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    • vVv Bagzli

      We have moved to Discord   08/04/2016

      There has been a strong desire among the community to migrate to Discord for quite some time. As of today, our community will be using Discord and as a result, we will no longer be actively using our TeamSpeak Server.  The TeamSpeak server will temporarily stay active to help inform all of our move to Discord. Within the next couple of months, it will be shut down completely.  For a quick invite to our new Discord server, you can click here.  
      For a full detailed guide visit http://www.vVv-Gaming.com/Discord
    • vVv Bagzli

      New Supersonic Series Start Time   10/17/2016

      We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent survey regarding the start time of our tournaments.  After reviewing responses from the survey sent out to tournament participants we have decided to make changes to the start time of our events to try to better accommodate everyone.  Beginning on Monday, October 24th, all of our tournaments will start an hour earlier - at 8PM Eastern.  This means that registration will close at 7:30 EST, and that check-in starts at 7:30 EST and closes at 7:45 EST.


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  • Magicmooch

    BlizzCon Americas Championship Qualifier - Heroes of the Storm

    By Magicmooch

    This weekend marks the next stage in the 2015 Road to BlizzCon Heroes of the Storm World Championship. China already punched in their two tickets to BlizzCon for eStar Gaming and Team YL, it’s now time to focus on the Americas Championship. The 2015 Americas Championship is being held September 19-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Teams from all over North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Australia & New Zealand will come together to battle it out in the Nexus for top glory and a trip to BlizzCon.   The group stage of the tournament is different than most group stages out there. According to Reddit User eSportsMatt (Blizzard eSports Coordinator) the group stage can be considered “a double elimination bracket with a twist”. Reddit user TheBrillo made a chart that gives a nice breakdown here:     In Group A, the first matches will consist of Tempo Storm vs Murloc Geniuses and Immunity vs Cloud 9. The winner of each match will move onto the “Winner’s Finals” of Group A and the losers go to the “Elimination Game” with the loser exiting the tournament. The winner of “Winner’s Finals” moves onto one side of the playoff bracket, loser drops to the “Lower Finals” where they will face the winner of the “Elimination Game” with the loser taking their exit. Winner of the “Lower Finals” moves onto the complete other side of the playoff bracket from their group-mate.   The same format takes place in Group B with the first matches taking place after the Group A elimination game. The matchups for Group B are Relics vs COGnitive and Furious Gaming vs Complexity. Saturday ends with both Group A and Group B Winner’s Finals taking place. Sunday begins with both group’s Lower Finals, with the Grand Final taking place the same day. The tournament will be a Best of 3 format throughout with the exception of the Grand Finals which will be a Best of 5.   Winner takes home a share of the $100,000 USD prize purse; $40,000 to first place, $24,000 to second place, and 3rd-4th taking home $12,000 each. Along with the prize money the top two teams will get their tickets punched to BlizzCon on November 6-7th. Action starts Saturday, 10am Pacific Time on the official Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Twitch Channel (link).  
    Let's meet the teams competing this weekend, starting with Group A.  
    Tempo Storm (North America)
    Dreadnaught - Support (Captain) Arthelon - Carry
    So1dier - Tank Kaeyoh - Carry
    Zuna - Flex  
    Tempo Storm are the unofficial powerhouse of the North America region. They qualified for the HWC Americas Championship back in June with their first place finish but then went on to finish first in the next two opens in July and August as well. As a matter of fact in the last 10 majors/minors Tempo Storm has gone on to place first in 8 of them and only dropped to 2nd place for the ones they didn't place first, pretty impressive stuff. You can thank the "star-studded" roster that Tempo Storm has managed to gather over the course of the young esports' life. Some of you may remember Arthelon as a solo queue monster in League of Legends. Some of the older players might remember him from a time before LCS when he played on teams like Monomaniac Esports and Meat Playground. Although Arthelon's League career did not amount to much, he is not unfamiliar with the idea of professionalism that is needed in an infant esport like Heroes of the Storm.   As for more star-power a lot of people will look at Zuna and ask "Hey, is that the guy from...." yes, it is. Zuna, former AD Carry of team Vulcan and XDG is no stranger either when it comes to esports. Playing on Vulcan, a team who finished 3rd in both the 2013 League of Legends LCS Spring and Summer splits, and later on XDG before the team was ultimately relegated only to never return. Despite this, Zuna showed that he can be a big time player in big time situations. Tempo Storm's victorious run can be credited to him. After Zuna joined the team on May 21st, Tempo Storm began their NA domination.
    It isn’t all about the star power though. Dreadnaught, captain of the team, has shown a top notch Pick/Ban phase in almost all of their matchups. So1dier and Kaeyoh are also extremely talented and this team as a whole seems to be the favorite going into this weekend’s tournament.  
    Cloud 9 (North America)
    DunkTrain – Support (Captain) KingCaffeine – Tank
    iDream – Carry K1pro – Flex
    Fan – Carry  
    Cloud 9 is another North American power that has shown some consistency in their lifetime. Although, usually taking 2nd place while Tempo Storm takes first, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Consisting of the roster formerly known as Cloud 9 Maelstrom, who after qualifying in July, dissolved Cloud 9 Vortex and unified under the singular Cloud 9 banner.   Boasting a roster of Heroes veterans, they are no strangers to the tournament scene as well. After placing first in last year’s BlizzCon exhibition tournament, Cloud 9 had a lot to replace after the departure of Zuna, Jintae, and Kenma. On July 30th, Cloud 9 settled on the roster (shown above) and has shown promise since. After the team changes, Cloud 9 has been a consistent top 3 threat in North America, winning the latest Heroes Major League hosted by ESL.   With this young and promising roster, Cloud 9 is looking to secure one of the two spots for BlizzCon in hopes of accomplishing their championship dreams.  
    Murloc Geniuses (North America)
    Faye – Carry CauthonLuck – Carry
    MadTiimmy – Support (Captain) Equinox – Flex
    Fury - Tank  
    Formerly of the team Evil Geniuses in the 2014 BlizzCon Heroes of the Storm show match, MG has gone through a lot of changes since April 1st. Coined “The Challengers” by Josh Bury of theScore eSports (http://www.thescoreesports.com/news/2383) the roster was acquired by Zeveron before the June/July/August NA Open events. Before the August Open, Zeveron disbanded and once again took up the name Murloc Geniuses. Although one of the top 5 teams in North America, MG have not had much in the way of success as of late. More or less “backing into” the America Qualifiers as the last NA spot because the teams ahead of them had already placed; first place Tempo Storm, second place Cloud 9, and Complexity finishing 3rd.   Despite the team changes and struggles throughout 2015, MG are looking to have a strong showing and hopefully make it out of Group A.  
    Team Immunity (Australia)
    Shy – Carry (Captain) Robadobah – Tank
    Sashin – Flex Naeiou – Flex
    Enalgon - Support  
    Team Immunity, unifying after their victory in the AU & NZ qualifiers (formerly Immunity White), are the champions of the AU & NZ region and are looking to represent the two Pacific Island nations in Las Vegas. While the team itself is fairly new, and the region itself is substantially weaker than the world as a whole, Team Immunity bring a fairly interesting playstyle to the Storm. Having two preferred Flex players versus the standard two carries that we see from other western teams brings an interesting element to their game. Being able to rotate roles of a Specialist/Carry on two members means Team Immunity can adapt quickly in a Best of 3 scenario.   Can the Aussies make it out of groups and shock North America?   Group B  
    COGnitive Gaming (North America)
    Scylol – Tank Hospital – Carry (Captain)
    Iakona – Support Glaurung – Flex
    iVSlime – Carry  
    COGnitive Gaming (also known as COG) are no strangers to esports as an organization but are definitely new to the Heroes of the Storm scene. Having only acquired a roster in May, formerly known as “Shot and the Bullets: Reloaded”, the squad showed immediate promise finishing no worse than 3rd in their first 2 months together. Unfortunately after the MSI MGA 2015 Americas Qualifier the team has fallen off in terms of performance, finishing no better than 3rd. With the roster moving to San Jose, CA with apartments close by and a practice area in between them, the team has an easier way to build in-person communication which can be huge for any new lineup. The team’s hyper-aggressive style has been a treat to viewers while sometimes being a detriment to the team as well. Despite their shortcomings, the team is looking to be a favorite coming out of Group B due to their style and their practice regiment.   Is this the tournament that COG makes a resurgence and takes a top spot to prove they are among NA’s elite?  
    compLexity (North America)
    Blinks – Support (Captain) Trummel – Carry
    CattlePillar – Tank H0ns – Flex
    Jaximus - Carry  
    compLexity Gaming. Another name that is very well known in the esports scene that jumps on the early HotS bandwagon. compLexity acquired the roster of “Barrel Boys” and saw a lot of success in the ESL weekly tournaments but failed to materialize any meaningful results in any monthly, minor, or major tournaments. After the departure of Erho to Stellar Lotus, the team took to Reddit to search for a replacement. Jaximus contacted the team for a tryout and was immediately a great fit for the squad.   With the addition of Jaximus the coL squad is looking stronger than ever. They are looking to make a big splash at this weekend’s event.  
    Relics (Singapore)
    Revenant – Flex Mirr – Flex
    Trinity – Flex Relyzer – Flex
    Zeys – Support  
    The Southeast Asian qualifier, coming out of Singapore, is Relics. They are a relatively unknown name in the Western scene, pulled off an impressive performance in the SEA Qualifiers by not dropping a single game until the Grand Finals, taking out Philippines Champion Bibingka 2-1. The squad also has a lot of interesting play styles. According to GosuGamers, all players not named Zeys played some combination of a Carry, Specialist, Warrior, or Tank hero in their 6 tournament wins. So what does this mean? Well it means Relics are an unpredictable squad with an obvious amount of talent. Will their wild playstyle result in a spot at BlizzCon?  
    Furious Gaming (Argentina)
    Nittt – Flex Megalomaniac – Tank (Captain)
    Kobu – Support Malheven – Carry
    DEUS – Carry  
    Furious Gaming have a very interesting story on how they got to the Americas Championship. They actually finished 3rd at the Copa America Championships last month, Brave Ozone took the top spot for the Latin America region. Unfortunately, Brave Ozone had visa issues and could not attend. In steps Furious Gaming, known for their Starcraft II clan, to try to grab a spot at BlizzCon.   Unlike North America teams, Furious Gaming love their specialists and will focus on hard pushing and gaining an early lead to stomp out their opponent.   Predictions:   Group A   For me, it’s an easy decision who is going to make it out of group stages in Group A. While Murloc Geniuses and Team Immunity are strong in their own right, I do not think they can hold a candle to Tempo Storm’s impressive Pick/Ban and Cloud 9’s team play.
    Winner’s FInals: Tempo Storm vs Cloud 9
    In the North America July Open Tempo Storm showed to be very strong, beating Cloud 9 2-0. Cloud 9, at the time Cloud 9 Maelstrom, was able to first pick away Zuna’s Zeratul in game 1 but unfortunately the “Double Mage” comp of Tempo Storm was too much to handle. Game 2 saw Cloud 9 ban out Zeratul and Tempo Storm ban out Jaina, but again Tempo Storm was too much to handle. I expect Tempo Storm to be the Group A first seed.
    Elimination Game: Immunity vs Murloc Geniuses
    Despite Immunity’s promise as a squad, MG just have too much experience under their belt to worry much about Immunity. MG moves on 2-1 to the Lower Finals.     Lower Finals: Cloud 9 vs Murloc Geniuses
    The last time these two teams met in tournament play only once before back when MG was known as Zeveron and C9 as C9 Maelstrom. It was a close set in the opening round of the tournament and both teams have shown improvement since then. I give the favorable edge to Cloud 9 in this one based off of player skill alone. Cloud 9 grabs the second seed out of Group A with a 2-1 victory.  
    Group B   This one is a bit closer. COGnititve is an impressive team. They had a lot of time to prepare so I expect them to come out guns blazing in their opening group game versus Relics. Furious Gaming is a bit of an unknown, and for what it’s worth, shouldn’t technically be here anyways. There is also the big question mark about compLexity’s new carry in Jaximus. Will he be able to bring is League of Legends skill into Heroes or is there still a lot of learning to do?
    Winner’s Finals: COGnitive vs compLexity
    These teams have met twice before this tournament, the NA July Open and the NA August Open with both teams winning a game. Expect this to be one of the closest games of the group stage by far as both teams are fairly close in skill level and strategy. coL still has a new lineup at the end of the day and because of this I give COG the win in this very close series 2-1 and matching up against Cloud 9 in the bottom half of the playoff bracket.
    Elimination Game: Relics vs Furious Gaming
    Poor Furious Gaming. I mean, they were able to go to Las Vegas which is awesome. Unfortunately, the best finish they had was 3rd in a relatively weak region. Being that Relics is a bit of a wild card, I expect FG to bow out of the tournament in this game. Relic takes this series 2-0 and moves on to play compLexity in the Lower Finals.
    Lower Finals: Relics vs compLexity
    Relics has the potential to pull an upset here. Being a relatively unknown team they have the element of surprise with their line-up of mostly flex position players. Expect a closer series than the experts think. At the end of the day though, I have to pick coL winning 2-1 and facing Tempo Storm in the upper part of the playoff bracket.  
    Grand Finals  
    Tempo Storm vs Cloud 9  
    Another rematch for these two teams. I mean, it’s hard to pick against consistency and these two teams have it. Tempo Storm consistently finished in first place with Cloud 9 consistently in second place. At this point, it’s almost irrelevant who to pick as a winner here as both teams get to go to BlizzCon on November 6-7th. For the sake of potentially being right and getting to brag (and potentially being wrong and sulking) I will have to go with Tempo Storm 3-1. Cloud 9 will make the first 2 games close, actually taking game 1. However, i think Tempo Storm is just the better team and that will show after their second series of this weekend.
  • Ballack

    Worlds 2015: Quarterfinals Fantasy Advice

    By Ballack

    Worlds 2015: Quarterfinals Fantasy Advice Ready for the knockout rounds? The group stages were filled with plenty of exciting games, favorites and underdogs prevailing, teams from North America letting us all down, and some good fantasy picks and some bad. As in everything in life its impossible to be 100% correct on my picks everytime. I use my analysis, price points, and match ups to determine who to pick and although it doesn't always work out, the process is still correct. If we could all predict what would happen we'd all be rich. I've been getting a lot of good feedback from people and I appreciate it all. Thank you for following and reading these blogs as I enjoy putting the information out there for you to use. Here are the odds for the quarterfinals from http://www.pinnaclesports.com/en/odds/match/e-sports/league-of-legends/league-of-legends-world-championship

      Origen, SKT, EDG, and KTR are the favorites to make the Semi-Finals. That said, SKT are the only overwhelming favorite while it is certainly reasonable to think that the other three match ups can go anyway. The best probable route to go is to stack up on SKT carries (marin, faker/easyhoon, Bang) and look for values in the other roles. Here are my favorite players for the Quarterfinals: SKT is the best bet. Fit Faker, Marin, and Bang in wherever you can. My favorite value players come from FW in the form of Karsa and SwordArt, who has been underpriced all tournament. I have a lack of faith in the midlaners, not because of their skill but because of match ups. There are a ton of really good matchups in the midlane Nagne vs. KurO, Pawn vs. Febiven, xPeke vs. Maple. I think you either pay up for Faker or save and go with Maple, who has been great quietly great this tournament with the most kills and second most assists for any mid laner. I'm staying away from FNC and EDG for the most part. It's interesting because their players are relatively cheap, but I think this will be a really close match up that is hard to predict one way or the other. It could turn into a very objective focused series (as FNATIC does like to do this at times) which would limit fantasy output. Vulcun: Top: Marin (SKT) ($1301)
    Jungle: Karsa (FW) ($1264)
    Mid: Faker/Easyhoon (SKT) ($1625)
    ADC: Bang (SKT) ($1514)
    Sup: SwordArt (FW) ($962)
    Flex One: GorillA (KOO) ($961)
    Flex Two: ssumday (KTR) ($1371)
    Flex Three: Score (KTR) ($1053) You use your three SKT spots allowed on the three carries, while paying up they should be worth every penny. You also get to fit two top lane carries into your lineup with Marin and ssumday. You save by using two supports to pay up for value elsewhere, Karsa has the second most kills and third most assists among junglers and score provides a cheap jungle option even though he leads Worlds in assists from the jungle role. Alphadraft: Top: Marin (SKT) ($8900)
    Jungle: Karsa (FW) ($6500)
    Mid: Faker/Easyhoon (SKT) ($8800)
    ADC: Bang (SKT) ($9100)
    Sup: SwordArt (FW) ($6400)
    Flex: Hojin (KOO) ($7100)
    Team: Flash Wolves ($3000) Again you use the three SKT carries. The rest of the lineup is quite cheap among FW players. I talked about SwordArt and Karsa above, but Hojin provides good value as his agressive style has him first in KDA among junglers at 8.4. Cheap team as always in FW, who could easily win their Best of Five against Origen. Draftkings: Top: Marin (SKT) ($7700)
    Jungle: Karsa (FW) ($5100)
    Mid: Maple (FW) ($6300)
    ADC: Bang (SKT) ($8700)
    Sup: SwordArt (FW) ($4900)
    Flex One: Score (KTR) ($6400)
    Flex Two: ssumday (KTR) ($6800)
    Team: FNATIC ($3900) This time you only get two SKT carries. Let's talk about that for a second. Draftkings does not combine Faker and Easyhoon into one pick, they're separated. Because of this, it's extremely risky to pick one or the other unless you are 100% sure that they are playing. If SKT vs ahq was the first match up of the week it'd be easier to get a handle on who was playing for SKT, but your lineup will lock after day one and if you stick Faker in while easyhoon is playing (or vice versa) you'll be paying the highest mid lane salary for no points. I'm going with Maple here instead and saving money. The savings go straight into ssumday to replace Faker's carry spot. With the leftover money I'm using FNATIC who are in a close matchup, but usually play objective focus in big games and that's where your team points come from.   Good luck and enjoy the Quarterfinals!

Our community blogs

  1. Gold version Naxx cards have been revealed to be available to players the other day. It was stated in a recent blue post that by defeating the bosses in Heroic Mode we would then be able to craft the golden versions of the cards. You can see the blue post below for specific clarification.

    Hey guys – there is a bit of confusion here that I wanted to help clear up.

    First, let’s start off by quoting something I mentioned yesterday about golden Naxxramas card acquisition:

    So, crafting golden cards was always a part of the equation during internal testing when it came to Heroic Mode. However, you were not able to craft golden versions of a card until you defeated the Heroic Mode version of that boss. Getting a golden card as a confirmed drop from a Heroic Naxxramas boss was never a part of the equation – they have always been craftable, but the ability to acquire and craft them used to be through defeating the Heroic Mode version of that boss as opposed to just getting the non-golden version of the card through Normal mode in order to craft the golden version.

    This didn’t feel like a good reward for defeating a Heroic Mode boss in Naxxramas, so we took out the part where you had the defeat the boss on Heroic first to craft the card. In this manner, it made acquiring the golden version of Naxxramas cards more accessible to everyone.

    This was not explicitly clear that crafting golden Naxxramas cards has always been a part of the equation in my initial post, hence the confusion that has manifested. For this I apologize – I hope this explanation helps clear up what may appear to be contradictory statements, but was in fact simply just omitted information in the initial post, where assumptions could easily be made.

    Another change that has come up is that of how deathrattle will trigger. The new change will set it so that the order in which deathrattle triggers on minions that die simultaneously is first played first triggered. This is going to have a fairly large impact on the game as it will require a bit more precision when playing cards. This change will have an even larger effect due to the increase in deathrattle cards coming out with the Curse of Naxxramas expansion. Below is a twitter exchange to confirm the upcoming changes.


    Finally, we have the released costs of the wings for Curse of Naxxramas pack. If you are planning on using real money your best bet would be to buy all the non free wings for $20. If however, you wish to simply buy them with gold you better start saving. It has come out to 2800 gold required to unlock all the remaining wings. The best way to do that would be to start doing your quests frequently and resetting any quests that is below 100 for a chance to get one worth 100.


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    I have never in my life ever blog before ever.....

    With that said I really want to share with you guys my world, my thoughts what goes through my head, Ill start at the very fucking beginning and I write this as if Im talking to you in person.

    I have a brother and sister, and they are a major part of this story too and really I dont even like to open up like this at all! So why I do this I have no idea but heres goes nothing..

    So growing up for me was pretty typical, we are a mid class family in a mid class neighborhood. When my brother and sister were around my parents were cool, but they are older and went off to college my parents changed they started fighting alot!! The fights were bad sometimes but never called the cops just tried my best to calm them down, this went on from when I was 8 to when i was 11-12. My dad decided to leave my house at about when I was 9, and he didnt want to but I understood he had to the fights were insane, he was consistently getting hurt by items thrown at him, my dad never ever laid a hand on my mom, I dont know how he didnt sometimes but I give him credit to this day for holding back. When he left my mom got worse started seeing a doctor that gave here xanax and a whole bunch of other shit that made her fucking weird man. She did calm down finally and the fights would be on and off for years, I think the worst it got for me is when my mom stabbed my dads hand to the counter and the weird thing was he didnt call the cops he didnt even tell the truth, we went to the hospital had surgery and got him not a word was mention of this after not even to my brother or sister we kind of just kept it amongst us.

    During this whole time my grandmother and uncle were always talking to me and started to feel bad I honestly just wanted the fighting to stop and go back to being normal, but I noticed that everyone in my family felt bad for me, so I took advantage of it and started getting literally everything I ever wanted. So I myself started not paying attention til one day I heard a huge bang I went upstairs to see my mom on the floor and her pills every where.....she tried killing herself and a few times after that till i called my sister one day and told her to come home and witness this and she did and it was crazy for the day and the next day we called the cops i didnt want to at all but she did so we did.

    So now my mom is off in the hospital my dad is doing his thing, When my dad left I stood with him on tuesdays and everyother weekend and fuck were those weekends fun. I found out that my dad owned bars, clubs and restaurants throughout brooklyn, ny. So I convinced him to let me help out and he did and me being the owner son people loved me, girls went crazy over me, im the owners lil son, and the memories I had with my dad his friends were just amazing at that age i shouldnt be in the places but I am. I didnt drink but I had fun watching them and smoking weed and cigarettes, then i started working at the front door with the bouncer now that made it even more fun, the things people did to get into some of my dads place was funny, and the bouncer later on in life i found out he liked i guess underage boys so of course he had me kissing girls left and right and doing all sorts of shit with them and like watching but why would i care im messing with girls I in my head never thought in my right mind would be kissing etc etc etc.

    Then one night the cops came in ID everyone now the problem arose im not suppose to be in there working nor obviously as a customer so after alot of back and forth I was allowed to bar back or be the ice boy from the basement, So i started bringing my sega gensis and playstation to his bars when I worked and i played for hours!!! Then one day I did a stock list for my dad and noticed he had no idea what he actually had in inventory, once i realized that a light went off in my head that I can sell bottles and cases for whatever I wanted there FREE!! lol, so I started doing that and within a week had 2500 cash and was amazed at the type of money at the time, I felt powerful like I can do whatever I wanted, so I did, I bought something else flipped that and now had 6000 and so then it began, here I am the young age i was and had what I felt at the time was everything. So I did what my dad taught me best always make money..

    During all this my mom was in and out of hospitals, my family is still buying me things because they feel bad, my sister is still home with me, my dad lives else where, my brother is becoming a high paying surgeon and we are moving along, til the day my mom and sister search my room and bang they seen what I feared would happen for a while the found my stash and my stashes werent small at that point, they confronted me I said it was someone else paid a friend to come take the heat and find a new hiding place....so now my parents are watching me so I decided can I invite my friends to chiill and sleep over and play video games, remember we didnt have online so to play like we do now we had to have a group over and alot of stupid networking knowledge that my friends father did lol, i feel alseep early and these lil bastards robbed my house and my families jewelry, ok steal my stuff fine, i got u, steal my families stuff and now its war, so i robbed there houses back all of them in one night! I wait about a month i think not sure maybe more and I grab one another of my friends that is over 18 and we started pawning the jewelry, in all i ended up with 9k on the last pawn shop we get arrrested and a whole world of shit opens up.

    So in result I ended up at 12-13 yrs old getting sent to spofford juv correctional for a month then, my lawyer tells me he had an idea start blaming drugs and they will recommend drug rehab so I did, in the mist of my court case my grandmother randomly accuses me of stealing here jewelry, guys I didnt mention this yet but my grandmother was my best friend my whole life I would never do anything at all to hurt her ever so when she accuses me I broke down and thought maybe I did when I was fucked up one night but I never got that fucked up I always had to walk home and the walk sucked fucked up so I basically said that, the cops took it as a confession and off I went to daytop drug rehab and I did good I wasnt as bad as these kids I made more money then actually intake of the drug which was only weed anyway so these kids were on some other shit. I learned alot though being there it made me smarter both in good and bad ways.

    Then a call came one day while I was at the poughkeepsie house, that my grandmother found her jewelry she forgot she moved it to the safety deposit box, and bang within hours i was released and on my way home, for my first dish of pasta I had in months and fuck was it good!!

    But the good turned ugly quick when I was looking for something I hid before I left GONE!!!! My money and stash was gone what the fuck was I going to do, my sister at this time now lived in brooklyn so I went there and asked her, and she told my mom had been stealing from me the whole time which i honestly didnt care but then she stole my stash and would consistently yell at me and flush it down the toilet, so lets put this in perspective, here I am making alot of money to do whatever with, I mean i was buying things my family drooled over and I got them stuff to so no one bitched, but here she is accepting my gifts, taking money, then finding my stash yelling at me, and flushing it down the toilet meanwhile everyone in my house smokes weed, does that make sense? NO!

    So I flip out and confront everyone and got everyone on the same page, started doing it again til I met this girl and she was hot in my eyes so I kept on going at here trying to get her to chill and we finally did and slowly I won her over and she became my gf and all I wanted to do was impress her, so I did, I even stopped doing what i was doing and started working on the NYSE floor, got fired from there, and got a job as a retail stock broker right at the beginning of the tech bubble, the ride that was, truely was amazing, Ill never forget its May 15th pay day our biggest checks ever, i get mine, im sweating I know it has to be huge, I open it, 350K omfg Im 19 yrs old and just for handed a 350k check, I run home to my mom which is literally blocks away and show her she starts crying cause in her eyes i did it, well i did and i went nuts, we did everything we wanted, by the end of the summer we blew all the money, my whole office was broke, I ended up with at least the house I grew up in some of the other kids just blew it and ended up with nothing but stories!

    The tech bubble ended, my gf at the time hates me because i became a big dick because i thought who i was, and everything started to crumble, the business we once had was reduced to nothing pennies to the dollar alot cashed out when we did, so we literally were back to square one, we couldnt even pay the rent, so we moved the office and for 18 months we NO check, I couldnt even get home some nights and slept in the office, my gf at the time i have no idea what she was doing but i was in my own little hell.

    Right around Christmas time one of my friend got a xbox 360 and he invited me over I wasnt working no income at all so I kind of just lingered around looking for a job as a stock broker, I went to his house and played idk what but I thought it was cool, so for Christmas 2006 i asked for a xbox 360 and Gears of War and Xmas day got it and played and enjoyed but still looked for a job then I get a call its my old my boss he asks if I need work I do, couple of weeks later im working again we are flowing with leads, he is helping me with money and giving me a weekly paycheck so I buy rainbow six vegas now i remember the old RS games with that fucking map on PC I hated that fucking map!! Also I was horrible at PC i always tried and just could never seem to get it, WHOMP WHOMP! I played the campaign and was like ok cool fun, gfx r fucking amazing, then my friend calls me and says let play MP at first im like no i know ill get my ass handed to me but he convinces me cause there is a room full of my friends, so i join and OMFG it was fun as shit!!

    I couldnt stop playing I didnt show up to work for days before my boss came over and I showed him and he was like why dont u look for tournaments to play in, when I was younger like IDK 10 maybe I walked to blockbuster video to rent a game and came out with the mortal kombat arcade because of a local tournament blockbuster was holding, so I did and also went back to work, I found GB and MLG and loved it could stop reading about esports i was amazed how i missed this and didnt see it, I show my boss and he see's the same thing i see a growing sport and industry even though a very small sub industry. I write a couple of forum post as a F/A and next thing you know im in a gamebattles match and FML i sucked badly had no idea what I was doing, and i became back up of the back up which in my eyes was like the water boy, but i noticed alot of teams had coaches, I helped coach and coached my roller hockey team when on the TOURS circuit and I enjoyed it more then playing. I remember the teams name they ECM - East Coast Mafia, so i asked them they liked the idea, I figured why not just sponsor the team so theres no issues, so I did got the shirts, got the plane tickets got the room the team pass, I was soooo excited i couldnt wait, we were scrimming I was learning alot the weekend of the first mlg tournament for RSV half the team shows up and Im just flawed by the fact they didnt show up so now i have to find 2 kids to play so i did, and i told everyone that do there best because I know that this team isnt going to last but do your best and who knows you might end up on a really better team.

    I coach my ass off, help corridinate plays, get the kids communicating and just tried to stand out as best and as respectfully as possible, I met a few people but nothing crazy I met thought Ninja and Ninjette from Defiance they did really good the first circuit meet so I pitched them to coach them and they said yes after a few weeks I was really impressed so I got my and my dad to sponsor defiance with some pretty cool shirts lol the 2nd meet of the circuit i think we placed top 20 and i felt it was decent enough to go ahead and start writing ot gaming communities and companies etc etc. In the mist of the emails I wrote to vVv gaming and if I remember correctly LJ wrote back and was the nicest response but also made complete sense to me, defience really didnt like the idea but went with it anyway because LJ accepted our app as RSV team, we made one roster change within that and the 3rd meet of the circuit we crapped out, LJ got it out of one of the guys that he was in love etc etc etc and LJ just killed him I did to over some dominos pizza of course, we all bonded and honestly i had a really good time, when we got back defiance split and everyone left vVv except me, I thought why do I have to leave I like it here i found people similiar to myself. So i decided to stick around but coach other RSV teams, the next meet I coached External Exsistence and the were 3rd overall at the time, we even got the whole trip paid for, I show up and snoopy and the other kid r piss drunk and i remember talking to triggerman and me and him decided to fuck it lets see what happens we will do our best and go from there, we did we got like top 20, me and triggerman did our best when we were done we got them even more drunk and told them we are going to stay on the team but look for opportunity else where.

    I got home within a day Im in a room with dark zone, triggerman, problemz and jwho and to me this was it, all these kids were top players on different teams and I was the coach that alot of other coaches tried to duplicate and YES mR.X was a player at the time figured I add that cause seeing him on EG i was happy but destroyed me when I seen it, much love but still! I watch these kids and its fucking amazing what they are doing helping set up strats or helping counter and these kids are hitting everything i knew it right at that moment we got this completely. We were destroying team after team after team in scrims just non stop the feeling was just like knew this was the team we go to meet 6 of mlg pro circuit and we get 2nd i noticed as we were playing they were pre firing everyone on of our spots and knew our routes and and couter routes and strats overall, they memorized them, so to counter act that we didnt scrim one pro circuit team for the last meet its the championship fuck that we arent risking anything i never thought months ago Id be here, I was with a last place team and went with it, I never gave up and now we r here this is it, Ill never forget the speeches i made leading to that weekend and before we left i felt like a fucking general i was ready for war i didnt care about anything i was fucking ready.

    So were they....

    We are in the room parents included and I just couldnt hold back they are all looking at there shirts for the tournament I take them and got white tee shirts and a marker, and start to say why do we need shirts, why do we need to show even sign that we are a 2nd place team! Did we come here for a fashion show or to play game and win fucking money, months ago did we set out for cool shirts and headphones or did we come to win money! Whats the difference between this shirt and this tee shirt when I write New Era on it, they all agreed nothing, we didnt have sponsors we were our own sponsors,

    These shirts are irrevelant they make us feel good like we r more then what we are but what we are is a 2nd place team with first place talent, I went to a hockey tournament with some of the worse jerseys and equipment we could find non of us had matching jerseys every team there had all these matching jersey andhockey pants we didnt, and guess what WE WON! Mainly because teams thought we were a joke what they didnt notice was 2 brothers were ice hockey jr usa team members and 2 TOURS roller hockey legends kids but they went by our appearance, when I said that its like it clicked, this was our time not these stupid shirts and from that we won, right before we went on main stage i remember sitting everyone and just saying u know what to do theres nothing more to say except we can win if we focus play like we do everyday just like in baseball when a pitcher is pitching a big game the coach always says its just you and the catcher and I used the same concept different situation here, raised my voice and yelled its our time no one else fuck all these kids we didnt come here for them we didnt play here for this asshole and i pointed at a random kid, and i screamed it i didnt give a fuck we are playing for the championship I seen it in there faces i seen it in these parents faces i seen it in other coaches other players faces i wasnt fucking around neither were they, i remember phobias coach coming up to me and saying hey dont make fun of anything lets keep it clean i laughed said ok and them min we started i went right at them, fuck this kid was he serious do you know what this meant to me and us fuck you, and I didnt stop i did what i was trained to do by my players by the league and I did everything i was allowed i even took respectable low blows at parents just cause i know it stirred emotion up. We won 2 maps if i stand correct and we were down to the last map ill never forget the huddle we took and i just said win this map we are done we did it, all these months all the traveling all the money spent all the stress and the bullshit comes down to this map, you do this we are done, see those camera they are on us, we shine today fellas after this map we go home champions!

    1st round it was conquest i cant think of the map but i know jwho, and triggerman hold down this map problemz and darkzone were hti or miss depending on there moods and so forth, round 1 we won going into round 2 all we had to do was hold the conquest 2 of them for or even 3 not fully sure but we had to hold them for 1:27 that was all, the rounds starts we start breaking out the spawn im hopping around like a bunny to lettuce we got 1 point so do they, the push for B is real the kills are coming in our favor we have B all we have to do now is lock down there spawn, im watching the screens to see this form its all going green 49 seconds into that 1:27 we have they locked down im fucking screaming jumping behind the seats lockdown lockdown keep them lockdown, im screaming the seconds we get to 15 seconds and i just right in the ears hetween each head 15 we are done we are champion, i turn to triggerman and since him mom was out there i straight up told him that lady hugging her bag wants this more then u get this fucking done bang 5 seconds i start counting we fucking won they go to drop there controllers i fucking go crazy to finish the match everyone starts laughing triggers mom jumped up so quick her seat flug back, the round ended we went fucking nuts at least i did lol hugging everyone, everyone taking pictures hugging there families then it hit me, Not one person from my family my gf at tt he time no one cared it was like this didnt even exist.

    That actually bothered me for a while, I won a baseball state championship when i was younger no one was there my neighbor was there, my hockey tournaments no one was there and now this no one was there wtf, lol but fuck them I did it they all laughed but I did, when I got home, what I thought no one watched no cared and boom they all watched they all cared not at home though with those friend but within here within vVv, and i thought that was interesting all my real friends knew, my mom and my dad knew they didnt care I won, there thing was are you done traveling, its like are you fucking kidding me do I speak french!!

    So know we won im excited im trying to get my gf at the time back into our relationship we never broke up just grew apart because of the time consuming of the game and my commitment ot the team and work. A few weeks go by my grandmother goes to the hospital and dies, fucking destroyed me my grandmother had no idea what i was doing and i was going to shower and never got to, remember she was my best friend so i couldnt wait cause she didnt know. The next day was like i knew it was coming just was hoping not at this time.

    Its 4am i jut get home from doing IDK what but I turn my computer on to check aol which was not popular at all anymore but i still had friend that used it so i check up on it once and while and a random IM popped up a old friend that wants to talk to me, so I say ok but he wants to come now so know my curiosity gets to me and I tell him to come, he basically tells me my gf is cheating on me and i have been paying for there dates and a vacation which i thought it was funny because when I went to a family dinner her cousin gf said that not her BF but i tried not to think of it. Well I confronted it was true she blamed me playing games and other istuff and bang she was gone so nows its feb 2008 my grandmother dead, my gf is now my xgf with a new bf, i felt like lost everything to playing video games, so i said fuck it i did what i set to do im done. COmpletely disappeared, but always checking in with vVv just to say hello, and to keep tabs.

    Fast foward a little but to say 2009 i find a new gf things are back in order, income is plentiful i try to get back into games specifically BO 1 and 2, I found it funny thought that people talk about that here and I never had anyone to play with so i just stopped with the fear of possibly losing my gf over it, keep in mind im fucking unhappy as ever cause im not me, im turning into someone she wants but not who i am. So i guess to ease the pain and urge of wanting to play i get stupid games to play with her i honestly do everything to keep the relationship nothing seems to work but we are still cool. let fast foward even more to recently when i came back, I started play LoL WoW anything you guys played I played because lets face it some of you guys i have been talking to since 2007 and on so some of you became real friends to me. I came back again and still was bitching how my Vs got taken away when I clearly stated ill be back again. SO LJ gave me honorary status which i loved to be honest it was cool not the color but the name lol. Well when I came back I was under the assumption I was having a kid and was extremely excited as I dug through things and just to see I found out that word around is that baby might not be mine after some more digging its true not mine and she had a miscarriage so I give of just leave it alone and forget what I heard and try to work things out, then I get this random message in my PMs on here, if you guys know me I dont answer many PMs, the first few I didnt answer then I finally decided to and when I did, it probably has turned into one of the best friendships I ever had.

    It struck me as odd, here I am becoming someone i dont want to be, and doing I can to keep here around which lets face it, for me its not that hard, and here comes someone that is just chill, wants to play and just have company around, during this time, my xgf leaves my house because i got my best friend now laid by a chick i knew, so i get him laid and my gf leaves, wtf is that lol also guess what els im a gamer, keep in mind though i played more games when she first met me, it didnt matter cause we would go out and spend a wad of cash, figures! so when she leaves i really start open up to my new friend and that friend does the same, and the friendship grew to wear i dont what i would if i didnt have them to take to and play games with I dont have to worry about the time i spend playing i can do what i truely enjoy and struggle to beat my friend everytime, but its fun!! I get so intrigue by this person and their story I have to see this in person to see if this is real, i watch catfish i know how to tell LOL, so fuck it i go, and its all true everything, so now i take a step back and think about it, my friend is honest completely with me, even when i pull there card, they convince me enough the proof is there, im blown away this isnt real, but it is! Every situation i ask, anything i say has the exact response i like, wtf how is this possibly that i found someone thats like me with a better shot! I had to put my friend into my hood to see how this goes.

    You guys know my dogs barks at everything, my friend i prep about my dog for days "dont worry, her bark is bigger then her bite" my friend walks in the dog looks and goes back to sleep, my dog started to showing old traits of what she used to do with my xgf, wait a min im thinking wtf is that, in my head im thinking bark mothrfucker dont do that, why do that your just mind fucking me. This is what im thinking in my head as im watching my dog interact with my friend, and it fucked me up because we are friend right?

    and now here am i today, writing to you...........

  2. Today I turn 21 years old..

    The last few years have been a blur, but recently I had a chance to tell the story for the first time in a while. It actually happened this past weekend. vVv staff was all visiting LA for the weekend for MLG, LCS and to get aligned on strategy. Naturally, I’m not a very open or vulnerable person, but after sharing and seeing the reaction of the room - I realized how important the two are in building relationships and trust between people. I’d now like to share that same story with the World.

    So here goes nothing . . .

    I discovered vVv Gaming back in June of 2007 after joining a random Public Lobby in Gears of War. I remember it vividly. The map was canals and I was immediately welcomed by the voices of vVv members, applicants and the application manager at the time, vVv Woody56292jr. I had known of clans before from when I played socom on gamebattles a few years back, but had not encountered any on the console before. Woody did a great job explaining what vVv was and told me to check out the website if I was interested in joining. The website, which I learned was designed by a member of the community named “Froot” had an image of their Gears of War team winning a big tournament in New Jersey. I thought to myself, “These guys are legit, I want to one day become as good as them and learn everything I can from this community.” I submitted an application, and the rest was history from there. I was banned from the shoutbox several times, had my application closed due to a very immature attitude. Looking back, I was a terrible teammate and just a brat kid who thought he knew more than he did.

    Although I departed from vVv before I was ever really accepted back then, they introduced my to competitive gaming, specifically the Gears scene. I took my application being closed as motivation to improve as a player and person. I played every single day that Summer for at least 6 hours on gamebattles and in scrims with friends. I attended my first major event in 2007 which in Toronto and ended up placing 4th. Not too shabby.


    Local Lan in Connecticut

    Fast forward about a year later, I ran into a player named Sun Down who was apart of vVv’s Gears division. We both hadn't earned “Pro Status” yet, but we hit it off right away and decided to work together with two other players in Enmity and Demon. This was our team, and the tournament we were preparing for was the next MLG event on the 2008 pro circuit in Toronto. Because Sun Down was already apart and vVv, we decided to approach them to represent a community because we knew they could help us take our game to the next level with their history in the Gears scene. I still remember that interview with Jerry and I know he knew that I was the same brat kid who had his application closed and was banned in the past, but he gave me that shot to redeem myself. We had the spot and were the 2nd Gears team for vVv at that time. That team was called vVv Destiny. Remember that name for later in the story.



    Our team actually stuck together for the months leading up to the event and we were really confident in our strategies and teamwork. I still remember some of the late nights coordinating with Nick (Enmity) how we would play the host spot and secondary positions together to focus down someone trying to go for the mid pillar or sandbag push strat. We went to the event and actually had a to get a last minute replacement at the event for Demon because he sketched out. We grabbed Mephisto from another team and were ready to go. No practice with him at all, we had to change our strats, but we knew his rawl skill would definitely fill in for that.


    vVv Destiny at MLG Toronto ‘07

    We placed 9th at this event, which was a big accomplishment for all of us since it was of the most competitive events of the year and of course with our circumstances of using a last minute replacement.

    The team stuck together, but made a roster change with bringing in Storm for Sun Down. Our next big event was closer to home for me in New York City at the Samsung Experience Center for WCG. I took the train down from Connecticut and stayed with my sister in the city. This event was on the newly released Gears of War 2 and we took 2nd at this event as an invitational team.


    vVv Destiny and Coach Sun Down at WCG Holiday Heroes

    After this event, the team was working towards the next level and my attitude was letting not allowing the team to perform at their best. I was released from the team and got involved with several other competitive titles such as Socom, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. I still hung around vVv, but was not nearly as involved as I was when I was competing. I was very competitive in these games as well, hitting gladiator in WoW on multiple accounts and holding the Crown in Socom for the longest out of any team that season. I became back involved with vVv again for Call of Duty, where I lead the first community team “vVv Essence. to a victory in the MLG NYB online tournament.

    After Call of Duty wasn’t supported with any LAN events, I stopped playing games all together. This was all around my Junior year in High School. I switched back to Public School from a Tech Program and went on to try to lead an ordinary life, without gaming. I had a lot of catching up to do because I was away from those friends for several years, but I tried my best to be “normal” and live up to the social expectations of a Senior. I went out, hosted a few parties and built relationships. Summer just started. I just graduated, turned 18, got accepted into the school I wanted to attend and got a brand new car.


    Graduation and Birthday Present

    I was living the ordinary life. Not in contact with anyone from vVv or gaming at all, I thought this is what I wanted. Fourth of July was around the corner, and I thought it would be a good idea to drink and drive. Long story short. I drove home from a party by myself, hit a car and then drove home with the front end of my car scraping against the pavement. When I pulled into my driveway, the cops were already there. I refused the breathalyzer test and started talking to them about my times as a competitive gamer. They took me to jail and then later the Hospital. I was charged with Reckless Driving, Driving in the Wrong Lane and Driving Under the Influence.


    Night of the accident

    Thousands of dollars in lawyer fees later, two of the charges were dropped and was license was suspended for one year. I had to take classes and immediately accept a ton of responsibility to not only pay my family back, but also get my life together. This accident turned around my life. It was a wake up call. That Summer, I worked every day with my Dad and then later got a job at Panera. For the next two years, I commuted to school my train every Monday and Wednesday. Woke up at 6am took a bus to a train, to a shuttle and then another bus. I would get home at about 9pm.


    My projects in school

    Around this time, I reached out to Jerry to tell him my story and see if I could get back involved with my passions: gaming and esports. I was paying very little attention to the scene, but it just felt right to go back home to vVv. I began writing articles and blogs just to share my competitive gaming thoughts and stories. The blog hit 30,000 views at one point, but by then I wanted to get more and more involved with vVv staff. At this point, I was getting advice from my sister and parents that I shouldn’t do vVv stuff for too long as it was unpaid work and wouldn’t provide me with anything. I also had the urge this entire time to go out and party with friends, but I stayed focused and stuck to my gut. With vVv, I wanted to help players who had the same challenges I did as a player and help them be successful. I ran tournaments, write articles, consulted on team decisions and did whatever I could to help vVv become a better organization. All of my energy outside of work and school (and even sometimes in school, see photo above) was focused on that goal.


    vVv Destiny Reunited at Hypefestation

    About a year and a half later, I became the VP of Operations at vVv Gaming. Two weeks later, Jerry announced that he was joining Riot Games as the Director of People.


    MLG Columbus 2012

    Fast forward to the Season 3 World Finals for League of Legends, I made the trip out to LA to visit Jerry and Jordan at their new apartment. During this time, Jordan and I were working on a project called the Experience Initiative which was focused on providing teams and staff opportunities to work in the gaming industry. While we were watching the World Finals that year, Forbes had released an article about our project with an interview - I lost it. It wasn’t the attention or article, the emotion that hit me was the culmination from that first GoW Public match, to the MLG events, DUI accident and to now. Jerry looked at me, and we both felt it. We both knew at the very moment that vVv Gaming was a very special place. For some reason, at that moment, Jerry also saw something in me and decided to offer me to come live out in Los Angeles to pursue my own personal goal of working in the gaming industry full time.


    Season 2 World Championship

    I landed back in New York City to stay with my sister that weekend and told her about the trip. I mentioned that it could be a possibility of me leaving school in Connecticut to come to LA to work on vVv. There were a lot of concerns about leaving school, or how I would manage out there on my own. She suggested that I study abroad in Germany like she did and I was tempted. I kept it to myself for a while because I wasn’t sure how my parents would react, but then, when my Grandma was visiting I told her all about it. We sat down with my parents and sister to explain my decision and the opportunity. About a week later it was December 15th and I had a one way ticket to LA…

    I'll be releasing the full story throughout the next few days. Do you have a vVv story? Share it with us!

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    Hyped about the new Call of Duty? But don't know where to get the latest information. Don't worry I can help you, for about 3 years now I have been getting the latest information on new Call of Duty's games. With the help other blogger friends, Microsoft employees, and family in the gaming industry, i'll make you excited about the next game without ruining any special gifts for players like DLC, add-ons, and Player packs.

    Enough about me now its time for what you have been waiting for:

    Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare Guns (AR) :

    1. Mystery Bullpup

    2. ARX-160

    3. AK-12 (Redone)

    4. P416

    5. SIG556xi Carbon (Rename disclosed)

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    blog-0107324001397189375.jpgHello everyone, my name is Hinao. I used to be a vVv member but decided to leave until I hit gold. Thus began my journey to rise like never before. It turns out I was able to clime out of bronze 4 and into silver 4. There are a few tricks that I have noticed will get you the most out of the game and rise as well. Now I am a low elo player as well, so my advice is mostly basic things that get overlooked sometimes. So, if interested please read ahead ^^ Also I plan to do this about once a week, for new advice/skills as well as more in depth guides for each lane.

    1. Teamwork op.

    Now, I know you've seen the video and understand it. As well as how frustrating it is when you have toxic members and afks etc. I have about 50/50 for games. 50 good/decent team mates, 50 toxic. Now this isn't anything about skill, but personality. Remember that every single player is a real person. They could have a bad day maybe their a bit off their usual game. Have you ever noticed a game where someone was raged at and they did well? Didn't think so. Say they give up first blood, or miss an obvious play as hard as it is help them. Tell them 'Hey, when I use my ult go in.' 'Gota put wards up more. :)' By being helpful, you'll 90% of the time make them want to play the game better. If you want to test this out, just think about any game you have been in. When you were raged it, I bet you felt down and wanted to surrender. Though when a team was more 'It's ok we'll come back don't worry' you wanted to keep going. The golden rule, treat those like you want to be treated. Also at the start of each game I say something like this; 'Hi, lets not rage this game. We all know it doesn't help anyone and none of us are pro here. So lets have a good game and have fun' ^.^

    2. Lanes/Champions

    For this I'll go through each lane and a bit of advice for choosing a champ. Also I follow meta most of the time so nothing will be that out of the ordinary.

    2A. Top lane.

    Top lane used to be my main, so I'll start with it. Now, top lane falls into two categories. Tanks and bruisers.

    Tanks are your front liners, the ones who will take an ult for you and who can carry with not much damage. As a top you will have a few jobs. Most of the time you have the engage. So once you go in, then the team should follow. Most of the time, a lane with a tank vs tank, you'll be in a farm lane instead of a kill. Bruisers on the other hand are fighters and need to be so. Bruisers tend to have more cc and need to get damage out quick. Though they do more damage they lack the tank, so they usually won't hold a front line as long. Make sure you're last hitting is up to par for your champ. Simply since both have a lot of health and armor, it's a waste to fight alone. Remember though, if you want to help the team roam. Roaming to mid can make or break a game. If you get the kill it can be worth it, though if failed your opponent top can get a lot of free farm for no cost..

    In team fights, you are the front line. Your job is to do mostly two things. 1. Defend you're damage dealers. Since you have the armor, you are their shield. They rely on you and vice versa. 2. Engage. Most top laners have some kind of engage that will grab someone out of place. Don't hesitate.

    Now for champs of top. Personally this is my list: Darius, Olaf, Malphite, and Wukong. As you can see, I prefer tanks over bruisers. Tanks allow me to stay in a fight without much fear of damage since I can take it. As well as having a good amount of cc and team fight capabilities. Darius, flash E is risky and costly but can lead to high rewards. As well as his q and ult work well in team fights. Olaf, his axe to slow and his ult to run to their back line. Since he can't be stopped by any cc. Malphite, q for slow and his ult is a team fight wonder. One of my personal favorite against jax as well. Wukong is my one good bruiser. Since he can shred armor and escapes from ganks well, I play a bit passive until team fight. Then his clone and ult are a powerful combo. Remember though, these are only champs I recommend. Everyone has their own playstyle.

    2B Mid lane.

    My main and personal favorite lane.

    Mid lane has two types. The AP melters and the AD/AP assassin.

    We'll go through ap melters first. These are the ap ones who tend to have a lot of skill shots. Who start to chunk away from someones health before throwing every spell to melt their health in the blink of an eye. At the beginning of a game, cs and harass is what ya need to do. Personally I prefer to attack minions and use skills for harass. This allows me to save up mana for when it needs to be used. If you use your abilities to cs, you'll run out to soon during early game. You are most of the time useless without it, any skill to escape from ganks or fight is an easy kill. So though you may get pushed a little use abilities for harass. Since they will have to b letting you free farm for a bit. When you start getting items and some mana to spare, clear waves and harass even more. Champions in this category should be ones who have a good amount of cc and poke.

    Now the assasins. They have the basics of any other mid. Harass and farm, though their play style in team fights is much different. Assassins more than anyone need to be quick to act. As they are the ones who will jump on anyone who is out of place. As they tend to have good escapes, you have to be risky to get any use from them. Going through jungles and roaming are your strongest tools. Against any ap you have a good advantage when roaming. Since they can't get a tower as quick, you can roam without to much risk as well, if they roam you can take a tower quickly. However, the catch is that you will need a catch. Ap champs can usually just poke down someone, you can loose your health bit by bit until it's to dangerous to stay. Making you b and loosing out on a potential team fight.


    AP Kayle, Zigs, Annie

    These champs are good picks if you want simple champs to use. Kayle is a monster late game, as well as stopping most assassins thanks to her ult. Zigs clears waves and does massive damage with just a few quick q's. Annie, my personal favorite. Her q gives mana back on minion kill as well as her ult/stun make the other team cry :D

    Assassins. Zed, leblanc.

    I prefer ap instead of assassins but these two do what you could ask for. CS, Roam, Kill, Win. These two champs also have great escapes should things go wrong. From zeds shadows to leblancs clone.

    2C Jungle.

    A mixed bag of fun, as well as the most diverse of the roles. From ap as Fiddlesticks, to tanks like ramus. Whatever your play style is, you can find it in the jungle. Honestly this one I may wait until next week to give it a good and detailed explanation. So tune in next week for jungle advice.

    2D ADC

    Farm farm farm farm farm farm farm farm BF farm farm farm farm BT. :P It seems that way as adc, you're csing can't be lacking here at all. If your poppet gets even a few cs ahead, it's one of the hardest to get back ahead. Due to the strength of the items adc gets, it tends to be he who gets a BF sword first wins. You are also a glass cannon. You tend to do a lot of damage and as long as you stick to the back line, you can wipe out a team. This is due to being able to get out quick auto attacks that don't require much skill to land. The skill comes from dodging enemy skill shots and staying safe. Your best bet here is champs with some kind of escape, as well as some kind of dodge or shield.

    Champions: Lucian, jinx, cait. Lucian and Cait have strong escapes and dodges that allows them to be safe. Jinx though no escape, her chompers allow it.

    2E Support

    Hi, you're last pick. Welcome to the land of support :D Actually due to the changes in supports, it's not a role people force on others most of the time. Though the adc does the damage, you make the plays. Supports are the ones who have the cc that makes you want to punch a computer. From blitz hooks to morgana roots, it's a hell of a bot. Remember your job is to set things up and let your adc farm. If your adc gets caught then it's your job to help them, if the chance of them getting out or turning it around are strong enough. Though don't let the 'support' name fool you, they can carry a game just like any other role. I believe now that supports are play makers more than the adc. Due to them usually having so much lockdown, they can turn around a loosing battle. If you don't mind spending a bit of gold on wards, you'll like this role.

    Champions: Morgana, LuLu, Thresh, Leona. Each of these champs have one thing in common, team fights. Their ults are used to save a carry or lockdown the opposing team. Your job is to know when it's time to go in, or better yet make it time. Morganas ult/flash zhonyas takes a bit of time to get, but it does quite a bit of damage as well as a good team fight starter. Thesh hook and flail combined can throw a lot of enemies off. As well as his ult can focus the other team to stay trapped or take high damage and slows. Leona, a lock down nightmare. A persona favorite of most people since how tanky she can be, as well as how long her lockdowns are. LuLU is a bit different. Her ult is to save more than fight, the knockup comes in handy but the health and now giant team member are more of a threat.

    So, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Next week I will be going over the jungle. The biggest thing is remember this is a game and have fun. ^^ Though kicking ass is always a bonus too :P

  3. I haven't made a blog post in a couple weeks. I know, I know, I said daily. Unfortunately, so many things kept getting in the way and I was able to stick to that. However, here I am, making a new post.

    First, I would like to give an update on my progression. I have gotten better, and then fallen off again on my abilities in game. I had gotten to a point where I was killing more than dying and I felt like I had improved a lot. I was getting outcomes of 14 kills and 3 deaths. My teams were winning thanks to me helping out. I wasn't always on top, but we always won. My K/D went from .8 to 1.9, I felt better about my contribution. Then, things started going downhill. I was focusing on my scores again, and things declined. This morning, I played 6 games. My team lost all of them, and I didn't have less than 10 deaths in each matchup. I feel this is due to a multitude of things, but I'm not one to make excuses. I need to quite worrying about my stupid regen requirements, stop worrying about my K/D, and start playing to win again.

    My worries, however, may be unfounded, but I'll get to that in a moment. The reason I was worried was due to my want of becoming a pro in Titanfall. I see people wanting to judge skill instead of team play, focusing on things like what gen you are and how good your aim is. My aim is actually not bad, but my decision making is not the greatest in terms of what to do next. I need structure, I need a team environment and a plan to move forward with. I can't be the guy who just runs around with total freedom. That was no more prominent than last Thursdays CGN, where we went 0-4 with myself, Quixitas and several others. We were just completely decimated. It was bad.

    We figured it out soon enough...we weren't playing as a team. Everyone was running around trying to get the caps, trying to get the most kills, trying to up their own score. My wanting to prove myself was in full effect, and in turn, I showed that when I am out to make myself look better instead of helping my team win, bad things happen. If there was a way to disable the scoreboard during play, that would be fantastic. I shouldn't worry how many kills I personally have gotten, but need to worry how many more my team needs to win, or how many flag runs, or how many more point caps do we need.

    I was in a good mindset for Saturday's CGN. I knew we needed to go in with a plan and stick to it. But then, no one showed up. After about 45 minutes, Oompa showed up, and we played a couple matches, but I think we both were in just a bleh state that we both turned the game off and called it a night. And this is where my unfounded worries came into play.

    I have been so set on becoming a pro, on getting to that point. But who is playing on PC right now? There are a few of us, sure, and we are good, especially together. However, is that enough to make a team? Is it enough to change the landscape back? I dunno. I see things posted for the X1 all the time. Team building, rule sets, etc. It seems competitive play, real competitive pro level play, is dead on PC. It's healthy, even thriving in the console world...but I'm not a console player. I'm a PC player. Always have been.

    Should I get an X1 and get used to a new style of play? Maybe. But I want to do this on PC. The days of Quake and UT are dead and gone. I can't expect that heyday of a real competitive scene for this style of game anywhere but console.

    Now, please understand, I'm not being a Negative Nancy here (did I really just say that?!?) I'm not trying to say that because PC competitive scene is dead that I'm giving up. I'm not. If anything, it makes me want it more. Now I have something more to fight for, a reason to get better. We have a fantastic opportunity to rebuild a dying platform of competitive gaming that has been taken over by MOBA style games (not that there is anything wrong with that :D). We have the ability to help build a community that used to thrive. We are starting on the ground floor staring directly at the prize, all we have to do is take it and run.

  4. Oh boy, where do I begin? It was about two months ago. After a series of losses on Solo Queue I was demoted from Platinum II to Platinum III. I had never been demoted, always on the rise. I took this demotion very hard to the point where I considered dropping League of Legends. Instead of taking it to the extreme, I decided to take a break. I had planned to take a one week break, but that break kept extending as other games were released. Finally, after about two months, I have returned.

    I reread my first post. I have to admit, I somehow inspired myself to get on the ladder and start climbing again.

    "You learn more from a loss than a win." - vVv Doomhammer

    As always, there are things to learn from defeat. I noticed that there are some people out there on the solo queue ladder with malicious intent. It's just human nature, there's not much you can do about it. Anything from a misplaced ward, a missed skill shot, or even a failed gank can spark these individuals. Their ego ignites and explodes into a catastrophic event which derails an easy victory and turns it into an epic struggle that eventually leads to defeat. These individuals think that by purposely losing the game, they will teach you a lesson. You can't let people like this bring you down with their fallacies, stay strong and stay on that ladder. Take a break if you have to, but never give up!

  5. Recommendation:

    ***Remember all these are based on what I use or have used, but it is up to you to decide what you wish to use. I am just trying to help***

    Buy a rechargeable battery charger that can charge both AA & AAA batteries. and have at least 6 AA or more batteries. Use 2 AA in the controller with the others charged or charging. Most come with AAA also which would be the best so you can use them on your headsets.

    • Best I used is this:

    Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Charger (with 8 "AA" and 2 "AAA" Batteries, Plus 2 "C" and 2 "D" Adpaters)
    . Found at Amazon.com = $36.29 + Tax

    *****EXTRA: Have 2 containers label one "Dead Batteries" and the other "Charged Batteries". As you can guess that you place all batteries in the correct container. I use this so I know what to charge, when I need to, and how many to.*****

    • PLEASE READ: By reading these tips below it will maybe hard to understand because the controller is very sensitive and adjusting it is very hard to do it unless you are not told or shown how, if you wish to contact me to help you to make your controller work the best way possible for what game you play.
    • Also remember the setting of each game are different are not the same adjusting your controller will be hard to when playing other games.

    GT: vVv WooTang


    The Grips:

    These are a pain to take off and get annoying if you try to do it the way the instructions tell you to.

    Easiest way to do this is to start at the top side of the grip and pop it loose, then continue this down the grip until it pops right off, if you don't have nails or don't wish to use them use a small flat head screw driver, but if you will scratch the controller.

    Now if you wish to be a little bit more crazy, just simply drill a small hole in the grip that will allow you just to the key straight into the adjustment screw, my friend does this but that is to extreme for me to do.

    Best way to adjust your triggers:

    1. Turn the key clockwise (right) until the gun is aims or shoots by itself ( if you add pressure the gun will aim or shoot )
    2. Then slowly turn the key to counter clockwise (Left) until it stops aiming/shooting
    3. Make sure that if you add pressure to the area it will not aim/shoot itself
    4. Once it stopped aiming turn the key so until it works the way you wish

    IMPORTANT: If the adjuster is set where if you just tap the trigger than the by adding pressure to that area will make it aim/shoot. If this happens turn the key a 1/2 - 1 turn or more if needed to fix this. Also when adjusting because you are adding pressure to that area it will aim/shoot, to make sure this does not effect the way you wish to have the triggers as you wish just simply make the adjustment and let go of the key and see what happens.

    Remember that if anyone wishes to contact me just send me a message via XB1 or leave a post here. GT: vVv WooTang

  6. With a stellar win for the underdogs of vVv over the highly praised LoLPro team, vVv has officially advanced to the North American Challenger Series playoffs! Our boys in red and white are one step closer to being crowned the kings of the challenger scene, so I wanted to make a recap article to highlight some of the great play that brought them to this point. Let's start this party with a recap of the latest victory over LoLPro... that is if you have a few minutes to spare from playing Titanfall :P !

    NOTE: Time stamps are for the In-game clock

    Game 1: LoLPro draws first blood

    This game kind of makes me sad because vVv had a terrific lead all the way until the final minutes of the match. vVv struggled with closing out this game and allowed too many opportunities for LoLPro to make a comeback, specifically, with leaving Tail's wide open to get to. It seemed that around the 35 minute mark that vVv started to get some miscommunications and bad timings which really hindered the progression of the game for our boys. While vVv lost this game, I believe that coming so close to a victory fueled their ambition for the following two matches.


    3:25 - Get Snuggled and Heaven Time both come mid. Nyjacky and Heaventime pull out ahead forcing Get snuggled to base and Pekin Woof to farm under tower

    3:40 - Cris all in's Hauntzer at level 3 and pulls out the first blood

    9:05 - vVv takes first dragon with 4 members uncontested

    9:23 - Nyjacky and Hauntzer dive cris at top. Cris Missed his Cask Explosion which would have probably killed Hauntzer for a 1 for 1 trade but instead ends up being a 0 for 1 trade in favor of LoLPro

    11:06 - Get Snuggled and Cris dive past the t1 top turret chasing a weakened hauntzer down to the t2 turret burning two flashes to secure the kill.

    13:47 - Nyjacky is caught in the enemy jungle by Get snuggled. Pekin Woof, Gaunty and Tails are nearby to secure the kill. Gaunty lands a magnificent hook over the Ancient Golem wall while Tails and Pekin Woof collapes with Get Snuggled onto Nyjacky. Nyjacky attempts to escape by flashing over the golem wall, however, gaunty is there to lay down the box.

    15:19 - LoLPro secures the second dragon with 5 while vVv attempts to contest. vVv is split 3 and 2 which allows LoH to zone tails and get snuggled with tidal wave. Nyjacky follows up on get snuggled to attempt the kill while the rest of LoLPro collapses on the Gaunty, Pekin Woof and Cris. Pekin woof had plenty of room to lay down heavy poke with cris to push LoLPro out of the fight resulting in a 0 kill team fight.

    19:06 - Heaventime initiates onto Pekin woof with skyfall as LoD, Nyjacky and LoH push up mid to dive with Heaventime under the t1 turret. LoH follows up the intiation with a 3 man tidal wave, however, no kills were secured. Pekin woof turns after the failed initiation by LoLPro and is able to take down heaventime with the assistance of Gaunty and Tails.

    21:31 - LoLPro intiates the third dragon while vVv rushes down the ancient golem ramp to contest. Gaunty lays down a hook onto heaventime which is enough for Tails and Get snuggled to finish him off. With smite down, Cris flashes over the wall and lands a cask explosion onto Nyjacky which effectively forces LoLPro to retreat from dragon. vVv then secures the third dragon kill.

    27:01 - Cris lands a great cask explosion onto LoH bringing LoH to less than 10% hp forcing LoH to retreat... unfortunately a heads up ult from Pekin Woof does not allow that to happen. This leads to vVv taking down the t3 mid turret and inhibitor.

    28:05 - vVv goes for the fourth dragon immediately after securing the inhibitor turret and kills it before LoLPro is able to respond. Hauntzer dragon forms over the wall as vVv attempts to retreat from dragon going down before Heaventime and nyjacky have the change to flash over the wall to assist. Nyjacky ults heaventime and brings Pekin Woof extremely low. vVv takes the kill onto Heaventime and backs out before the rest of LoLPro has a chance to collapse.

    34:10 - vVv attempts to siege the t3 turret at top but Hauntzer dragon forms onto 3 members of vVv while Heaventime lands a beautiful 5 man skyfall. LoH was able to follow up with a 5 man tidal wave while nyjacky chunked Gaunty, Pekin Woof and Tails into oblivion with glitter lance. The fight ends 5 for 0 in favor of LoLPro as Nyjacky chases down Get Snuggled in the jungle.

    39:20 - Heaventime skyfalls onto vVv as they attempt to take the mid inhibitor causing Gaunty, Tails and cris to be caught by LoH's tidal wave. Tails gets seperated from the team by Hauntzer's dragon form which results in an early death. LoH flashes to aqua prison Pekin woof before he has a chance to duck into the jungle with Get snuggled, ensuring his death. LoLPro is able to even the mid lane out by taking the inhibitor off of vVv's hands.

    41:42 - LoLPro secures the fifth dragon uncontested and catches Get Snuggled out near the ancient golem camp.

    44:40 - LoLPro pushes down the bottom t3 turret and starts working on the inhibitor when Heaventime skyfalls into the back line of vVv ontop of Pekin Woof, quickly eliminating the yordle.

    46:40 - As vVv is setting up vision at baron, LoLPro is able to catch Pekin Woof out by his wraiths forcing vVv into a bad fight in a bad position. LoLPro is able to overwhelm vVv's base and come out with the victory.

    Game 2: vVv strikes back

    Game 2 was a much more concrete performance from vVv although early game a bit shaky at first. It seemed as if LoLPro had momentum coming into this game when they made a call for a 4 man dragon nine minutes into the game. Unfortunately for LoLPro, Tails and the rest of vVv were hungry for a win and turned that 4 man dragon into a dragon steal plus 2 kills which set the tempo for the rest of this match. Gaunty and Get Snuggled did a fantastic job at keeping a front line in tact for Tails which was an issue in Game 1. This allowed Tails to get 11 kills with only 2 death including a penta kill. I don't think you can have a much better game in the NACS than this one, however, in order to make it to the LCS vVv will need to work on control and tempo. vVv needs to ensure that everyone is on the same page and communicating effectively because, at times I see Tails in a good position but Cris/Gaunty/Get Snuggled leaves him exposed for the enemy team.


    9:45 - LoLPro takes 4 to dragon with Nyjacky sitting in the mid river brush. Nyjacky gets the jump on Pekin Woof bringing him to half health, however, grunty is able to land a 3 person solar flare. This gives Get snuggled enough time to stun heaventime and steal dragon away. Before losing his life to heaventime, Pekin Woof is able to assist Grunty and Tails in taking down LoD, resulting in a 2-1 plus dragon in vVv's favor.

    12:33 - Get Snuggled roams down to bot lane and pushes up into the 2nd brush to set up a lane gank. LoH uses a ward to safely check the brush making Gaunty miss his zenith blade which gives heaventime enough time to get to lane and throw his ult onmto Get Snuggled. LoH throws our a 3 person tidal wave that resuts in LoD securing the kill on Heaventime.

    13:15 - Cris roams the enemy jungle to try and steal red buff from hauntzer, but Nyjacky is quick to respond. Hauntzer lands a great pillar which forces Cris to dragon form out of danger. Meanwhile at bot, Heaventime, LoD and LoH continue to lay down pressure onto the lane bringing Gaunty very low under tower.\

    14:25 - Cris roams into the enemy jungle again and gets converged on by Nujacky, Hauntzer and heaventime resulting in a swift death. Pekin Woof and Get Snuggled are able to quickly react to this and bursted down heaventime and forcing Nyjacky to retreat. Pekin Woof and Get Snuggled then lock in the kill onto Huntzer.

    15:50 - Nyjacky lands a decent cask explosion onto Pekin Woof which brings him so low that the purple caster minion is able to land the kill on Nyjacky's behalf.

    16:12 - Heaventime, Hauntzer and Nyjacky push down mid and Heaventime vaultbreakers into a lonely Cris. Hauntzer follows up with a great pillar that forces Cris 2 steps off of the tower, which is enough time for Nyjacky to land his full combo and Hauntzer picks up the kill. vVv Answers this by getting a 3 man gank going in bot with Get Snuggled, Tails and Gaunty picking up a kill onto LoD and LoH past the t1 tower.

    18:04 - Nyjacky lands a great Cask Explosion onto Pekin Woof which puts him into a bad position under the t1 mid tower with no minions alive. Heaventime capitalizes on this and Assault and Batteries into Pekin Woof to ensure that kill was picked up.

    19:10 - Cris and Hauntzer begin dueling in top land and just as you think that Cris is going to die, Pekin Woof shows up to turn the tides onto Hauntzer. Pekin Woof is able to land the killing blow as Cris runs for his life.

    19:20 - Get Snuggled skyfalls into the back of LoD and LoH as they push up bot lane, effectively trapping them. LoH seems to be off page with LoD as he goes to stop Get Snuggled as LoD goes all in onto Tails and loses his life. Heaventime makes it to bot lane just in the nick of time to get LoH out of battle.

    20:40 - Nyjacky roams to bottom after all of the action has ended which allows Pekin Woof to get both the mid t1 turret and a kill onto heaventime.

    23:40 - All 5 members of vVv secure an uncontested dragon kill and then Heaventime flash assault and batteries onto Pekin Woof as he distortions under tower and Get Snuggled skyfalls in onto LoD and LoH. The rest of vVv collapses onto Heaventime, LoD and LoH securing 3 kills.

    25:00 - Get Snuggled, Cris and Pekin Woof push down middle and are caught in the enemy wolf camp by Hauntzer and Nyjacky resulting in a swift kill onto Get Snuggled.

    26:26 - Get Snuggled Skyfalls onto the enemy team to assit with Cris's engage while Pekin Woof, Gaunty and Tails are able to clamp down on the team fight. Get snuggled is able to pick off Heaventime and LoD before turning with the team onto Nyjacky who took out Pekin Woof. Tails is able to take Nyjacky down resulting in a 3 for 1 in top lane and baron.

    28:20 - Get Snuggled Skyfalls onto the t2 mid turret where LoD and LoH are being sieged by Tails and Gaunty picking up the kill onto LoD.

    28:40 - The rest of vVv meets up in mid to push down the t2 turret, however, Gaunty and Cris are able to start a team fight onto Heaventime. Since both Gaunty and Cris chased Heaventime, Hauntzer is able to pin Tails down between the t2 and t3 mid turrets and pick him off.

    32:00 - Heaventime engages onto Pekin woof at the bot t2 turret as LoH tidal waves 4 members of vVv, bursting down an over extended Pekin Woof. Hauntzer runs straight past the front line of vVv to make it onto Tails again while Get Snuggled is picked off by Heaventime, LoD and LoH. Gaunty is able to find a zenith blade into LoD which gives Tails enough time to scare him back. While chasing the rest of vVv, Tails is able to pick off Heaventime.

    34:20 - Get Snuggled misses his skyfall onto LoD and Cris misses his dragon form as LoLPro seemingly collapses onto an out of positioned Cris.

    35:15 - Nyjacky finds a cask explosion onto Gaunty and Get Snuggled making a 2 for 0 trade in favor of LoLPro. Pekin Woof tries to burst down LoD as he shows up a tad too late to the fight with Tails and is taken down by LoD. Assault and Battery is used onto Tails which locks him up long enough for Heaventime to kill him but not before Tails bursts down nyjacky and ignite kills LoD.

    39:00 - Get Snuggled skyfalls into Hauntzer and the LoLPro team in the baron side brush of mid lane which is countered by a beautiful tidal wave/aqua prison combo from LoH. Cris is able to Dragon form over the mid wall onto LoD and Cris to zone them from the fight as Pekin woof drops dangerously low. Pekin Woof is able to get a kill onto LoD with Cris as he is taken down by Nyjacky. Heaventime is dropped dangerously low as Hauntzer and LoH are being reengaged on by Gaunty and a full hp tails. Heaventime takes out Cris as he is making his retreat. LoLPro backs off as tails is chunking them on the chase

    42:03 - LoLPro gets 5man Skyfalled by Snuggled as they push the mid lan. Nyjacky lands a solid cask explosion seperating 3 members of vVv. Heaventime is taken down by Tails in the back of the fight as Nyjacky loses his GA. Gaunty lands a fantastic zenith blade onto LoD which ensures his death as Nyjacky revives from his GA.

    43:00 - vVv attempts to force the baron as Nyjacky, LoH and Hauntzer are the only members alive for LoLPro. Cris and Pekin are able to take down Hauntzer as he tries to make his way into the pit in exchange for Pekin's life. This results in a baron kill for vVv.

    44:10 - Snuggled lands with skyfall right on top of Nyjacky making a quick pick for the t2 mid tower.

    44:50 - vVv pushes out onto the t3 turret with a 4v5 power play with baron picking up the mid inhibitor.

    48:34 - Tails Penta kill and the win!


    Game 3: vVv clinches playoff berth

    After 2 nail biting endings, vVv shifts into 5th gear as Gaunty and Snuggled amass a massive advantage in bot lane for Tails. Even though Heaventime, Nyjacky and Hauntzer tried their best in mid game to save the ship from drowning, it was too late. Tails had blown a hole the size of Saturn into the hull of LoLPro and it was only time before the ship went down. If our boys playing for vVv want to progress into the LCS, this is the game they need to replicate. The play was very tight and restrained without being conservitive. They made the right plays at the right times and capitalized on LoLPro's mistakes and short comings (such as not warding tri brush for 9 minutes after 2 successful ganks from snuggled through the jungle). Great job to everyone on vVv especially Pekin who is definitely an unsung hero in these games. While you may not have had a score like Tails, the amount of pressure you applied on zigs was CRAZZZZZZZZZY. Congrats on moving on up into the NACS Playoffs!


    3:35 - Gaunty lands a zenith blade onto LoH, causing LoH to use black shield. Little did LoH know that Get Snuggled was creeping into the lane behind LoLPro through tribrush, landing a vaultbreaker onto LoH (Surprise!). Gaunty follows up the vault breaker with Shield of Daybreak which allows Tails to take down LoH for first blood.

    5:00 - Not too sure as to why LoLPro wouldn't ward their own tri brush as Get Snuggled had gotten a successful gank 2 minutes earlier, however, it allows Get Snuggled to come back to bot for a repeat gank. Snuggled lands a great vault breaker which gives Gaunty enough time to get in range with zenith blade to secure a second kill for tails onto LoH.

    8:20 - LoLPro starts to set up a gank onto bot, however, they are met at the entrance to vVv's ancient golem ramp by Heaventime which leads to an easy kill for Snuggled.

    9:27 - LoH lands a binding onto Gaunty, however, zenith blade doesn't care that he's binded. Tails is able to follow up bringing LoD down to below 20% hp when Pekin Woof drops his Mega Inferno Bomb in LoD's escape path. While LoD is able to flash out of the ultmiate, he flashes in range of Tails who is able to shave off the last 20% of hp.

    11:20 - Gaunty lands ANOTHER zenith blade onto LoD and LoH as Snuggled races through the enemy jungle to eassit bot lane. Tails lays down a beautiful culling, tapping into the brain of LoD and bringing him down AGAIN. Snuggled finally makes it to the fight and begins the dive onto LoH but ends up backing off due to tails being too far back.

    13:36 - Heaventime and Nyjacky decide that enough is enough and attempt to 4 man gank bottom lane. As they enter lane, LoH lands a nice ultimate onto Gaunty and Tails which results in a kill for Nyjacky.

    16:35 - vVv has 4 men down at dragon as LoLPro rush out of their jungle to contest. As LoLPro come in, vVv backs off allowing LoLPro control of dragon and it's damage/debuff. Hauntzer uses his teleport to ensure that vVv backs of, however, Snuggled gets caught to the side of the dragon pit by Hauntzer's pillar. LoLPro are able to secure the first dragon off of this.

    17:28 - "Gais pls, I beg... pls stawp!" That's what I imagine is going through LoH's head as gaunty and tails land another beautiful combo onto him resulting in a swift kill. As LoD is trying to escape, Peking Woof throws out another Mega Inferno Bomb in which LoD is able to flash away to safety.

    18:20 - Nyjacky sees Tails in his jungle as he goes for a seemingly easy kill, but little did he know that snuggled was waiting in the flanks to set up a counter-gank. Hauntzer is able to make his way down to mid as get Snuggled and Tails start to retreat resulting in a kill onto Snuggled.

    19:50 - Heaventime is waiting in the brush near his ancient golem as Snuggled comes in to get vision. Nyjacky is quick to react, distortioning over the wall to lay down some law resulting in a clean kill.

    22:53 - Nyjacky and Heaventime catch Tails at the mid ramp entrance to the jungle, deleting him from existance.

    27:19 - LoLPro has a bit of miscommunication as Hauntzer engages on Tails and Cris as the rest of LoLPro is maneuvering towards white wraith. Snuggled vault breaker's a bit too deep as he is destroyed before he is able to get back to his team. Cris is able to chase out LoD and secures a clean kill ending the fight in a 2-1 exchange in favor of vVv.

    29:20 - Nyjacky is being surrounded by Cris, Gaunty, Tails and Pekin woof and while he is able to back off, it leaves LoH in a vulnerable position behind the enemy team resulting in a death at the hands of Tails. Heaventime is too late to help LoH escape which allows Cris, Snuggled, Tails and Pekin woof to take down LoD. Cris over extends as the team pulls off to chase Hautzer into the jungle which gives Nyjacky an opening to take him out.

    31:45 - Snuggled Lands a beautiful vault breaker from mid brush over the wall onto LoD, chunking him to half hp as the rest of LoLPro starts to engage. Snuggled follows up with a beautiful 3 man Assault and Battery as Pekin Woof lands a 4 man Mega Inferno Bomb which takes out both LoD and LoH. Heaventime is able to land a nice ultimate on to Pekin Woof which provides the rest of LoLPro some time to retreat.

    32:20 - vVv is in the midst of taking baron when Heaventime baits cris to dragon form over the back wall of baron. This allows Nyjacky a chance to pick off Gaunty and Snuggled who are both sitting critically low in the baron pit with Pekin. LoLPro decides to back off after losing Heaventime since there was no smite available.

    35:20 - LoLPro makes their final stand at the top t3 turret but it's too late. Pekin picks off Heaventime out of the base (why he was there... who knows?). Because of this, Cris is able to dragon form past the turret onto LoD and makes quick work of him. vVv pushes forward and is able to secure the victory with 20 seconds remaining on the respawn timer of Heaventime.

    Series MVP: vVv Tails [ 22/5/19 : 8.2KDA ]

    I'm about 10 seconds away from making a parody video of "Teach me how to dougie" to be "Teach me how to Luci" inspired by Tails. Tails put on a clinic Sunday evening in games 2 and 3 on how to not only play Lucian, but how to play smart. A lot of marksmen can get in trouble by positioning inappropriately but Tails was spot on all night using his team, brushes and the fog of war to edge out a positional advantage in almost every team fight. Ending the series with a 8.2 KDA, It's safe to say that Tails may be the best Lucian NA... sorry Imaqtpie but you've lost your crown! Congratulations vVv Tails for being this week's MVP!

  7. Meat and Potatoes #3

    Oh vVv, It’s been awhile. Lots of school stuff came up, army stuff, life stuff blah blah blah. Let’s chat. Some of you may have read the other blogs I did about fitness and this one is going to be all about falling off the wagon. It happens. You screw up, you feel bad, life kicks you in the teemo and you’re all down and out. You’re not out of the game. You’re in fact just at the point where it matters most. I’ll use myself as an example.

    Recently I’ve gained like 15 pounds just from being lazy, so much weight in fact that I failed height and weight for the Army. They give you one month to “fix your shit” or you start getting into serious trouble. I’m not talking getting yelled at, I’m talking all benefits of being in the military revoked. Going to school that’s paid for by the military and then getting all that taken away is no Bueno. So I had a challenge and I was going to see it through. I busted my ass and lost 19 pounds in 30 something days. Not healthy but it was a challenge and I accomplished it.

    Since then though I went back to eating awful, got sick so I couldn’t work out and excuses upon excuses kept showing up. I’ve gained all that weight back and overall things are getting pretty stressful again. Yet here I am at a crappy spot and all I want to do is talk it out, get healthy and get back into the gym and lose all this crappy weight. I want you guys to know you can do all this too, I’m not special and I’m not better than anyone. If you’re feeling like you just cannot get your head above water for whatever reason PM me and I’ll chat you up about whatever the hell you want to talk about. Considering how long it’s been since my last blog post I want to talk about three quick things to help you get back on track.

    1.) Don’t wait for everything to fall into place to start exercising.

    If you’re waiting for everything to be perfect before you start doing something you’ll never begin. Maybe your foot will hurt that day, your goldfish needs to be fed or you’re 10 points from your promo games in league. You can, and will, find an excuse that things aren’t perfectly ready for you to begin this project. Quit the waiting and just go out and do it once. After you knock one out the next one will be that much easier.

    -Put your workout clothes on no matter how bad you don’t want to go to the gym. Once you put those clothes/shoes on that your mind knows is for working out and sweating you’re much more prone to go to the gym.

    -Eat breakfast. Wake up, look out your window, get out of bed and cook your breakfast. When you’re done eating get ready for your day. You’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished something and breakfast is definitely useful for your day.

    2.) Find a challenge for yourself that you’re passionate about and look at it every day.

    -I just recently found out how incredibly long an ironman triathlon is. How only so many people each year actually finish these events and me being competitive sees that exclusivity as a huge challenge. 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. GGWP, I started swimming the week after I was watching youtube videos and I’m ready to continue working on each of these when I can breathe again (being sick blows, stretch out if you can).

    3.) Find someone who shares your interest or goal and talk to them.

    -Surrounding yourself with negativity is, in my opinion, the number one killer of motivation. My roommate does nothing but whine and cry about how HARD exercise is. That starts to irk me, maybe I even start to believe it’s hard and THEIR insecurity and negativity start making ME feel bad with them. Don’t let it happen to you. Surround yourself with people that can help you along your path. You joined vVv to be part of a gaming community that prides itself on making better gamers. You’ve already done this once, you can do it in your fitness life as well.

    As always, if anyone wants to chat just send me a PM and if I can’t find the answer I’ll find someone who can.

    Take it Easy vVv,


    P.S. I have no idea what's going on with the formatting issues but I'll find out and fix it asap. Sorry for the wall of text :x

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    Now that eSports has grown and become part of the lives of many people, both gamers and non-gamers, I think it is about time that we begin to see more professionalism in the sport. While 2013 has been great when it comes to the number of events, size of audiences, massive prize pools and the globalization of eSports, there is still for improvement.

    I recognise that this topic has been talked to the death, so I intend this article to be relatively short and informative. Addressing the main issues that I believe are core for the eSports to be recognised as a professional entity.

    What’s professionalism anyway? Why can't I just be myself?

    Professionalism is often defined by many in the eSports industry as, "behaving well to earn more money". In my opinion, this is the worst possible attitude to have. Professionalism is the adhesive that holds everything together, it is the driving force behind the growth and development of gaming and should be acknowledged by all who wish to pave their way towards a career in eSports.

    From the perspective of an organisation owner, there are a number of things that need to be noted before they will affiliate their brand with any eSports team (or person). They will need to take into account the reliability of a team, the individuals within it, and their public conduct. The fact that players with poor public image can damage your brand forever is the sad truth that organisation leaders must respect, if they wish to maintain a reputable status within the community.

    Similar to life outside of gaming, people generally don't want to be associated with others who will say or do whatever they please because it looks bad on them. For the reasons stated above, decision makers with organisations also think this way. A more recent example showing the product of consistent unprofessionalism is the story of former EG SC2 player, IdrA.

    Due to his poor conduct online, management at EG were forced to show him the door (even after three years with the organisation!). With this in mind, it is important to stress that a professional manner must be maintained on any public platform; one line of text can destroy your career.

    Personal restraint is important and should be learned, even if you are provoked. The most helpful advice is to take a step away from your computer, clear your head, and respond to criticism afterwards when you can address the comment fully whilst maintaining a calm professional manner. It is all too easy to allow your passion to spill over into something toxic. Often, the retaliation of the community is a hunt for blood, it is not worth the satisfaction you may get from biting back.

    What steps do I take to be taken seriously by sponsors?

    An eternal question.

    I like to think of it this way, sponsorships are a two-way street; you need to invest as much time and energy as you want to get out it. Money isn't everything, hard work and dedication trump a large bank account any day. I've met my fair share of fools in the industry and I can safely say that throwing money around is a short term solution to a long term problem.

    Adding to that, a plethora of short term sponsors is definitely going to raise some eyebrows and could inhibit future business partnerships. Put yourself in the investors shoes. Who wants to sponsor someone that’s had several unstable partnerships? Are we investing in a money sink? What happened to the other sponsorship deals?

    I have a few pointers that always give me a place to start when dealing with sponsors:

    • Who is the sponsor? What is their market?
    • How can we help them? (Is our demographic appropriate?)
    • How can they help us?

    How do I deal with inexperienced persons?

    A tough one. My opinion is that education and responsibility are key in the current eSports world.

    Everyone involved in eSports must take the responsibility for the impact that their actions have on other people. It is of utmost importance that individuals recognise their limits, there is nothing wrong about asking for help; especially when your decisions will have an impact on others.

    Often there are times were you meet individuals who are too arrogant to recognise their downfalls, they may be in a position that's far beyond their competency. I've been in the industry long enough to say that time will serve you well (patience is a virtue). Just Remember to maintain your professional standards and you will soon rise above them, their lack of ability will soon become apparent to everyone else.

    Now, recognising ones limits is all well and good, but it's up to the organisations to help empower and develop their staff. They should provide educational guidance for: management, players and other staff members alike. Developing the people around you will improve their service to your business and ultimately; the eSports community.

    However, it is important to note that there are people out there who think that 'knowledge is power'. These people will attempt to hold their knowledge out of your reach so that they will remain ahead of you. Unfortunately, you'll always run into toxic individuals, but you should remember that if you do not share your know how (regardless of how you are treated) you will never develop either. You will become indispensable, a goal for some, but for those of you who want to move up the ranks, keep in mind that because nobody else has the skills to do what you do, you will remain fixed in your current position. Knowledge needs to be imparted onto others.

    Creating a knowledge culture within companies is extremely important. Nowadays people don't tend to stay in the same position forever. When someone walks out the door, their knowledge walks out with them. This will leave a gaping hole in any management team and could spell disaster for any up and coming organisation.

    Encourage people to share their knowledge!

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    Chapter 1

    It was a calm New Orleans night, the moon was a dark shade of gray high in the sky there were only a few stars out that could be seen. Standing at the corner under a lone street lamp, stood a man just watching as people passed by talking on cell phones or listening to their MP3’s. Unnoticed he started walking the French Quarter towards the Saint Louis Cemetery, to anyone else Darius Drake seemed like a normal ordinary 23 year old guy short black hair eyes as blue as the sea with a slight red tint around the iris. There was a certain edge to him that kept people at a distance but none the less he seemed normal to the outsiders that looked on, except he has a dark secret one that has been plaguing him for years.

    As he reached the gate to the cemetery’s entrance he pauses and stares at a couple walking by holding hands, a sudden sadness hits him as a single tear falls from his eye he remembers a time long ago a time of happiness. As he turns and walks into the cemetery he walks down a stone path weathered with age a path that he’s walked countless times in the past, as he passes new gravestones he looks on down the path seeing it change from new to old tombs he’s entered the oldest part of the cemetery where the above ground tombs and crypts lie. There at the end of the path lies a tomb and atop the tomb stand a statue of an angel with its hand outstretched towards the heavens, as he gets closer to the tomb the sadness overtakes him again a pain he feels in his heart a thing he thought long dead. The tomb reads Emma Drake loving wife there is another name which is covered by dirt so Darius wipes with the end of his shirt sleeve revealing another name and at the sight of the name he falls to his knees it reads William Drake beloved son. He stares at both names the sorrow and pain hits him once more, he closes his eyes and as he opens them he stares out over a huge plantation acres long as he standing there on the porch he’s watching a small boy no older then 2 playing with a wooden horse.

    As Darius watches his son William play he hears footsteps behind him as he turned he sees in the doorway of the house a beautiful woman no older then 22 with long blonde hair as fair as silk, blue eyes that are like looking at the sky, with skin so fair. Darius smiles and thinks how he’s the luckiest man alive he walks towards her and takes her in his arms and kisses her so passionately and lovingly. When he opens his eyes he’s back at the cemetery staring at the tomb he stands and puts down a small wooden horse atop the tomb, as he lets go of the toy he closes his eyes again but when he opens them this time he’s walking in the door of his house he calls out “Emma my love I’m home” nothing is said back he walk around the corner towards the parlor when he’s hit by a strong smell of copper suddenly he’s hit with fear cause he realizes that its not copper he’s smelling its blood. He runs into the parlor he pauses and falls to his knees there on the floor in front of him lies a body on their stomach he is paralyzed with fear as he reaches to turn the body over he is whispering “please lord not my Emma” as the face comes into view he screams at the top of his lungs “No!!!” There lying in a pool of blood is Emma his wife her throat is torn open and blood is pouring out, he pulls her into his arms crying when suddenly terror hits him where is his son.

    Darius gets up and runs throughout the house screaming for William but no response as he reaches Williams room he’s hit with that coppery smell he pauses as he opens his son’s door to see there, lying in his sons bed a beaten and bloody body of a child he falls to his knees with pain he reaches for the body of his son but can not bring himself to touch the body, he moves a lock of hair from the boys face and breaks down and he puts his head in his hands and starts crying again. When he lifts his head this time he is back at the cemetery staring at the tomb of his wife and son. There is more dirt covering up writing under their names he wipes the dirt away to reveal the full engraving on the tomb it fully reads Emma Drake loving wife born, 1784 died, 1806 William Drake beloved son born, 1804 died, 1806.

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    Alright so I've never written a blog before, and I wanted to do one to talk about landmark. With NDA being lifted so early into Alpha being released I just could not resist sharing my thoughts, opinions and creations! So lets get started.

    First off I purchased EQN Landmark (I know it just wasn't obvious enough), and I bought the Trailblazer package (Yeah I want my name in the credits, can you blame me?). Downloaded the game installed it, clicked play and bam a video. The video was about 20-30 minutes long and it was talking about how alpha works and how there will be glitches and how we should tell them about it, etc... All the standard alpha/beta release stuff.

    So game finally started and I'm looking at my claim item. Says to place it anywhere on the map. Except the entire map is covered in red indicating there are no available claim spots. Alright, server switch time, off to courage server! So here I am finally found myself a nice hill. I find that building stuff on a hill is much better. So I finally claim a hill for myself and I start thinking what can I do with all this space. And then it hits me, a castle! (Original I know, thank you I am quite proud of the idea. Nobody is going to think of that!)

    Ok, jokes aside, I need to start small so I can learn all the mechanics and all the stuff that I can do and I think castle will be a perfect learning curve. Alright so I've spent next few days mining and building the outer wall. I've also spent quite a few hours cleaning up my entire box of anything. You can see it in the image below, I have all that empty space to use.


    Something I didn't really think about but when I dug it all up and felt really happy about it, I realized I can't get out... Luckily I had just enough materials to build a way out. You can see the stairwell in the image above.

    Well that is it for now. Will keep you updated on my progress with the castle. I'm thinking of building giant wooden doors like Mordar has in Lord of the rings and have some big bulky quaggans from GW2 pull the gate just like the mountain trolls. What do you think?

    Until next time

  8. Welcome to the KICK.TV Invitational - Esports Changing?? - LIVE from NYC

    This past week (20th – 25th) I took part as a full time analysis professional at the KICK.TV Invitational where the largest FIFA YouTuber’s battled it out in order to claim a $10,000 1st place prize and the title as “Champion” in NYC. Last year, this event erupted with popularity across the community as the audience watched with anticipation as each match went LIVE on YouTube with the top FIFA content creators facing off on the big stage.

    The players attending this event:









    Wroetoshaw (W2S)

    Notorious (VG Winner)


    Zerka HD

    Rossi HD

    Tobias Gaming


    FIFA Playa

    My position with the event because of my personal background in the competitive FIFA scene was to laydown player previews / analysis of gameplay among the players in attendance. All the videos can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/KICKTVFIFA - I’m expecting uploads to start going live towards the beginning of this week and roll out continuously from that point forward….

    I wanted to showcase how “Esports” is a changing concept (Very Dynamic) depending on the audience for those different titles. FIFA is one of the largest selling titles each year worldwide and the community has expanded substantial amounts with the additional sales. In many titles there is an incredible fan base for “competitive” players, however in FIFA the players / event coordinators did a poor job of building up personal branding for those same individuals. This allowed for the vast amount of FIFA fans to look elsewhere and the development of FIFA YouTube came shortly after.

    This event included no competitive FIFA players outside of the “Subscriber Cup Winner” from Virgin Gaming. (Notorious) The YouTuber’s add a different approach to Esports where the focus is more on the individual as opposed to the individual’s gameplay. Watching these matches live at KICK.TV Studios made me think, “Is this the future of my genre??”

    FIFA gameplay in the competitive scene is so mistake free that it often leads to defensive matches between players attempting to outthink their opponents. This usually leads to low scoring matchups, because of the heavy possession / time control in each game. I obviously cannot speak about the results from the tournament, but this approach from KICK.TV makes huge strides in terms of viewership per match in the FIFA community scene.

    So what if KICK.TV ran a new type of Esports? The most popular game mode in FIFA 14 is actually known as FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) where players construct squads based on team chemistry with the usage of an open market that updates with real life football (soccer). FUT has never been used on the competitive side because of the unlimited customization and more unrealistic quicker games speed.

    I leave this for thought… What is your definition of Esports?? What makes an Esport… an Esport?

    For Daily FIFA Tips YouTube – Regular Banter Twitter – Pictures Facebook

  9. I sit here, keyboard at my fingertips, and I'm trying to find the words to describe my last 7 days in L.A. Surely, going from looking at a sun soaked valley, to an iced stained window has its saddening attributes.

    "Of all the things that wisdom provides for living one's entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship." -Epicurus*. I cannot stress this idea more, finding people to truthfully call a friend is hard to come by. For me personally, I had never really experienced true friendship until now. Most of my past was filled with fizzled friendships which explains my inability to take something at face value. I hope this sheds some light on why I avoid people. I hope you didn't take it to heart, as my questioning as to what is implied in conversation drives me to insanity. Jerry was able to figure this out after asking me one single question,"Who do you consider to be your best friend?". I really didn't have an answer for this, I could not think of one person whom I've ever thought as a best friend. Before vVv gaming, I preferred a life of solitude as human interaction was as tedious for me as someone might feel when writing lines for bad behavior. Which explains why I always avoid petty conversation.

    Small talk was probably the thing I hated the most. Due to its way of focusing on what people thought was socially right to say; rather than discussing about themselves or ideas. As a child, I tried creating conversations about ideas or about things learned. To my dismay, most kids and even parents thought I was a "know it all". I then understood that the discussion of ideas wasn't for everyone. So I spent most of my years in quiet solitude. Surprisingly, the small talk coming from people who are true to themselves is quite interesting.

    What the vVv gaming HQ has shown me is that small talk between close friends is a way to find and explore more about each other. To laugh at each others quirks and help fix each others poor attributes. I believe vVv Gaming within itself is an extension of that.

    Over the last week, my activity with the community has increased. I can say, I'm interested in how other people feel and interact. I enjoy helping others complete their goals and make something of nothing. What I didn't realize over the course of my lifetime is that I have a lot of empathy at my disposal. I'm able to sympathize with almost anyone, thinking of why they may feel this way or have done that. But as with my love for ideas, asking someone questions of why they are feeling a certain way and giving advice isn't within their best interest. So yes, most of my skills where for deeper human interaction then what was socially acceptable. The only way for me to actually use these abilities is when someone consciously comes to ask help from me.

    The trip was definitely an enlightening one, not because of the hot California sun, but of Jerry's ability to really show who I really was. I hope, that by reading this you come to understand the impact that the people here at vVv gaming have on us. Take every opportunity vVv gaming gives you, it will be a rewarding journey for anyone brave enough to take the first step.

    Good Luck in your vVv Gaming travels!

    If ever you need to run an idea by someone, you know where to look. :)

    * pg.73 in "The Essential Epicurius" by Eugene O'Conor

  10. chapter 4 (David)

    Blood was running everywhere, covering the walls and the floors. Amy was staring at him screaming for help as he saw someone trying to grab her. "NOOO!" and in that instant she was bit and he couldn't stop it from happening nor save her. The room began to darken and in a flash the image of more blood was splattered everywhere as his mom's face began to fill his vision. The look of the lifeless eyes staring at him and in the moment of pure pain she fell to the ground and whispered, "you're the only one that can stop this." David couldn't take it anymore and screamed in his dream causing him to sit up straight screaming in reality.

    "It was only just a dream," David kept muttering to himself. Sweat was running down his face and his breathing was more ragged. He looked around and noticed he was in his room by himself. Amy was no where to be seen. Pulling himself out of his bed he looked over at the alarm clock, 3:00 a.m. He turned over seeing a suitcase already filled with his things. "Amy must of woken up and packed for him" He thought to himself. He went over to his drawers and pulled out fresh clothes, changing into them then heading out of his room. He walked down the hallway and saw Amy who was on the couch in the living room staring out the window lost in thought.

    "Heard you scream, you ok?" Trey came up behind him pulling more luggage with him. David blushed a little in embarrassment that everyone heard him scream. Trey snickered and pulled the rest of the luggage into the living room. Amy finally turned around tarring her eyes away from the window and walked over to David. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and tip toed to whisper in his ear, "I had another one."

    David could never really piece together what Amy would say. But ever since she was able to talk she would randomly stare in the distance blankly and begin mutter strange things. Sometimes it would be a language he didn't even know, but he was pretty sure it was gibberish. But then at other times it would always include him and someone else. She would always mutter, death, must win, and the demon. But yet he never knew what that met. Amy punched him in the arm snapping him out of his thought process and pulled on his sleeve. "David this time I got more," she turned to make sure know one was looking, "Its only happening in this state like a bubble and know one can escape."he looked at her dumbfounded and had nothing to say. Amy just kept looking at me as if she was serious. "What do you mean?" he finally asked. "I don't know, I just saw a bubble," Amy finally looked away, "lets go help Trey."

    We all walked over picking up some luggage and carrying them out to the car. Its nice that we had a truck big enough to hold all our luggage. Its quite common to see trucks here down in Kansas. We finished loading up the truck as John walked out the house. John was acting slower then normal and a little sluggish. David instantly took notice and moved closer to Amy. "You able to drive?" David helped Amy into the truck. John pretty much just growled and stepped in to the front seat of the truck, bringing the truck to life. Trey moved over and got into the passenger side leaving David and Amy in the back seat.

    The truck rolled back as john turned the truck to take off. David looked out the window as he saw his neighbors, or use to be neighbors walking around stumbling and moaning. Every time he saw a little kid he would turn back to Amy was sitting there just twiddling her thumbs in concentration. The truck was very quiet except for Johns constant coughing. They finally made it halfway out the city when a wheezing sound was escaping Johns mouth.

    The truck began to swerve a little as they entered a tunnel. John was coughing more and more and soon he couldn't stop himself and turned the wheel completely causing the truck to nearly flip. The truck skidded to a stop as a loud pop sound came from the tires. The engine then began to smoke as the truck died on itself. David quickly jumped out the truck bringing Amy with him. Trey jumped out as well as everyone backed away from the Truck. John unbuckled his seat belt and opened the door collapsing onto the ground. He looked up at David with pain stricken eyes. John stood up and held onto the car for support, "Come here," he looked dead eye at David. "No" and David took a step back.

    John began to laugh uncontrollably and looked at Amy. "Then you come here," Amy only whimpered and scooted back. "DAMMIT I SAID COME HERE!" and with that john whipped out the gun and shot upwards. John was huffing more not even paying attention to his step kids. "What the hell is wrong with you?" David held on closer to Amy, backing up into Trey. "Put the gun down," Trey tried to calm their step dad down. John just kept coughing and collapsed back to the floor. That's when David noticed he was coughing up blood and it wasn't red. "You were bit and didn't tell us," David was fuming. "You could've killed us all," rage began to boil within him. "Like I care what happens to you guys now, you're not even my kids."

    That felt like a slap in the face to David. "Fu..." was all he was able to say as he heard Amy scream. David turned to where Amy was looking to see a hoard of the dead stumbling towards them. He ran over to John and yanked the gun out of his hands and aimed for the hoard. BAM, BAM, but it was no good there were to many of them. "RUN!" Trey yelled, but there was no way out on the other side of the tunnel were more of them closing in. Amy ran up to David and hugged him tightly. Trey moved closer to John, since he passed out. "What do we do?" Trey kept turning his head back and fourth.

    David couldn't think of anything as the dead kept moving in from both sides. He fell to the ground lost without hope and began to mutter out dammit. That moment was when a loud engine began to fill the tunnel along with the moaning and groaning of the dead. A Big truck equipped with spikes plowed through the Dead and a young girl about David's age jumped out. She whipped out a shotgun and popped two of the dead in the head. "Well don't just stand there get in!" She yelled. David hopped up and ran towards the truck with Amy already climbing in and Trey following close behind. The girl hopped back in the truck with them and hollered out, "DRIVE" and the truck took off. David was breathing hard as he turned back seeing the hoard dive in on Johns lifeless body.

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    Another year and boy how things have changed. Some people know about some don't. A year ago I lived in darkness. Believing that hope and dreams were both impossible and unobtainable. I didn't think any of my friends were real, that anything anyone said was true, that any of my smiles were fake. In February of last year I was hospitalized for self harm. Believing the only thing that pain was my only comfort when I messed up. Diagnosed with clinical depression. Though the hospital did help it was still an uphill battle for me. Every day for many months was trying to find a reason I deserved to exist. Those months of darkness though slowly the light started to return. I realized many things that simply I was blinded too.

    I learned who my true friends were and what they really meant to me. That no matter what they are there even if it's just to make me smile and laugh with them for a day. That I will always have them and my family who will have my back even when I make mistakes. My mistakes that I make are no longer something that keep me down, but how I learn. I'm not perfect no one is. Though coming from a place where I didn't believe that I could have a real smile, it's nice to have a real one.

    I wanted to share this with my fellow vVv members for a few reasons. First I wanted to say thank you. When I was down here I made an entry wondering if I should just resign and quit being part of this community. What I got wasn't what I thought. I got others who offered an ear and help, something I didn't think would happen. For me this place is a family as well as community. I remember back when I first joined I was nervous as hell to be honest. I never thought it would come to the day when I would actually be staff, which I couldn't help but smile all day. That's why I needed to say thanks. Also, I notice a few people on here who seem down like I was. This is my offer to you if you do need just someone to listen go ahead and contact me. A way of me giving back what was offered me before. Here's to many more awesome times with vVv no matter the branch. Good luck in all you're gaming.


    I may not be the best at words but for those of you out there who seem to be down or loosing hope. The road ahead of you may seem dark, but don't focus on how dark it is. Focus on the light no matter how small.

  11. gallery_5702_612_51042.png

    With the start of the new season comes the dreaded placement matches. A place where all your hopes and dreams get crushed... or will they? The following kit will give you the tools you need to survive the treacherous journey ahead. In this kit, you will find tips on optimizing for the win, champion selection and minimizing risk.

    Optimizing for the Win

    As humans, we have a limited amount of focus. Optimizing for the win means focusing on what will bring you the greatest chance of success. When we begin to focus on negative events, we OPTIMIZE for the loss. Do NOT confuse this with ignoring negative information. Such as, an on-coming gank or a tank focusing your adc. What follows, is where you decide to put your FOCUS. Do you focus on, “well, my adc sucks” or focus on HOLY SHIT my adc is getting slapped in the face and I need to go help him! Optimize for the positive outcome. Lingering on “what ifs” and “bad teammates” will only make you frustrated and cause you to make mistakes. Optimizing for the win means focusing on actions that will help you help your teammates do better.

    Pff, that wasn't even close!


    Champion Selection

    In order to avoid making mistakes in champion select, being prepared for most negative circumstances, and having a diverse champion pool is a must. Aim to be proficient in at least 2 champions for every role. This is the most IMPORTANT tool in your kit, without it, you will be very fragile to trolls, and other unfortunate circumstances.

    Minimizing Risk

    Find a partner in crime. The buddy system is an effective way to overcome personal slumps and misgivings. Having a buddy to rely on to help each other up when the going gets tough will save you many a match. But the buddy system has much more to offer beyond minimizing your risk. It will make leading a team easier and open up opportunities for more complex and game changing plays.

    Be WARNED, make sure you can rely on your partner. Simply because a friend is able to pubstomp in one game, does not mean he will do so for the remainder. Consistency is key and aim for those that make as few MISTAKES as possible. While also having an ability to either lead or follow the team. Make sure to find a reliable buddy before going on your ranked journey. Some criteria include;

    • How cool headed are they?
    • Do they take unnecessary risks?
    • Do they play the blame game?
    • Can they take criticism?
    • Can they follow or lead a team?
    • Do you enjoy playing with them?

    An example of a duo's unlocked potential at leading teams:


    While these tools won't guarantee better placements, they will help you play a better and more consistent game.

    Being robust to change is key to overcoming the woes of Ranked play.

    Good Luck!


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    Take a moment a scan over this link


    While the media Bashes how gaming is bad for you and is harmful to the body and mind , Is gaming really that bad for you ? In my opinion gaming can actually help you in many ways . Gaming can open doors you may never thought would be there. When I started gaming I only dreamed of going to an MLG Event much less placing top 40 at one . Without gaming I would never have met many of the friends I have now , I have a friend In Just about every state you can think of , Maybe not Alaska . I have also learned that you don't have to be the best to win , Just have the best Internet or a LAG switch I kid I kid. . Gaming also teaches that there is a higher goal and with strict practice and focus you can get there , You must have self discipline and Passion to get better and you can achieve anything .(and Alot of GFuel to get you through those late night practices ) . The gaming industry now makes more money than Hollywood. And Who ever said that there's no money in gaming ? , Next time a jock laughs at you calling you a nerd just remember someones gotta buy the game you make.

    Not exactly an essay just some thoughts

  12. B Easy
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    “The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back.” ~Abigail Van Buren

    We meet new people every single day, and we get to know people that are already in our lives better every day. When we first meet people we generally judge them on one of two things: their looks or their personality. Personality is something that we have all become experts at seeing and reading. Whether a person is funny, introverted, extroverted, shy, energetic, optimistic, confident, lazy, pessimistic, or bubbly we know that and we can generally see that within moments of meeting someone. When we come to the conclusion that an individual has any of these personality traits it is usually because we have amassed a good amount of information about that person and are generally right about them.

    Character is different and is something that cannot be determined on such short notice. The character traits of an individual take much longer to reveal themselves. These traits include honesty, virtue, kindness, and loyalty. Character traits come from a combination of beliefs, virtues, and morals. Generally these are instilled in us as children, and while they can change from time to time as we grow and mature, often times the character traits we learn as children stick with us throughout our lives.

    For some people this can be a good thing. Being a kind, loyal, and honest person is something that any person should feel proud to carry with them from the time of being a young child until the day they die. It is when someone does not learn these good character traits as children and they grow up without them that we end up with such a mixed bag throughout our society today.

    I have actually lost track of the number of friends I have lost in my lifetime, most of which have been the result of poor character on their part. I cannot place all of the blame on others, because I know I have both personality and character flaws of my own, but loyalty to my friends has never been one of those flaws for me. I have always been loyal to my friends, almost to a fault at times. There can certainly be a point where one can become too loyal which results in being almost overbearing, which I am certainly guilty of.

    I could spend every day with my friends; I couldn't spend every day with all of them because we all naturally would get sick of our friends if we saw them every single day. I could spend a lot of time with them though and live an extremely happy life because of that; loyalty does not run that deep with everyone though. I have had 3 or 4 different periods in my life where I thought I had the best friend a guy could ever ask for. Then in an instant those friendships became obsolete, mostly without explanation.

    This brings up another character flaw that many people suffer with: honesty. It can be hard to be honest with people, especially people that we really care about. Sometimes people will let their lack of honesty come in the way of a great friendship or even a loving relationship because they are just unable to say what needs to be said. As I said before, I have been overbearing as a friend before, I recognized that fault of mine. I had to come to that realization on my own, because the friends that felt that way never could be up front and honest enough about it with me to tell me. So while often times I would and still do occasionally sit around and beat myself up over lost friendships that I may have contributed to the destruction of, I cannot beat myself up over the character flaws of other people.

    I can only work on myself as an individual, which is what everyone should strive to do every single day. Strive to become a better person, and strive to build character traits that other people dream of finding in a friend. You may lose friends along the way, and it will be hard when that happens. The important thing is to stick to your guns because if you believe you have strong character and that you are truly a good person, others will see that, and the ones that do see it and really appreciate it could become the best friends that you could ever ask for. Never let the negative character flaws in another individual dictate your life and the way you choose to live; make people acknowledge and respect the positive character traits that you have developed over your lifetime.

    “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ~ John Wooden

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    I was only 4 at the time when my family and I were stationed in Guam. I live with my grandparents and at the time my grandpa was active duty. A little bit about Guam when I was there at the time is that it was always warm. Since Guam is out in the tropical ocean storms tend to role in from time to time. The beach was only 5 mins away from my house. And you knew practically everyone from how small the island is. Well I have two little experiences from this small island.

    I wasn't going to complain about staying here. It was nice and warm and I made plenty of friends. Well see Guam isn't that far from Japan I suppose. so we saw quite a bit of Japanese people here. Before we got our temporary home we stayed at a hotel where this one Japanese lady took a liking to me. I guess she just loved children or something. But each and every single day she would stop by and give me a present. Between stuffed animals to candy to little knick knacks. This went on for a year and as a little child I wasn't going to stop her.

    Another thing to know when I was younger I was a reckless child. Always trying to do things I probably cant do. Well at the time my Grandpa was deployed out, it was probably a month into it. When I started to miss him. Its never fun not knowing what's going on with someone you cant contact that you care about. Well at the time a storm was rolling in. But this storm turned out to be a typhoon. Depending on how long the typhoon has been out in the ocean is how strong it is when it hits land. Well this one turned out to be a category 5 typhoon. Now I don't remember how much I weighed but I was pretty light at 4. Well I believe that second wave of winds which are the strongest was when I decided to make my move. I simply was feeling very alone not knowing where my grandpa was, so I simply walked outside. I only made it about maybe 5 steps when I noticed something. My feet weren't on the ground. Yep, I was actually beginning to be lifted off by the typhoon. This only lasted for about 5 seconds though when someone reach up and grabbed me. I was pulled back in dripping wet from being outside and the door was wide open still. That's when we heard a big cracking sound and saw part of a tree hit the spot I was just in. Me being reckless almost made a bad accident happen. And for some reason that experience will never leave me since I can still remember it so clearly. Sometimes things will just always stay with you.

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    I'm not quite sure if anyone has noticed, but my blogs have stopped. I haven't lost hope or motivation, but I have not been able to sit down at my computer very much. The holidays are absolutely destroying me schedule wise. 40 hrs a workweek + family coming and going non-stop has put a halt to my blog writing.

    League weekly will be back. I will pick up right where I left off with s4 changes. Once the holidays clear up I'm going to be writing with renewed vigor, so get ready.

  14. Lots of roster changes to the teams in the Competitive Ghost scene...Who made the best changes? Whos looking to be on top now?

    I have mixed feelings about who will be on top. Ive always liked Parisite, but not sure if there roster changes are gona work...it looks like Impact all over again. and everyone knows the problems they had before.

    What about Optic? Or Envyus? Or Complexity?

    Should be interesting for sure for the up-coming tournament at UMG Philly.

    Things always change for sure. What does everyone think?

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    Its Happened... Zombies are real, Get ready people i told you they were coming!

    So this is the 4th Zombie Report i am posting, with some very very scary news! a Biologist creates "Zombie Cells" in a lab today, I think they said he works for umbrella but don't quote me on that! But not only do we now have zombies being created, BUT as quoted in the article

    "The silica replicants can survive greater pressures and temperatures than flesh, and perform many functions better than the original cells did when alive."

    They are making super zombies! With this statement we know that the zombie Apocalypse wont be of "the dead" series kind I.E Land of the dead, day of the dead, etc. But more like resident evil zombies, which is way scarier! People be scared because the lead researcher Bryan Kaehr is.

    "Our zombie cells bridge chemistry and biology to create forms that not only near-perfectly resemble their past selves, but can do future work," he said, terrifyingly....

    Terrifyingly!! He know what he's doing is dooming us all but he can't not. Because who doesn't want to see how they would do in a zombie apocalypse. Good luck everyone i hope we all make it.

    To check out the Video and article head here

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    As we all know we all started at the same place at one point of time or another. And as for myself I am still in this same place. My names Soraya “Vall” Soule and I’m a vVv applicant. I’ve never seen such an organization reach out forth towards there “apps” to help them strive to obtain their own set of V’s. I can gladly say for myself that I am clearly enjoying the experience. The amount of members you get to meet as well as the other applicants is really amazing. I can clearly say vVv treats their community like a family. Each day I get to come home and enjoy the rest of the night with the community playing 8’s and or just playing a game in general. I feel very comfortable and able to express myself in my own way around everyone. Least to say I have a ton of fun.

    Now as an applicant it’s not all about applying and hoping to get in. I can clearly see that for myself. As an “app” Members of the community want to see how you can apply value to vVv. They don’t want to just give V’s away to people who won’t put forth the effort. This can be done numerous of ways whether it be streaming, being a GFX artist, or etc. Also as an applicant it’s greatly appreciated to stay active in the forums. This is a good way to meet more members and other applicants as well as get some information across. As an applicant the community also wants to see if you’re willing to support the organization you’re trying to be a part of. This also includes supporting the sponsors too. This is achieved by through social media and supporting the vVv teams. And it’s not such a bad idea to wear the vVv gear too. Lastly if you ever have an issue with another member or applicant is to first discuss it with them in private. The last thing everyone needs a little drama here and there. And if that doesn’t work then your next option is to contact a staff member. From there they will help you. The things I’ve mention hear all follow under the guidelines of the 5 pillars. This is something that applicants and members look up to.

    It’s really not that bad in my mind.

    As expressed applicants have a pretty decent wait time before they even get the chance to go in for an interview. But why is that you suppose? Well it seems to me that the community wants to see how you progress along side of vVv. How you’re applying yourself to the community. Also to see how you get along with others and how active you are. It’s understandable to a point. To be honest sometimes I think the longer the wait the more bored you get and start to lose interest. But then you have to think there are other applicants also. But honestly I’m fine with the wait.

    Lastly applicants are on the lookout for endorsements. As for myself I have not acquired one yet, but you can’t let yourself down. Endorsements are like shout outs in my opinion honestly. But it’s a shout out with detailed answers along with it. This helps along with the application process and may shorten the time. But that doesn’t mean go around asking for them. You have to earn them and if the members endorsing you think you’re ready.

    Now I’ve gotten to have a couple one on one’s with an applicant and a member and ask about their experience as an applicant.


    1. What is your name? And why did you decide to apply for vVv?

    My nickname is CJ. And I’ve been watching vVv on Game battles and streams and I saw one of their players and I got invited by one of the community members and got to play with them and from then on I’ve wanted to join.

    2. How would you say you are adding Value to vVv?

    I’m a player that’s always on always willing to play with other members even though I’m not the best player. I’m still trying to get better.

    3. If anything what advice would you give to your fellow applicants?

    Post on the forums and play with other members that are on. And also try to do something different something like blogs something that would make you noticeable.

    @vVv Bizkit

    1. What is your name? And why did you decide to apply for vVv?

    Theodere Anthony “Bizkit” Molling

    2. As a member already can you give a brief description on what it was like being an applicant?

    When I was an applicant it was very different from how you guys value experience now. Value then was based on much social media and how much activity you had. It was fun and I enjoyed it as well.

    3. If anything what advice would you give to your fellow applicants?

    The advice Id give to applicants now is, think outside the box. We all think of ideas everyday but the ones that are different from the rest is what we look for. Think about how you can make the biggest impact on vVv whether you entertain, educate, and/or dominate.