs he's been through, I still think he lives the most awesome lifestyle of all time! Who else has taken a jigsaw and cut a moonroof into his Lambo, with Billy Idol should I add. A skateboarder, Jackass star, musician, actor (kind of), and the star of two TV shows! Forget the money he has, his just lives his life! If the man wants to take a trip to Helsinki, Finland he takes a trip to Finland.

Ill post a video here later. Youtube is blocked on the bus...

All my life I have played music. I started at the age of 6 playing piano, but quickly transitioning to guitar because its more fun to me. At an early age, I was playing songs from bands such as Ratt, Scorpions, and Def Leppard. As a huge metal fan, my taste has changed a lot. I listen to bands like As I Lay Dying, Children of Bodom, and, go figure, Trivium. At 15 I joined my first band and have played maybe 30 shows throughout Pittsbugh. I did this until I was 17 and this is when I learned to never change for a girlfriend ever again. She wanted to spend more time with me and my band practices schedule (because I played in two at this point). The passion and aggression I play with is greater than ever, but I don't pick things up as fast and can't play with extreme speed. The transition back has in no way been easy for me. I strive for perfection since it's probably my biggest passion.

I currently have a kick ass girlfriend! I do have to travel to see her, and thats why I am on this bus. She is super supportive of anything I do, weather it be gaming (sometimes she'll watch me play on twitch) or music, which is the reason she ever started talking to me anyway. Even through there was a point where I was a… ummm… butt hole (keeping it PG) to her and we went our separate ways for a while (which this is a whole other story I really don't want to get into) we are both willing to forget the past and see what the future could bring.

Other simple things about me, which I will list in bullet points.

- I'm not into politics and not religious, but I respect the boundaries and am open to listen to anyones ideas and opinions.

- I love dogs and strongly dislike cats.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favorite actor (in case you didn't notice my forum signature).

- I wish I was a comedian on a daily basis.

- I tend to be easy to get along with and it's really hard to get on my bad side.

If anyone wants to ever talk, feel free to message me on here, send me a tweet @@vVv_Trivium , or send me a message on Xbox live. Twitter is always best if you really don't care if people see :P

This was pretty general, just trying to give some people I haven't met a bit of info on who I am as a person. If theres anything people would like me to talk about I'm open to almost anything! Just drop me a comment down below!

Thanks for reading talk to you guys soon!


Where Have I Been

So who knows how long this is going to be but basically I am going to be explaining a bit of my lack of activity lately. I have had a lot going on but it's stuff I want to get out.

One of my main reasons for a lack of activity is the lack of a passion for Call of Duty Ghosts. I have been playing it yes, but enjoying it is a total other story. It is one thing to get irritated and upset with a game every once and a while, but I was at the point where it was every game, and I lost interest in even playing. If I wasn't playing with my team and had a lot of dedication to them I don't know what I would have ended up doing. I will be switching to Titanfall on release date and hopefully will never have to insert Call of Duty Ghosts into my Xbox ever again.

Upon playing Titanfall with former applicant Ch33zy, I told him I haven't had so much fun playing a game in a long time! Everything felt so well made in beta I have extremely high hopes for the full game!

Second I have been in and out of doctors appointments recently. Nothing serious but it has been taking a lot of time out of gaming time. Just a little info on it two Thanksgivings ago I was diagnosed with something called Henoch-Schonlein Purpura. In October of this year, I had a relapse and another in January. There is a possibility of damage to my kidneys so I have been in and out of doctors appointments just to make sure no serious damage has been done. I will be going in for my last appointment tomorrow then hopefully there will be no more relapses. I'll link an article that explains stuff pretty well if anyone is interested in it.


Third, I have been redeveloping a relationship with one of my best friends from high school. I have had a lot to reconcile with her (because my ex made me lose all contact with her and now I realize thats when I should have broke things off with her) and things have been going really well. Now that we have rebuilt trust in our friendship again, things have gotten a lot more serious recently. She's cool with the whole gaming thing (unlike my ex) and knows I am going to be playing a lot of Titanfall once it comes out. So until then I have been trying to give her extra attention that she will be missing once I get on a grind.

Last, I have school and thats self-explainable. Just need to find a balance again for everything! I have my X1 and 360 with me right now and once we switch over full time to x1 I will be leaving the 360 at home. Feel free to hit me up any time my gamer tag is vVv Trivium, tweet me @vVv_Trivium, and I will link my new GB account below!


Can't wait to start playing full time again and hope to see you all soon! <3


So due to issues I've run into with terms and conditions in places like Twitch and my own troubles with a clean stream, I am postponing vVv Movie Night until next week. Sorry for posing this only 7 hours before hand but I have been grinding different things out to use until ten mins ago, where I've ran out of options. My best bet right now was using any meeting, but still had a choppy stream (because its a screen share). So I have to ask help from anyone who can.

1) Where can we stream private? Places like go to meeting would be good, but Im not sure if they allow a clean stream.

2) Can someone stream at 9 pm est?

Please post below if you can help at all! Thanks!


This blog will have a lot of spoilers which contain videos in them from my past. Some I have edited, been in, or created the whole thing. Each I will tell you my involvement and it will show you why I don't use a personal youtube anymore. YT is not out of the question still, I just like live streaming a lot more, and still need a good device to do that. But since all of my money is in Columbus at the moment, it will be a while until I can stream.

So lets get down to business. My first experience with Youtube was when the comedy video "Shoes" came out


At the time I was very into Runescape and learned people put there own videos online for that too. Some are comedies, music video styles, informative quest and weapon guides. I decided to teach myself at a young age a small bit of PC recording and windows movie maker editing. Some of my ideas coming from a friend named Plsttion2. He is to this day a gamer friend I wish I could contact again just to laugh at some of this stuff. When I look back on the videos now for a 12 year old it wasn't so bad after all, for some parts at least. So this is my most successful video on that channel. I remember using Microsoft paint to make this for hours on my old, nearly stone age PC. At 2.3k views for something super stupid, I guess its kind of cool.

Oh and this ones only funny because I listened to Cannibal Corpse at the age of 12 or 13

Around the same time I had this video on another channel. I remember downloading it and re-uploading it under another channel so I didn't get hate on my "good channel" (so to speak). But this has 6k views.

So a few years go by and I decide not to do much with videos until high school hits. Four friends and I decided to take a course titled "Digital Video Production" and we got really into the whole filming process. This was one of our first lengthy product that hit 10 minutes in length. It was our first upload on youtube, but probably our 4th video overall. I was featured as a dude with a crappy Russian (I think) accent that had no real role in the "movie" (but then again I don't think anyone did, and if you watch it you'll see why). I have no idea why there was a point it went viral, probably because of how really crappy it was. But it does have 2.7 million views.

This was followed by a few unrelated videos all 500+ views a piece, but everyone wanted another Zombie Apocalypse. So we decided, well lets give it a shot. This is the first trailer, basically unrelated to the whole Z.A. story, with 13k views...

... and another, more relatable trailer. This consisted of actual footage that would have made Zombie Apocalypse 2, if people would have cooperated. But when you try to cram make up, filming, staging, writing lines, and giving lines all in one day, you don't get enough footage for a 10 minute film. The big thing that ruined it was the nonsensical talking at the beginning, and to this day I still have no idea what he's saying.

P.S. The only reason this has 30k views is because of my amazing door kick in the middle of it :P

Still thinking were the coolest we decided to put more out there. Finally my ideas come into play. Lets make a Call of Duty parody. But don't let the Call of Duty addict direct it or anything, because, "That wouldn't make sense at all... Call of Duty fans wouldn't understand any of the jokes... it has to look realistic", the kid that ended up videoing and directing told me. Seriously... I can't throw C4 across the yard after I miss a quick scope... I can't eat 500 bullets and lunge knife someone... ok whatever... This still ended up being one of my favorites I've ever been involved with. I get a great snipe or two, decided I look great in a ghillie suit, got to strip a bit, and got a triple feed. Quite the successful day for me, unfortunately, it only just broke 1000 views (900 probably being me). Please enjoy, Black Shnops.

My friends channel ended up hitting 2k subscribers, all waiting for a Zombie Apocalypse 2 fail, which in essence did happen because it never came out after many promises it would.

So then I moved a bit into CoD commentary with a group I tried to create called Catastrophic Gaming. I had some ok gameplay on this channel, but I just didn't have the video quality first off, second I wasn't persistent in trying.

Shortly after that I decided to apply for vVv and honestly, I have no regrets and kind of want to try to get back in to commentating, which I did like a lot. Maybe spruce things up with a team-tague or two with Team Oxide, some sniping montages (like real sniping not just quick scoping and trick shots), shout casting isn't out of the question, tutorials, trolls, kind of a more balanced channel with a bit of everything.

So for now I'm just going one step at a time with priorities first. School being #1, then my CoD team a close second. Then, come whatever may. Thanks for reading everybody I hope you enjoyed some of that weather it be the Runescape videos or the cruddy, stutter filled commentary.

Love you all!

- Alex


Team Oxide: Update 1

I guess I will be able just to get right into this one. With a few of my buddies from vVv (who I will list below later), we formed team Oxide within the past week. We've already had the advantage of playing with some awesome teams thanks to vVv and we hope to start tearing up the CoD AM tourneys soon! Here is the official announcement from HeYYiTzPaT's youtube channel!

Our practices are streamed on twitch thanks to pat as well! This is the link to his twitch channel Following both channels would show us some huge support and we would really appreciate it!

Team Roster:

vVv Coward - Twitter

Wee Toddd Edd - Twitter

HeYYiTzPaT - Twitter

vGalaxyyy - Twitter

Coach TBD

Click Here for the team Twitter Page

Contact any of us if interested in team scrims!

Hope to see you all around soon and thanks to all of those who currently and will be supporting us in the near future!

On behalf of the rest of the team,

Alex, Team Oxide Anchor


So I do have my introduction in the forums somewhere, but this is a little more personal, and game specific. My background in gaming communities goes back a long time.

During MW2, which was my first Call of Duty, I got a lot of messages saying, "Doing tryouts for this clan", or "If you want to join a clan message me". At the time I didn't understand why anyone would want to join any kind of clan. I didn't see how it would be a big deal or how it could improve me as a gamer. Black Ops was when I first understood the importance it would soon mean to me.

A few months after release, a friend of mine had a private lobby and invited two friends. They were both members of a community called Trouble Makers Gaming, or TMG. I had no idea what it was about, but I tried it and liked it a lot. The ranking system was simple. We went by numbers, and based on the amount of recruits you had you ranked up, but without a name change, you could only be a sergeant. So I changed my name and worked my way up to a first captain. I was tied very close to my general and I got to lead my own little squad by a month into MW3. Then, a good friend of mine had an idea.

He wanted to branch away from TMG and create his own community. This was my first shot at creating my own community. With the help of three other friends of ours, we started to get it off the ground. We called ourselves Trii-Hard Gaming, or THG, where I was the Director of operations and was in charge of organization of community work and members, as well as website posts and attending clan meetings when I could. This was where I had my best GB team (BO1 team was my favorite, but this one out performed). I was captain of the team and took it super serious even though we were just ok. Unfortunately, by the time we got our first squad up and about to start a second, we all ended up going our separate ways and I haven't talked to the creator since (he deleted all of us from his friends list and changed his gamertag).

Then I took a month break and came back. A kid from THG who ultimately became my best Xbox friend (he was known on the vVv forums as Ch33zy) asked me to join Fallen Gaming Network (FG) with him. Both of us (since he was in the group before from his previous gaming experiences), became very close to FG Chewy, the creator. It was a very similar system to TMG. I made my way to captain and Ch33zy made his way to major. A higher ranked person told Ch33zy (since the general was out at the time) if he could fill up a squad that was recently made, which consisted of 100 people, he would get his own squad. That day, he asked a major favor of me, which I pulled through on. Within two weeks, I went from 25ish recruits to 140, but Ch33zy was given a false promise. Due to the lack of respect from that, we both left. I kept my FG gamer tag until a week or two after the release of BO2.

Then I joined Hyped Gaming (HG) with Ch33zy. I worked very similar to how I did in FG, but we decided to quit because we worked for no rewards. We made it as far as first and second captains, and left around December.

Ch33zy and I's second attempt at creating a community worked very well for the two months it lasted. We had 25 members and both of us worked as creator and co-creator to get work done. Despite how much I enjoyed being where I was, I wanted something more. I wanted something different, so I started looking around. Nothing sparked my interest until I saw vVv play at Anaheim this year.

My experience at vVv have been better than any of my years past in gaming. I have met so many new friends, great players, and we have great people as administrators and staff members. So as a quick thanks to all of my new friends here, Jerry, Rob, and Jordan (good luck again to you buddy!), and everyone from the past that made vVv what it is today.

Real talk vVv :) Thanks for reading!


I love Zombies just as much as the next guy, but my room mates friends don't understand I prefer to play competitive multiplayer than run in circles for three hours. It would definitely be one story if they were really good, but when I have to put everybody on my back every round because they decide to go down literally on the other side of the tranzit map (because they don't have the DLC) theres nothing I can do.

Seriously, do they want me to use the random light pole teleports and more than likely not end up anywhere near them? Keep in mind I run solo generally where they have three. At that point I have 4 dudes worth of zombies spawned on me anyway. And god forbid we hold a zombie either. Let me hit pack a punch, hold the zombie. Apparently that means kill it as Im putting guns in PAP.

The fact they ask me to play at 1 in the morning doesnt make it any better either. By round ten Im asleep on my desk with my headset on and they're like "Dude wake up", and Im like, "Dude its 2 am i have to be up for class at 7:30".

Well, theres my rant :)

Let me know some of your Zombies experiences below! Peace guys!


Having a chill room mate.

So I'm sure for anyone who is currently or has experienced going to college and staying on campus, we all have had the common worry of, "What is my room mate going to be like?" Some people are fortunate enough to know their room mate prior to moving in and it eases the process a bit (but you still would have to room with your best friend and knowing how me and by friend are we wouldn't get anything done).

As for my experience, on move in day I knew nobody in my school. Being 40 minutes from home I had a few friends commuting (who now regret it) and I found one or two kids from high school to chill with. Not my choice of friends then, but they made a huge difference for me coming to school. By 7 pm on move in day, I was like "Dude, my room mate never showed up!" I kept low and made the room super comfortable for myself to study and play CoD. To my surprise, a week late he shows up. I was kind of disappointed, because being alone was awesome, but I made do with what I had. I went home that weekend and gave him the few days to himself, and came back the next Tuesday. To my surprise, me and him ended up getting along really well. We've been on Xbox til 12 at least every night at this point and when I am working on my competitive game, he kinda watches and its almost weird.

Fact of the matter is don't fret about your room mate.

Tell me your stories below!

Thanks guys



That one person...

I don't think anyone on the forums knows, but I have recently been canned by my, now ex-girlfriend, of two years. Maybe it is a good time, college starting, being away 5 days a week at least (since I am close to home I can go back whenever), and her own personal worries, but the reasoning she stated was the most wrongful reason I have ever heard.

She claims I play too much CoD. Yes I played from 4-12am in high school Monday through Thursday, but she never made plans to change my habits. Then, when I make plans, she says she has work, or needs to study. Well guess what, she forgets about how many times I've tried.

During the summer, I played when I wasn't busy. Guess who worked Monday through Saturday nights... her. Then Sunday she claims she is too tired to hang out.

Maybe things were my fault. Maybe it was a bit too much CoD, but how about my goal of being at least semi-pro. I was at a speech a couple days ago. The speakers name was Dr. Joe Martin, who is a motivational speaker that travels internationally to speak to college students and professors to keep kids motivated, inspire them, and to have the same success he has had. I'll save you the details and maybe make it another blog entry, regardless one thing he said does relate to the situation.

He used the following metaphor, "You can be ugly or cute". Take it out of the literal sense of ugliness and cuteness, it becomes a statement of attitudes, dedication vs. worrying about petty things. He then went on with a story about his friend that was literally ugly, but also ugly in the metaphorical sense he used. Dr. Martin and his friends would go out and try to get as many girls numbers as they could. Joe would get like 8, and his ugly friend would end up with 16, 17, or even 18 numbers. Dr. Martin asked him how he did it and his friend said, "Well Joe how many girls did you ask?" Joe Said, "Like 9 or 10". The response from his friend was genius. "Joe you are afraid to hear the word no. I asked probably 50 girls for their numbers, and if she said no, I said next".

Just say next. Maybe that will be the road I take. Yes two years is a lot of time and money almost thrown away for someone you care so much about, but it may be for the better. I can always find a new girl at college, just to hang with as more of a close friendship, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship if I feel fitting.

This blog has gotten a lot off of my chest. Starting today I woke up with the "Next" attitude so I will continue to be that way. Any ideas or comments feel free to comment below.

Thanks to all who have read,


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