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About this blog

A Weekly updated Blog on ways Titan approaches and plays the game of Starcraft 2

Entries in this blog


Gaming - :D



Have you ever had met a person in life who shared all of your interests? Thought the way you do?

The Moriarty to your Sherlock - Sometimes the other way around? Well, my brother, Chris, was and

is that to me. There is nothing in this world that gets my blood flowing like the thrill of a challenge,

a competition, or pursuit of perfection.


The earliest memory I have is playing Mortal Kombat Ultimate. My brother was a beast at

Nightwolf and Sindel. God, I couldn't stand that fucker and his axe combo; if you know the game,

it started with a low kick... followed by an annihilation of your manhood (insert rage). Anyways,

we'd play the game with large health pools so that the matches lasted for 7-10 minutes. We figured

this would balance out the flukes and allow the better player to always win. It was always him.

I would practice hours upon hours, character after character, just to find a way to beat his

Nightwolf. I would go so far as to play into the AM's while everyone was asleep on a school night.

Finally, a miracle happened. Jesus took the wheel, or in this case, control of the controller leading

me to accidentally pick Noob Sabot in the select screen. Well, it turns out the timing of Sabots

combos completely and utterly destroy Nightwolf. I ended up figuring out something called an

"infinite combo" in the fighter genre, like Marvel vs Capcom. I was unbeatable. This led to my

brother demanding the hero be banned from play, lol.


Fast forward a few years, and the best game of all time had been created; Starcraft: Brood War.

Our second greatest rivalry. I can still remember the day my brother came home with a disc of this

game. For all you youngins out there, we had to have cd-rom discs of the game to play it. This is

back when windows 95 was the most up to date operating system. Anyways, our buddy Jeremy

from down the street was all about this game. We installed, opened the game, picked protoss,

and entered a world that would define our childhood. Even to this day, I find myself searching

youtube for the game's music, old tournaments, and everything GomTV. The game was flawless.


Alright, enough gushing about Starcraft, down to the nitty gritty. Like all games, top tier players

separate themselves from the community and create their own secret hideout. In Starcraft, this

was Clan x17. To put this place in perspective; think of the biggest crush you've ever had. Now

imagine her surrounded by a multitude of bouncers, and around these bouncers are other nerds

ust like yourself. Just like the world of dating, clan x17 is the girl you want to bang, and the

amount of horny teenagers trying to get in her circle represents the starcraft community.


This is where my brother played.


Having only 1 computer growing up, I spent a great deal of time watching my brother in a chair

right beside him, learning from his every move. There was this one game I remember vividly,

the game he played against Testie. This guy was one of the top terran players in North America

at the time, a man ahead of his time in terms of skill. Testie decided to do a tank push/contain

on my brother's protoss base very early in the game. However, my brother had created a build

rushing zealot speed and shuttles in order to drop on top of the tanks, nullifying the terran

advantage. The game was a 30 minute slugfest of epic proportion. The result: my brother was victorious.


Throughout the next few years, he would play against the top canadian protoss Smuft- from

time to time, as well as many other Clan x17 members. I’m not sure of all the opponents

anymore, but I am certain he had to of run into Artosis, Tasteless and Day9 at one point or another.


As for myself, I played in x17 as well. My defining moment came before my brother’s success

in the game. One late night, my brother went over to our friend’s house in order to play me

1v1 online. We played for hours upon hours into the AM’s, digging deeper into competitive

nature with each passing game. And so the moment came where I defeated him in 3 straight

games, convincingly. My brother didn’t even type a word as his connection disappeared from

the LAN screen. I was beside myself because I had never truly beaten him on even terms

before. But… he crushed me in a harmful way. The following day he told me this, “I was just

playing around you know? I’m still better than you.” As a young, 12 year old boy, I accepted

my older brother’s statement and quit Starcraft for good.


There are times in my gaming career where I wonder, "what might have been if I had done 'x'?"

Well, this is one of them.


****** Please do not share this video with anyone outside of vVv ******

The following video contains information on how to practice in the Single Player mode. Not only that, but it helps give you the tools in which to improve your game immensely in a short amount of time. Throw away the rage, frustration, fear and depression, and begin looking at the game in a new light!!! Until you become an outstanding mechanical player, you must play yourself; not your opponent.


Click Link to Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/16844203/2011-05-28_113521803.flv

Quality may be poor, but the Quality of content is great!


Build order tester--- Just search these words on Bnet

Multitask Trainer---- http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=124983

(Creep Spread Edition found Online)

Great Article on TL-- http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=208343


Disclaimer: This method of play is for higher end diamond/master/GM players. Also, most of what I have written will not be understood at first glance.

First, lets break down the stages of the game for ZvT. Currently, there are 4 MAIN stages and an infinite amount of sub-stages between the basic 4.

Against a Standard Terran, it is classified into Factory or Barracks play; lets go through these. To start out, I'm just going to list the units you will see, following that, I will list the strategies.

2 Barracks Stages:

1. Marine push

2. Stim Marine push or Marine/Blue flame

3. Marine/Tank push

4. Marine/Tank/Medivac Push

5. Late Game

So, what is needed to deal with these pushes?

1. Zerglings

2. Zerglings/Banelings

3. Zergling/Baneling (burrow banes)

4. Zergling/Baneling Muta

5. Zergling/Baneling/Muta -> 2-4 infestors in your army and Hive Tech

Having listed these pushes and counters, what can we derive from this information?

- For the first 2 pushes, only tier 1 is needed--- this also means you can take 3 bases and just play off 1 gas (only 2 queens are necessary until around 60 supply)

- For the 3rd push, lair tech + burrow is needed

- For the 4th push, muta are needed to keep the medivac count low


Push 1:

Now, I'm going to go over how to play my 14/14 21 build:

1. If you see no gas taken from the terran in the beginning, ling from larve 16-27. This does indeed put you behind if he expands, however, it also keeps you safe because when the lings at 27 supply hatch, they have ling speed. Also, it allows for you to put pressure should they expand.

1a. After this push is defeated or doesn't happen, the first thing to assess is if the Terran expanded. If the CC is complete and landing, you should throw an overlord into the base 30-45 seconds later. ******Important: If the terran is not building a CC to expand at this time, he is probably gonna All-IN you.******

Assuming he is expanding:

Now, when that overlord scouts you are looking for what I call the first important transition. It is either A. 2 Factory with 1 tech lab or B. 2 Additional Raxes with only 1 Tech Lab. Having found this information out, you can now prepare correctly for push #2.

1b. While this transition is occurring, what are you doing? Well, simple really.... Droning and taking a 3rd base. With the zerglings you created in the beginning, you are safe from any small pressure. Not only that, you can break down any rocks at your third and are safe to expand during this time.


Push #2----What to do when you scout his transition:

If you scout your opponent while he is making the buildings, you have 2 injects remaining to drone. However, if the buildings are complete and the unit count is low, you have 1.

Upon seeing 4 rax:

- Put guys on gas, take your second gas, and throw down a banes next ASAP

- Get as many zerglings as you can and really be sure to connect creep to all bases

- Once the bane nest pops, you should be able to produce 7-9 banes

Engaging 4 Rax Stim:

Against this push you have 2 options---

1. Poke at the marines randomly in attempts to force a stim. If you do, you've already won


2. Run past his marines creating a wall (on creep) and allow the banes to smash right into him. Once you master this, I can show you different ways against stronger opponents.

Upon Seeing 2 Fac hellion + 2 rax marine:

1. Drop a Roach warren

2. Get 3 gas

3. 1-2 spines

4. Produce a 2/1 ratio between Ling/Roach. You really want about 8-10 roaches and 20 lings.

Engaging Marine/Hellion push:

1. You want your lings to surround the hellion without balling upon to tank the first blast. Picture this in your mind! When the hellions are in a line attacking something, their weakness is truthfully their side because each hellion will be shooting in 1 direction. So, engageing with lings from their side will be the most effective considering they cannot get enough angles to deal with the lings.



H H H H H --->>> Shoots <----- Zerglings Coming in split into 2 groups, 1 Top/Bottom


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^




So, Now that you have dealt with this push, Where do I go from here?!

Simple!!!!! SCOUT his 3rd and Scout his Main. This is the SECOND transitional phase. Scouting here will tell you if he is going to go into mech play or Bio. If it is indeed mech, just replace push #3 with hellion/tank/thor. Each push really comes at the same time each game....

Scouting 3+ fac = Mech---- Go Roach/Infestor with neural and on attack upgrades for range.

Scouting 4+ rax = Bio --- Go Ling/Bane ---- POSSIBLY MUTA

Now, we're going to focus on the Bio Push because beating mech is simple.... just neural the thors and 1a the roaches. Victory.

Depending on the previous push, you already know which unit to focus more on between the baneling and the muta. At this point you're probably like... wtf did you just say? Its simple really.... lets break it down.

Assuming it was a 4 rax stim push, this means he will have a less heavy tank army because the factories to support his army do not exist yet === LEss Tanks

Assuming it was a 2rax/2fac blue flame push, this means he will have MORE tanks in his army because the factories exist to support his production.

This information is crucial because it tell you how balanced his army will be.

Against the 4rax you'll want burrowed banes and a heavy ling/bane army because his army will be Largely Bio.

Against the 2fac/2rax you'll want mostly Muta because he will heavier on the tank side. (always get burrow banes though!!! Small investment, huge payout.)

Engaging this push:

1. Burrow banes kill it you win.

If not:

1. While you are setting this up, muta are harassing the tanks and his base. SOMEtimes by harassing his base like the supply lines (barracks) the terran goes into push mode. As soon as you see the tanks start to unsiege, engage. If not, oh well

2. take the first army and position it behind his army

3. take the army that is about to spawn and morph 4-5 banes and have it in front of his army

4. Attack when you feel you have superior numbers or he is un-sieged.

5. You can 1a the ground army but have the mutas target specifically the tanks. IF IT IS transition from the 4BARRACKS, have muta aim the tanks. If it is transition from the 2rax/2fac, aim the marines.

Alright, brain is now fried and my mind is seeing tanks blast away 500000 lings.

Lastly, if the terran fast expands, eliminate push #1 and proceed to push #2. IF at any time the terran expands, eliminate the push number that is supposed to be next and proceed to the following number.

This should really be enough for you to get your footing.

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