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      We have moved to Discord   08/04/2016

      There has been a strong desire among the community to migrate to Discord for quite some time. As of today, our community will be using Discord and as a result, we will no longer be actively using our TeamSpeak Server.  The TeamSpeak server will temporarily stay active to help inform all of our move to Discord. Within the next couple of months, it will be shut down completely.  For a quick invite to our new Discord server, you can click here.  
      For a full detailed guide visit http://www.vVv-Gaming.com/Discord
    • vVv Bagzli

      New Supersonic Series Start Time   10/17/2016

      We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent survey regarding the start time of our tournaments.  After reviewing responses from the survey sent out to tournament participants we have decided to make changes to the start time of our events to try to better accommodate everyone.  Beginning on Monday, October 24th, all of our tournaments will start an hour earlier - at 8PM Eastern.  This means that registration will close at 7:30 EST, and that check-in starts at 7:30 EST and closes at 7:45 EST.


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  • Magicmooch

    BlizzCon Americas Championship Qualifier - Heroes of the Storm

    By Magicmooch

    This weekend marks the next stage in the 2015 Road to BlizzCon Heroes of the Storm World Championship. China already punched in their two tickets to BlizzCon for eStar Gaming and Team YL, it’s now time to focus on the Americas Championship. The 2015 Americas Championship is being held September 19-20 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Teams from all over North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Australia & New Zealand will come together to battle it out in the Nexus for top glory and a trip to BlizzCon.   The group stage of the tournament is different than most group stages out there. According to Reddit User eSportsMatt (Blizzard eSports Coordinator) the group stage can be considered “a double elimination bracket with a twist”. Reddit user TheBrillo made a chart that gives a nice breakdown here:     In Group A, the first matches will consist of Tempo Storm vs Murloc Geniuses and Immunity vs Cloud 9. The winner of each match will move onto the “Winner’s Finals” of Group A and the losers go to the “Elimination Game” with the loser exiting the tournament. The winner of “Winner’s Finals” moves onto one side of the playoff bracket, loser drops to the “Lower Finals” where they will face the winner of the “Elimination Game” with the loser taking their exit. Winner of the “Lower Finals” moves onto the complete other side of the playoff bracket from their group-mate.   The same format takes place in Group B with the first matches taking place after the Group A elimination game. The matchups for Group B are Relics vs COGnitive and Furious Gaming vs Complexity. Saturday ends with both Group A and Group B Winner’s Finals taking place. Sunday begins with both group’s Lower Finals, with the Grand Final taking place the same day. The tournament will be a Best of 3 format throughout with the exception of the Grand Finals which will be a Best of 5.   Winner takes home a share of the $100,000 USD prize purse; $40,000 to first place, $24,000 to second place, and 3rd-4th taking home $12,000 each. Along with the prize money the top two teams will get their tickets punched to BlizzCon on November 6-7th. Action starts Saturday, 10am Pacific Time on the official Blizzard Heroes of the Storm Twitch Channel (link).  
    Let's meet the teams competing this weekend, starting with Group A.  
    Tempo Storm (North America)
    Dreadnaught - Support (Captain) Arthelon - Carry
    So1dier - Tank Kaeyoh - Carry
    Zuna - Flex  
    Tempo Storm are the unofficial powerhouse of the North America region. They qualified for the HWC Americas Championship back in June with their first place finish but then went on to finish first in the next two opens in July and August as well. As a matter of fact in the last 10 majors/minors Tempo Storm has gone on to place first in 8 of them and only dropped to 2nd place for the ones they didn't place first, pretty impressive stuff. You can thank the "star-studded" roster that Tempo Storm has managed to gather over the course of the young esports' life. Some of you may remember Arthelon as a solo queue monster in League of Legends. Some of the older players might remember him from a time before LCS when he played on teams like Monomaniac Esports and Meat Playground. Although Arthelon's League career did not amount to much, he is not unfamiliar with the idea of professionalism that is needed in an infant esport like Heroes of the Storm.   As for more star-power a lot of people will look at Zuna and ask "Hey, is that the guy from...." yes, it is. Zuna, former AD Carry of team Vulcan and XDG is no stranger either when it comes to esports. Playing on Vulcan, a team who finished 3rd in both the 2013 League of Legends LCS Spring and Summer splits, and later on XDG before the team was ultimately relegated only to never return. Despite this, Zuna showed that he can be a big time player in big time situations. Tempo Storm's victorious run can be credited to him. After Zuna joined the team on May 21st, Tempo Storm began their NA domination.
    It isn’t all about the star power though. Dreadnaught, captain of the team, has shown a top notch Pick/Ban phase in almost all of their matchups. So1dier and Kaeyoh are also extremely talented and this team as a whole seems to be the favorite going into this weekend’s tournament.  
    Cloud 9 (North America)
    DunkTrain – Support (Captain) KingCaffeine – Tank
    iDream – Carry K1pro – Flex
    Fan – Carry  
    Cloud 9 is another North American power that has shown some consistency in their lifetime. Although, usually taking 2nd place while Tempo Storm takes first, they are still a force to be reckoned with. Consisting of the roster formerly known as Cloud 9 Maelstrom, who after qualifying in July, dissolved Cloud 9 Vortex and unified under the singular Cloud 9 banner.   Boasting a roster of Heroes veterans, they are no strangers to the tournament scene as well. After placing first in last year’s BlizzCon exhibition tournament, Cloud 9 had a lot to replace after the departure of Zuna, Jintae, and Kenma. On July 30th, Cloud 9 settled on the roster (shown above) and has shown promise since. After the team changes, Cloud 9 has been a consistent top 3 threat in North America, winning the latest Heroes Major League hosted by ESL.   With this young and promising roster, Cloud 9 is looking to secure one of the two spots for BlizzCon in hopes of accomplishing their championship dreams.  
    Murloc Geniuses (North America)
    Faye – Carry CauthonLuck – Carry
    MadTiimmy – Support (Captain) Equinox – Flex
    Fury - Tank  
    Formerly of the team Evil Geniuses in the 2014 BlizzCon Heroes of the Storm show match, MG has gone through a lot of changes since April 1st. Coined “The Challengers” by Josh Bury of theScore eSports (http://www.thescoreesports.com/news/2383) the roster was acquired by Zeveron before the June/July/August NA Open events. Before the August Open, Zeveron disbanded and once again took up the name Murloc Geniuses. Although one of the top 5 teams in North America, MG have not had much in the way of success as of late. More or less “backing into” the America Qualifiers as the last NA spot because the teams ahead of them had already placed; first place Tempo Storm, second place Cloud 9, and Complexity finishing 3rd.   Despite the team changes and struggles throughout 2015, MG are looking to have a strong showing and hopefully make it out of Group A.  
    Team Immunity (Australia)
    Shy – Carry (Captain) Robadobah – Tank
    Sashin – Flex Naeiou – Flex
    Enalgon - Support  
    Team Immunity, unifying after their victory in the AU & NZ qualifiers (formerly Immunity White), are the champions of the AU & NZ region and are looking to represent the two Pacific Island nations in Las Vegas. While the team itself is fairly new, and the region itself is substantially weaker than the world as a whole, Team Immunity bring a fairly interesting playstyle to the Storm. Having two preferred Flex players versus the standard two carries that we see from other western teams brings an interesting element to their game. Being able to rotate roles of a Specialist/Carry on two members means Team Immunity can adapt quickly in a Best of 3 scenario.   Can the Aussies make it out of groups and shock North America?   Group B  
    COGnitive Gaming (North America)
    Scylol – Tank Hospital – Carry (Captain)
    Iakona – Support Glaurung – Flex
    iVSlime – Carry  
    COGnitive Gaming (also known as COG) are no strangers to esports as an organization but are definitely new to the Heroes of the Storm scene. Having only acquired a roster in May, formerly known as “Shot and the Bullets: Reloaded”, the squad showed immediate promise finishing no worse than 3rd in their first 2 months together. Unfortunately after the MSI MGA 2015 Americas Qualifier the team has fallen off in terms of performance, finishing no better than 3rd. With the roster moving to San Jose, CA with apartments close by and a practice area in between them, the team has an easier way to build in-person communication which can be huge for any new lineup. The team’s hyper-aggressive style has been a treat to viewers while sometimes being a detriment to the team as well. Despite their shortcomings, the team is looking to be a favorite coming out of Group B due to their style and their practice regiment.   Is this the tournament that COG makes a resurgence and takes a top spot to prove they are among NA’s elite?  
    compLexity (North America)
    Blinks – Support (Captain) Trummel – Carry
    CattlePillar – Tank H0ns – Flex
    Jaximus - Carry  
    compLexity Gaming. Another name that is very well known in the esports scene that jumps on the early HotS bandwagon. compLexity acquired the roster of “Barrel Boys” and saw a lot of success in the ESL weekly tournaments but failed to materialize any meaningful results in any monthly, minor, or major tournaments. After the departure of Erho to Stellar Lotus, the team took to Reddit to search for a replacement. Jaximus contacted the team for a tryout and was immediately a great fit for the squad.   With the addition of Jaximus the coL squad is looking stronger than ever. They are looking to make a big splash at this weekend’s event.  
    Relics (Singapore)
    Revenant – Flex Mirr – Flex
    Trinity – Flex Relyzer – Flex
    Zeys – Support  
    The Southeast Asian qualifier, coming out of Singapore, is Relics. They are a relatively unknown name in the Western scene, pulled off an impressive performance in the SEA Qualifiers by not dropping a single game until the Grand Finals, taking out Philippines Champion Bibingka 2-1. The squad also has a lot of interesting play styles. According to GosuGamers, all players not named Zeys played some combination of a Carry, Specialist, Warrior, or Tank hero in their 6 tournament wins. So what does this mean? Well it means Relics are an unpredictable squad with an obvious amount of talent. Will their wild playstyle result in a spot at BlizzCon?  
    Furious Gaming (Argentina)
    Nittt – Flex Megalomaniac – Tank (Captain)
    Kobu – Support Malheven – Carry
    DEUS – Carry  
    Furious Gaming have a very interesting story on how they got to the Americas Championship. They actually finished 3rd at the Copa America Championships last month, Brave Ozone took the top spot for the Latin America region. Unfortunately, Brave Ozone had visa issues and could not attend. In steps Furious Gaming, known for their Starcraft II clan, to try to grab a spot at BlizzCon.   Unlike North America teams, Furious Gaming love their specialists and will focus on hard pushing and gaining an early lead to stomp out their opponent.   Predictions:   Group A   For me, it’s an easy decision who is going to make it out of group stages in Group A. While Murloc Geniuses and Team Immunity are strong in their own right, I do not think they can hold a candle to Tempo Storm’s impressive Pick/Ban and Cloud 9’s team play.
    Winner’s FInals: Tempo Storm vs Cloud 9
    In the North America July Open Tempo Storm showed to be very strong, beating Cloud 9 2-0. Cloud 9, at the time Cloud 9 Maelstrom, was able to first pick away Zuna’s Zeratul in game 1 but unfortunately the “Double Mage” comp of Tempo Storm was too much to handle. Game 2 saw Cloud 9 ban out Zeratul and Tempo Storm ban out Jaina, but again Tempo Storm was too much to handle. I expect Tempo Storm to be the Group A first seed.
    Elimination Game: Immunity vs Murloc Geniuses
    Despite Immunity’s promise as a squad, MG just have too much experience under their belt to worry much about Immunity. MG moves on 2-1 to the Lower Finals.     Lower Finals: Cloud 9 vs Murloc Geniuses
    The last time these two teams met in tournament play only once before back when MG was known as Zeveron and C9 as C9 Maelstrom. It was a close set in the opening round of the tournament and both teams have shown improvement since then. I give the favorable edge to Cloud 9 in this one based off of player skill alone. Cloud 9 grabs the second seed out of Group A with a 2-1 victory.  
    Group B   This one is a bit closer. COGnititve is an impressive team. They had a lot of time to prepare so I expect them to come out guns blazing in their opening group game versus Relics. Furious Gaming is a bit of an unknown, and for what it’s worth, shouldn’t technically be here anyways. There is also the big question mark about compLexity’s new carry in Jaximus. Will he be able to bring is League of Legends skill into Heroes or is there still a lot of learning to do?
    Winner’s Finals: COGnitive vs compLexity
    These teams have met twice before this tournament, the NA July Open and the NA August Open with both teams winning a game. Expect this to be one of the closest games of the group stage by far as both teams are fairly close in skill level and strategy. coL still has a new lineup at the end of the day and because of this I give COG the win in this very close series 2-1 and matching up against Cloud 9 in the bottom half of the playoff bracket.
    Elimination Game: Relics vs Furious Gaming
    Poor Furious Gaming. I mean, they were able to go to Las Vegas which is awesome. Unfortunately, the best finish they had was 3rd in a relatively weak region. Being that Relics is a bit of a wild card, I expect FG to bow out of the tournament in this game. Relic takes this series 2-0 and moves on to play compLexity in the Lower Finals.
    Lower Finals: Relics vs compLexity
    Relics has the potential to pull an upset here. Being a relatively unknown team they have the element of surprise with their line-up of mostly flex position players. Expect a closer series than the experts think. At the end of the day though, I have to pick coL winning 2-1 and facing Tempo Storm in the upper part of the playoff bracket.  
    Grand Finals  
    Tempo Storm vs Cloud 9  
    Another rematch for these two teams. I mean, it’s hard to pick against consistency and these two teams have it. Tempo Storm consistently finished in first place with Cloud 9 consistently in second place. At this point, it’s almost irrelevant who to pick as a winner here as both teams get to go to BlizzCon on November 6-7th. For the sake of potentially being right and getting to brag (and potentially being wrong and sulking) I will have to go with Tempo Storm 3-1. Cloud 9 will make the first 2 games close, actually taking game 1. However, i think Tempo Storm is just the better team and that will show after their second series of this weekend.
  • Ballack

    Worlds 2015: Quarterfinals Fantasy Advice

    By Ballack

    Worlds 2015: Quarterfinals Fantasy Advice Ready for the knockout rounds? The group stages were filled with plenty of exciting games, favorites and underdogs prevailing, teams from North America letting us all down, and some good fantasy picks and some bad. As in everything in life its impossible to be 100% correct on my picks everytime. I use my analysis, price points, and match ups to determine who to pick and although it doesn't always work out, the process is still correct. If we could all predict what would happen we'd all be rich. I've been getting a lot of good feedback from people and I appreciate it all. Thank you for following and reading these blogs as I enjoy putting the information out there for you to use. Here are the odds for the quarterfinals from http://www.pinnaclesports.com/en/odds/match/e-sports/league-of-legends/league-of-legends-world-championship

      Origen, SKT, EDG, and KTR are the favorites to make the Semi-Finals. That said, SKT are the only overwhelming favorite while it is certainly reasonable to think that the other three match ups can go anyway. The best probable route to go is to stack up on SKT carries (marin, faker/easyhoon, Bang) and look for values in the other roles. Here are my favorite players for the Quarterfinals: SKT is the best bet. Fit Faker, Marin, and Bang in wherever you can. My favorite value players come from FW in the form of Karsa and SwordArt, who has been underpriced all tournament. I have a lack of faith in the midlaners, not because of their skill but because of match ups. There are a ton of really good matchups in the midlane Nagne vs. KurO, Pawn vs. Febiven, xPeke vs. Maple. I think you either pay up for Faker or save and go with Maple, who has been great quietly great this tournament with the most kills and second most assists for any mid laner. I'm staying away from FNC and EDG for the most part. It's interesting because their players are relatively cheap, but I think this will be a really close match up that is hard to predict one way or the other. It could turn into a very objective focused series (as FNATIC does like to do this at times) which would limit fantasy output. Vulcun: Top: Marin (SKT) ($1301)
    Jungle: Karsa (FW) ($1264)
    Mid: Faker/Easyhoon (SKT) ($1625)
    ADC: Bang (SKT) ($1514)
    Sup: SwordArt (FW) ($962)
    Flex One: GorillA (KOO) ($961)
    Flex Two: ssumday (KTR) ($1371)
    Flex Three: Score (KTR) ($1053) You use your three SKT spots allowed on the three carries, while paying up they should be worth every penny. You also get to fit two top lane carries into your lineup with Marin and ssumday. You save by using two supports to pay up for value elsewhere, Karsa has the second most kills and third most assists among junglers and score provides a cheap jungle option even though he leads Worlds in assists from the jungle role. Alphadraft: Top: Marin (SKT) ($8900)
    Jungle: Karsa (FW) ($6500)
    Mid: Faker/Easyhoon (SKT) ($8800)
    ADC: Bang (SKT) ($9100)
    Sup: SwordArt (FW) ($6400)
    Flex: Hojin (KOO) ($7100)
    Team: Flash Wolves ($3000) Again you use the three SKT carries. The rest of the lineup is quite cheap among FW players. I talked about SwordArt and Karsa above, but Hojin provides good value as his agressive style has him first in KDA among junglers at 8.4. Cheap team as always in FW, who could easily win their Best of Five against Origen. Draftkings: Top: Marin (SKT) ($7700)
    Jungle: Karsa (FW) ($5100)
    Mid: Maple (FW) ($6300)
    ADC: Bang (SKT) ($8700)
    Sup: SwordArt (FW) ($4900)
    Flex One: Score (KTR) ($6400)
    Flex Two: ssumday (KTR) ($6800)
    Team: FNATIC ($3900) This time you only get two SKT carries. Let's talk about that for a second. Draftkings does not combine Faker and Easyhoon into one pick, they're separated. Because of this, it's extremely risky to pick one or the other unless you are 100% sure that they are playing. If SKT vs ahq was the first match up of the week it'd be easier to get a handle on who was playing for SKT, but your lineup will lock after day one and if you stick Faker in while easyhoon is playing (or vice versa) you'll be paying the highest mid lane salary for no points. I'm going with Maple here instead and saving money. The savings go straight into ssumday to replace Faker's carry spot. With the leftover money I'm using FNATIC who are in a close matchup, but usually play objective focus in big games and that's where your team points come from.   Good luck and enjoy the Quarterfinals!

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  1. To whom it may concern and to whoever may try,

    The days are moving faster than I can count them now. Blurring together I'm forced to make sense of it all. I don't have a choice. I got what I wanted. I 've got a chance to make something out of nothing. The cost is high and this is like a tighrope balancing act that I really am not as good at as I thought. I push myself to the furthest of my own mental and physical limits. I don't see any limitations or blocks but everything has become lack luster so quickly. The constant drone in the back of my head, get it done. Look at what's on the line. It has taken the fun out of the daily "nose to the grindstone" aspect. It has taken away the breaking up of the tension. I have never been defeated before this should and will be be no exception. There are important people that will be let down mostly myself and I could never allow that. People around me just throw suker punches, tying to make things more difficult. I maintain under this pressure as well. Their actions are like killing someone in their sleep. Maybe they find honor in that. I don't, never did and never will. Maintanance is the key to consistency. I will maintain to remain constant. Although my pace is much faster than that of you or him or her. A pace that probably would have left the average person on the ground. I keep this momentum because I guess it is true, there really is nothing that can comepete with a man on the edge. I have forced myself to sleep but it eats away at me when I wake. Every moment I waste I let myself down a little more. I know it is unhealthy to beat yourself up over things of this magnitude but its hard not to. I've set the bar for myself so that it has become like god, although I can not see it I have to believe it is there and I am making it. There are people I'm sure who would relish in my failure. Hear this, you will never get that satisfaction. You can't burn down a kingdom that was made from fire. My wings are up and I am becoming stonger with each gutwrenching day. Stronger with every punch you throw. Every attempt you think about making stop to remember I never really sleep and I have seven senses, so when you come like a coward in the night I will know and that shadow that comes from behind you will be me. In that moment, in the cover of darkness I will revert back to what is reflected by the mirror because for evey moment I am maintaing and consistent in being educated and articulate. Every ounce of pent up frustration and black that fills me will be unbound to dispose of you in any form it deems neccessacary. It will redifeine brutality and I will not be sorry but relieved and revived and renewed to face yet another day.


    The Illest Shogun

    The Black Lotus Chronicles 02/03/2010

  2. Well as most of you know by now by looking above the shoutbox, The team I coach was recently picked up for GoW2 for vVv-Gaming! I was a part of vVv as staff for a long time before this and I left for some sponsorship reasons. I am happy to be back and happy to be with vVv once again for the 2010 MLG season! We were given offers from a couple of sponsors, but nothing compared to vVv's offer, it was great and this season we prepare to bring alot too vVv. If you want to possibly play with us in ranked or something hit me up, but there's limited spots.

    We hope for alot of big things too come in 2010. And as of this week I will be coming into the Ventrilo to be doing the VoD evaluations and most likely along with 1 other Vision member if they can make it.

    Also what vVv is doing for us is very special and all of Vision would like to thank you all for letting us be apart of vVv!

    Thanks Jerry,Jordan and the rest of the staff that made this happen! Also a big thank you too all the people that make this community the way it is, along with all of our fans! Thanks Guys!

    Let this year be the biggest for both of us, MLG 2010!

  3. Carolina Summit - My First Actual LAN

    Over the weekend, I was able to attend the 5th Annual Carolina Game Summit in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Registering myself for the Gears Of War 2 tournament, teaming with Ashley, Nick, and Ryan. Also known as Antidote, Enmity, and Perilous! I was approached by Enmity weeks prior to the event with the opportunity of teaming with him and Ryan. Boy was I thrilled to join . I was more than happy to tag along with them. Practice seemed to feel like a test on myself. I was being put into places on maps that I have never played through. Where I have to adapt to the change of my past experience, to this. Was I comfortable with it at first? Of course not, but what can you do?. I gave it a shot, and it worked like a charm. I was surprised myself, giving me the boost in my self esteem. Hours before the event, the team we had built, showed a great bond. Which also was a reason why things went according to plan. Taking what we learned in the little time we had, to the Carolina Summit and put it to the test.

    The long, horrid 3 hour drive I dreaded. Would never come to a end, Thanks for not getting much sleep that night . I arrive at the event, standing outside waiting in line to receive my pass. The temperature did not help at all, making myself freeze and nervous that I was here. It all went away, as the doors opened and I walked inside. When I was inside, I met a lot of people from the vVv Forums I would speak to. Jayme(Known as JayC), was the first person I was able to meet. Me and him walked into the Gears Of War room, bumping into Chris, along with Jared (Synystar and Cauterize). Playing a few practice matches went by smoothly, I was able to meet up with my team. It felt great actually meeting everyone over the vVv forums. Well, I didn't meet everyone but some!. As they acted online, were the same as in person; down to earth. Perilous, Jay, and Syn were the ones that kept the laughs floating around, while Enmity and Antidote were the more laid back type of people. Which is what I am used to around where I'm from.

    Now, back to the matches, Our first match was against Team L.A.G.. I had a little nervousness in the back of my head, since this is my first actual 'real' LAN. Most of what I learned from my past teams, and friends were everything I could fall back slow on as we were going into the first match. As the countdown was happening, I was anxious to see how LAN would affect me, and It did. I did not see ONE change into the game play. Now small details were changed of course, but as myself playing nothing did change. I was doing just as good as I would do in my bedroom, sitting back playing. Keeping up with points, even with the host, Taking grudge in my 1 v 1's along with my 2 v 1's. Which ever it would be, I was doing very good In my opinion!. The first map, which happen to be River, we came out 4-0 taking River with no problem. Me being ecstatic, I did a lot better on LAN that I expected. I have been told negative things about If I ever would attend a LAN, and what not. I pushed that all to the side, and Just did what I was told to do by a friend. It worked! I'm sure I would speak for others as well. Looking at the competition around us, me and the rest knew we were taking the spotlight with no problem(1st Place). That being said, two teams did catch our attention. The oddly Team Mudkipz, and Str8 Awesome. While watching Mudkipz play, I had the thought it was the equivalent of watching Get Bronco for their 'Nerd Rage' Personality. Str8 Awesome, mostly because Storm was on the team, and it was like watching Vision play right in front of me. 15 Minutes swing by, we were next to play already. Our next match, against Mudkipz, and boy did they have the nerd rage faces on . We 4-0'd them with no problem on both maps we played (River and Blood Drive), Taking the Winners Bracket Finals.

    After an hour, the losers bracket finals were finished, and the Championship match were about to begin. It was vVv against Str8 Awesome. For some reason, everyone there hated us, or just disliked us enough that they wanted us to lose. I took a look around, smiled and said to myself " Looks like all these people are going to be disappointed". The first map was Jacinto, and it was somewhat a intense game full of back-and-fourth trash talk. We all know I do a great amount of trash talking, but I kept it cool. I was a bit nervous, but it was the same result none the less, we came out victorious on Jacinto. As the curtains closed on them with it being 4-1 on the host. An just like that, It was over.

    With the day coming to a end, I had a great time here, wishing that I could do this all the time. Meeting everyone, making friends, Competing on LAN, taking 1st place , and still giving what I do online.. My abusive host<3. Hands down, this was a GREAT experience in my pocket, getting a grasp on what LAN is like. Not the same amount of teams as a MLG event would have, but It is something. Now that I achieved my goal of having a great LAN start, It's time to set my sights a bit further. MLG here I come, vVv Gaming for Life!

    http://www.carolinag...p=1265475600#51 Here are the full results for GOW2 and the rest.

    Pictures will be uploaded soon . Keep a eye on the Gallery boys and girls !


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    vVv just recently picked up one of, if not the, best teams on the Halo 3 Gamebattles team ladder. As of now, the roster is vVv BigDawg, vVv Cat, and vVv Forceful. Sector 7 has a record of 48-4, and are #2 right now. They accepted to be interviewed to further introduce them to the team. Read along and meet vVv Sector 7!

    Addvocate: First off, what are your names?

    BigDawg: My name(BigDawg) is Kye Nelson, Force is Dustin, and Cat is Kevin.

    Addvocate: How old are you all?

    BigDawg: I just turned 17 November 12 [Kevins birthday also]. Dustin turned 16 last March.

    Addvocate: Where are you from?

    BigDawg: I live in a very small town called Opp in Alabama, Force lives up north in Indiana, and Cat lives in New York.

    Addvocate: Let

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    What is true wealth? Is it something you can hold, is it a number in a bank account, or a car in your driveway? Is wealth something something solely based upon what you can hold, or what you can attain. Why do we place so much value on things that can lose value in an instant? Why do we place so much value on things that can be taken from us as if it was never there?

    Lets look at some facts before I continue.

    The price of one ounce of gold since the 1800s

    2000 $272

    1995 $386

    1990 $424

    1985 $354

    1980 $641

    1975 $151

    1970 $38

    1965 $36

    1960 $37

    1955 $35

    1950 $40

    1945 $37

    1940 $35

    1935 $35

    1930 $21

    1925 $21

    1920 $21

    1915 $21

    1910 $21

    1905 $21

    1900 $21

    1895 $21

    1890 $21

    1885 $21

    1880 $21

    1875 $23

    1870 $23

    1865 $30

    1860 $21

    1855 $21

    1850 $21

    1845 $21

    1840 $21

    1835 $19

    1830 $19

    1825 $19

    1820 $22

    1815 $22

    1810 $19

    1805 $19

    1800 $19


    This is one ounce of gold.

    As you can see something most people hold is such high value, loses and gains value over time. I think believe the written word is our greatest treasure, it can never be taken away from you, and always retains all of the value that it started with. I think now in this depression we are in as a nation, need to realize that something is wrong with our old way of thinking. I think this stands to be true, we got ourselves into this depression with the thoughts of greed and lust over oil and power, I think now is the time that we need to realize that oil and gold are not our greatest treasures, our literature is, what we learn from our past works of literature is our greatest treasure.

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    Week 5 is finally over, along with the first half of the season. vVv Inimitable is continuing the season with a #1 seed, and a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. Inimitable has had a great season so far, and are looking forward to keep up the great record. Let

  4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 Review

    Written by Marshall "Apollo" Lukens III

    By now, you've seen tons of reviews of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 by Infinity Ward. Regardless, I have to get started with my reviews some place, why not a big-name title? If you were as "giddy as a schoolgirl" like I was about this game, then you probably already have it, and if you don't, why the hell don't you?! Go out and get it right now! Hopefully this will help you make the plunge. Shall we get started?

    Single Player

    First of all, the follow-up to the award-winning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a game that'll keep you occupied for hours on end. The game's storyline is titled, "For the Record," and thankfully, isn't a very predictable storyline. It even comes complete with a few good "WTF?" moments. Now, the "offensive mission" that has been talked-about by the media may come as a shocker to some, but it passes as quickly as it starts, regardless of difficulty. As long as you can go into it with an open mind and remember that it is just a game, then you should play it. If not, skip it. In a nice touch, Infinity Ward gives us an option to skip the mission entirely on the first boot, without any penalty to the player. As we go through the rest of the campaign, we battle in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, on oil rigs, multiple locations in Russia, blown-out suburbs of Washington, D.C., and of course, the deserts of Afghanistan.

    One particular level in Rio de Janeiro had me frustrated to no end because the orders that are coming through made it sound like it's one of those levels where you only take out the immediate threats, while trying to run past the rest just to stay alive. Well, I was wrong. Whoops. You had to kill every last bastard in that asscrack of a level to survive. These idiots are popping out of every nook and cranny possible. They're even running across the rooftops shooting down at you, a lone gunman. It is a bit overkill, but whatever. The best part about this mission? When you get to the end, you get to watch a scripted scene of the other guys finishing it off right as you get there. Whoop-de-frickin'-do. I did a whole helluva lot to help with that mission. Douchebags.

    There were other levels that really stuck out in my mind, which included one that brought back a Call of Duty favorite, and a level near the beginning that had you riding on top of a Humvee in the turret position with orders not to fire, even though you can see a lot of movement. You're in a tight street that has residential buildings on either side, with many potential enemies popping out of windows, running in alleys, and across the street in front of you. The sense of the unfriendly environment is very powerful here. The game also presents the same sort of player-controlled cutscenes that Infinity Ward presented for us in the first Modern Warfare. I was very impressed by the extremely visceral experience that these segments of the game gave me. Your character suffers major trauma, and their balance is completely off and you're still trying to chase someone while the camera is wobbling all over the place. You even have to crawl, using the triggers in a slow, determined fashion, just like you'd be struggling to move your arms if you were absolutely drained like the character. So, we have slow, determined usage of the triggers, we have fighting the sticks to stay straight, oh, and we have button mashing to emulate strained actions. That's the only thing I would have changed: the repeated smashing of the X button. I say that due to the fact that by the end of it, I felt like I was going to smash the X button through the back of my controller. The campaign, overall, is lacking in length, and has a typical Hollywood storyline with things that would never happen, but it is meant to be for fun, so view it as that and you won't be disappointed.


    You'll also be using those triggers very carefully here.


    Now we have come to the multiplayer. Let's be honest, if you play Xbox LIVE, this is why you bought the game, or are considering the purchase. This was the game that everyone was hoping Major League Gaming would pick up. Honestly, I highly doubt that will happen. Yes, Create a Class exists in this version for split screen play and LAN, but you have to level up just like you do on Xbox LIVE. So, unless MLG works something out with Infinity Ward to have all of their boxes unlocked, it isn't going to happen. Not only does each box have to be unlocked, this has to happen for each profile individually, and as we all know, that's impossible without some sort of modification to the game for competition play. Good going Infinity Ward, you just skipped a huge source of income.

    So, moving on. If you love competitive play, this game is absolutely not for you. Infinity Ward went casual-player-happy here and noobed the game up. Multiple attachments to guns, perks that allow longer knifing distance, and you can now crawl around in Last Stand. For those of you that don't know, Last Stand is a perk that allows you to drop to the ground when you are "killed," allowing you to still shoot with your pistol for a few moments. Oh, and the upgraded version of Last Stand allows the use of your equipment. Awesome, that's just what I need; the idiot I just "killed" crawling away and setting up a claymore for me to run into when I chase after him. Sweet, thanks guys. Also, there are so many corners for people to hide in, you'll never be safe walking ten meters without checking your corners. Be sure to keep that in mind.

    If you're just in this game to have fun, you're in luck. Infinity Ward made this game for you, I personally love multiplayer in this game. The maps are more intricate, including more hiding places, better-looking greenery, and a lot more destructible items in the environment to keep you admiring it as you get killed by people actually paying the game. There's even dual-wielding on some gun classes. If you're A.D.D. like me and easily get sidetracked from the task at hand when there are items in the environment to destroy, then Infinity Ward has an extra-special present for you. The water bottles, plates, and cups from the last game are back, but there are fewer watermelons. We have a new addition though, chickens! Yes, we have chickens to shoot. There's even an achievement for killing seven chickens in under ten seconds in campaign! Also, the destructible glass is fun to destroy just because it looks cool. As I like to say, ten points to you, Infinity Ward.



    If you're the type of player that likes to prestige (which sure as hell isn't me, especially with the shit ton of unlocks you have to go through), then you'll be happy with this game. Prestige mode allows you to start ranking up all over again, at the cost of losing everything you've unlocked, except for your callsigns and emblems, which have no bearing on your gameplay. There are still ten levels of prestige to go through, but there are seventy ranks within them this time, making the game considerably longer to get to the top level in multiplayer. The massive amount of unlocks I just referred to include the usual level-based weapon and perk unlocks, as well as from five to nine attachment unlocks per gun. Also, there are additional camo unlocks for your guns, including all of the original, but arctic, urban, and fall have been added. Gold is lacking entirely, however. I'd even bet ten bucks that Modern Warfare 3 will have a pink camo to unlock. Pistols have attachments to unlock now, and even your perks have "Pro" versions of themselves to unlock. The number of unlocks has absolutely gone through the roof, giving me even more reason to refuse to prestige. If that is your thing though, by all means, get to prestige level ten, rank seventy. More props to you, keep that ePeen growing. I say that because getting that far has almost nothing to do with skill and everything to do with time. Yes, with skill, you may get to the top level faster, but everyone can eventually achieve it with enough time and patience. So, when I see someone at that top level, I just roll my eyes. I applaud Infinity Ward for adding humongous levels of multiplayer depth to the game, as well as keeping the replay value very high, if you feel like completing the game.

    Other changes to multiplayer include the movement of shotguns to a secondary weapon, the inclusion of "death perks" which allow you to have special abilities to get a kill when you just can't seem to get one, and multiple new multiplayer gametypes, to name a few. Capture the Flag has been added; "demolition," which has one team trying to plant bombs on multiple locations at the same time, while the other defends; and third-person version of existing gametypes. The addition of the third-person view is interesting, almost as if they were trying to rip off of the success of Gears of War with its usage of third-person, but it overall fails in a game that has always been first-person. Third-person completely negates four of the attachments you unlock, since you don't aim down sight at all, unless you're sniping. If you want to play third-person, say goodbye to your Red Dot, Holographic Sight, ACOG Scope, and Thermal Sight. They're absolutely useless. One question I have for Infinity Ward is, "Why the hell can I use the Dragunov in single player but not in multiplayer?" If anyone has any insight, please hit me up with some links.


    Good thought, but ultimately falls short.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Infinity Ward needs to put a lot of work into this game in order to bring it to its prime. There have been too many multiplayer glitches that affect gameplay to sit back and let them slide. The first major glitch was the "Javelin Glitch," which allowed a person to essentially have a dead man's switch on a Javelin, which would go off and kill any enemy within 50m or so as soon as the player died. Secondly, the unlimited ammo glitch allowed a player to have just that

  5. Where to start.. Where to start...

    From the start me and Bloodshot remain untarnished, then adding LooNy or vVv GoTenks, and maintained the solid 3 since. We were joined firstly by XcLuSiV TeKniQ, however it later showed that TeKniQ didn

  6. Hey guys, so I decided to start writing journals on topics I find interesting or anything that fascinates my mind and makes me think deep and hard (no pun intended). That being said, this is the first entry in my new found hobby. It has no relation to gaming but I just wanted to see what kind of feedback I would get from some of the most intelligent and well-educated people I know.

    {Disclaimer: All views are mine and mine alone, and come from my head as a source. No detrimental implications intended. I know this article is very controversial and I do expect a lot of counter-arguments. Keep in mind that I wrote and edited this in literally just over an hour, I apologize for any inconsistencies or heavy grammatical errors.}

    Downfall of the institution of marriage?

    Today on the bus ride home from campus, amongst a variable crowd of social stigmas and mannerisms, I got to pondering, are we on a downhill slide of social infrastructure? Now with the turn of the 21st century, we say goodbye to a life of hard-labor, critical thinking, genetic prejudice, and the reliance of an efficient and well-oiled community, at least to the everyday commuter.

    Closer and closer we get to the complete diminishment of ideological and theological visions of society and the world, will their beliefs and structure soon follow? It seems that we have already given credence that the basic foundation of a

  7. Character Info here

    Chapter 1 here

    Chapter 2 - The Fight & The Village

    Several days passed, with little or nothing happening. I was walking around the edges of the Enclave when I saw two Padawans fighting, and it didn

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    Well alot of you guys know that Modern Warfare 2 came out....Well Today I'm going to tell you about the Game so Far! I Loved the Game in the Begining the spawns where good, the maps where Balance out and everyine was having a good time. But then I got around to Level 40. The Game changed right after that. The Game Sucked! Why? Well the some of the Secondary Weapon was better than HAlf of the Primary Guns in the Game. For Example, I was going 23-4 and then someone like a good 30 feet away from me truns around and shot me in the head with a shotgun. ????? How the Fuck I thought to myself so then a Spawn...... wat the Spawns on this Game changed the way I thought about this game Forever. So Since I dead I was going 23-5 Right? Well then I got Spawn Killed and then again and then again and a again soon I was 23-10 less than 1 min. and 30 sec. So I Left the Game and ever since I've been Avg. 5 Kills a Game because getting Spawn Killed over and over again is hard to get kills. So Now the Co-op Well I only Played two or threee missions on it cause My Xbox freezes on me Like 5-10 times a day and the Red Rings Like 3-6 times a day...But anyways back to MW2 well it starts at the end of the Last Mission of the Call of Duty: 4....And I rate the Co-op 10/10 but the Xbox Live I ate it 7/10 not the greatest game at all.

    So thanks for reading this and if you know that What I just wrote is true message me back thanks peace.

    iTrigZz vX

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    My first attempt at a blog.

    Which by the way I have never done on any social networking site.

    I will do a tiny back story. My grandmother, who I affectionately dubbed "Nanny" pretty much raised my sister and I, til

    I was able to raise her myself. She was the epitome of grace, compassion and strength. She taught us to be independent, smart, respectful and most

    of all cautious.

    Anyhow, She passed away three years ago in May.

    I miss her everyday.

    So, the point of the blog starts off here:

    When she was dying in the hospital I flew to Richmond, Va to take care of her things. Keeping her sacred, and most valued items and storing them

    or splitting them amongst the family.

    Amongst the clutter of old and dusty albums and trunks of my grandmother's history

    I found a mangled and dirty plastic bag.

    With a couple opened and unopened letters inside.

    My curiosity of course was immediately enthralled with my discovery.

    So, I began going through the letters putting them in chronological order and looking at when and where they came from and were sent too.

    The dates proved to be when my grandmother was stationed in germany in the late 50s early 60s with her father who was a decorated member of the military.

    So I read the to Miss Jackie Hammond (my grandmother, a very young grandmother)

    From a Jack Mangan who was in NJ at the time. In the few letters that were opened he basically tells her he misses her, shes turned into a beautiful and intelligent and lovely young woman, who has his heart total and without question.

    They continue on like that for close to a year.

    Then the final one of the already opened bunch was a letter that rocked my world and memory of my grandmother and her stories.

    It was a letter from him to her, telling her that he would marry her anyway and let her keep the baby if it was her choice.

    He had wished he had been there for her when "it" happened. To this day I don't honestly know what that means, because I wasn't able to ask her.

    That was 1961, the end of that year.

    The unopened letters:

    There is a time span of unopened letters from this Jack, to her for five years.

    All of love, and longing, and angst, and worry.

    This man poured his heart into letters that she couldn't read.

    The emotion that escaped through his words still bring me to tears when I read them

    That is a love that most people can not ever find, nor fathom. It's a love of fairy tales, and story books and legends.

    Then one day, I assume he just gave up. Or he died. I am not quite sure.

    So, in a bin marked "misc" pictures, were unmarked photos with just a date of 1961 of a little boy

    born to the name of Hammond.

    The uncle I have was born in 1967.

    I have never met an uncle or a man that was born before my mother in 1964 that was introduced to me as family.

    My grandmother had a secret, and it's one that made her ashamed that she couldn't let the man who never stopped loving her into her life.

    I believe she gave her son up for adoption, and just went on with life with the heavy heart and a guilty conscience.

    The last year of her life, she was searching for this man.

    Who I didn't realize was such a epic character in her story of a life.

    She died without finding him.

    I promised her as I said my good byes that I would find him, or at least find out what happened.

    And let him know, If I could that she loved him as much as he loved her.

    That his efforts didn't go unnoticed and that his heart shouldn't be broken anymore.

    I have used all the resources I have to search and locate this "Jack", and I haven't found even a slightly warm trail.

    I still read these letters, and hope that one day

    Someone will think the same of me, and feel compelled to write even one love letter.

    Nana, I love you.

  8. Blorg

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    When you are stressed, what is the first thing you do?

    I wanna listen to music that will make me better :D

    Does crying really make things better or worse?

    WORSE...unless i am crying from laughing too much xD

    Is there anyone you can tell everything too?


    What calms you down the most?


    Any kind of music that makes you feel better?

    um not really but right now i am listening to Japanese music :) English Subs

    What or who puts the biggest smile on your face?

    Candy ^_^

    Do you ever over-react on the smallest things?

    and who does not?

    Ever suffer from bad depression or anxiety?

    Yea i have. one time i went like two days with out eatting... just to depressed to do anything. but then i meet the most awesome person EVERY. <3 Debra

    Mad about something?

    That my friends are no longer my friends

    Happy about something?

    I am always happy

    Currently with someone?

    nope ;)

    Happy about that?

    Not really but its kool.

    Like to cuddle?


    Is your partner open about their feelings towards you?

    dont have one xO

    Still in love?

    Define love

    Does looks really matter?

    Not really

    If they don

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    Hello, My name is Zach, but most people know me as Goatsi. I recently have been debating over writing an autobiography, so i thought that i could start here.

    I was born at Mercy Hospital in Iowa city Iowa to Pamela and Gavin McComas. I was born into a close and loving family. Me my mother and my father lived together for 2 years and my parents had somewhat of a world war three and they ended up geting a divorce, so my father moved out and it was just me and my mom we ended up taking in my grandmother and she was like my second mother, whenever my mother was at work I was with my Grandma she taught me to read write and to express my creative side I credit most of my success to her. "Your first role model is the most important". I believe that a role model doesnt always mean just one person you look up to and strive to become, I believe that it is a mixture of characteristics that you would like to have, and you see in others. When I turned three I was enrolled in a pre-school. This was a big thing for me because this Is where I meet my girlfriend, my best friend and was introduced to the world of learning, also when I was three I went into the country to get the greatest dog I have ever known I named him Herman and he means more to me than most of my family. Animals, I believe are pure I think they are the prime example of enviroment over genetics. Dogs are so loyal they dont care what has happend thad day no matter what they will always be waiting for you at the end of the day wagging thier tail. I feel that my pre-school years were pretty much my golden years. I was always sure of things happy and content, but this would not last through elementary. As most of you know I have very bad anxiety and panic disorder which is crippling and makes it challenging to be normal. I have always wonderd how someone gets this disorder is it learned behavior that comes from increased stress and finding it hard to believe anyone around you, or is it genetic? The conclusion I have come to is that most things are a combination of the two and that is just the case with anxietys and phobias. My uncle,aunt,and great grandfather also had severe anxiety, however I attribute most of my anxiety to enviromental factors.

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    Im looking forward to MLG Anaheim, i will be competing with my team PreFire for gears 2. We are looking to be the breakout team of Anaheim and make a name for ourself. We have to start out in am bracket, so were gonna have to work our way to the top. Wish us luck!

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    Ill start it off like this. I came back from Columbus with a decent 6th place finish. I was happy about that and i was ready to go to Dallas and get better then that. When we got back DLy decided not to play with me and MONS73R and I was fine with that. We looked for 2 FOREVER! We picked up MiNdTr1cKs and things just weren't woking out and 3 days before the roster lock monster screwed me over. I was so upset and angry and i saw my only hope being vVv LtZ. I never thought crimbo, wingos, wilde were that good and i was surprised and i was so thankful they picked me up and not Xcel because that was my last hope for this event.

    Our first match was against zYn which we thought would be a breeze considering zYn's history. We lost 3-1 and i was so pissed it was ridiculous. All i could think about was that this was our easiest match and we got 3-1. Jerry talked to us and i knew what the problems were but i wasnt sure if the inexperience of my teammates would come between fixing these problems.

    Our next match was a placement against Legacy. I had a terrible feeling going into this seeing that i got 3-0 twice by them in cbus. Our first map jacinto their host we got dominated 4-0 and i was just like this is gonna end awful and this whole event was a waste of time. We stepped our game up and played like the LtZ online and dominated the next 3 maps. Me and Wingos took a 4-2 in spawn on pavilion and it was nasty.

    We went on to play vVv The Truth. I was thinking if i win this i dont care what happens anymore i won the event. We came out strong and took a map on enmitys host. We proceeded to take another map on his host and win ours and we dominated this grudge match 3-0 I was so happy that i beat the people that screwed me over.

    We moved on to Sunday and played get bronco for t8 and wiped them 3-0. We then went on to play Vision for t6. Puff is one of the best players in this game and all we had to do was beat him and we were gonna beat them and thats what we did. It was a mighty close 3-2 but we pulled it off and beat both vVv teams and took that number one spot YAH FEEL ME! We went on to play the NSAN3Z for t4 and i have never taken a map on them they have 3-0 me both times i played them and i was kind of nervous. We came out on fire and beat them 4-1 on their host security and i knew we had this. We won on the next 2 maps on our host to close the nsanes out 3-0. We played ReT for t3 and to go to LB finasls and this was another grudge match cuz i hate SHocka and he said I will never Beat him or place higher then him we came out strong and took jacinto on their host and it was kind of ironic because it was shocka that choked that away lol. We won the next 2 maps and it was a wrap 3-0.

    LtZ was moving to LB finals i couldnt believe it. We had to play zYn again for t2 in a best of 11 being down 3-1. We came out on fire and put them in the dirst and won the first 3 maps 2 of them being their host. We lost the next map jacinto their host and then won our host pavilion. We were in the lead 5-4 going to our host security and we just needed to get through this map to move on to finals and we messed up and lost the next map river (their best map) on their host. I was bummed but at the same time we placed 3rd with 10th seed. Overall i was very happy

    I just want to say thanks to vVv and Jerry and i will see u guys in Anaheim

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    The Realistemail
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    ok, well i know most people dont really give a shit and just think everyone whose into politics is a ignorant bastard. but thats not my case, i am very open minded, yet i am not afraid to speak my mind at all. i am very conservative, and for those of u that dont know that means very republican if you will. although i dont agree with them on all aspects, the bigger aspects i do.

    first off all of you who voted for nobama, why? why did you? i'm very curious why u liked him. so far he hasnt done shit. nothing, a year in office almost and about 5 trillion more dollars in debt. and this 1000 page health care bill he wants to pass, is poop to and will ruin our country, but since everybody loves obama they will follow his lead and vote to pass it, even though i have finaly seen some people figure it out that that bill is shit and people are protesting it, citizens are finaly goin to city hall meetings and asking tough questions that the politicians cant answer.

    idk where obama expects this country to go, but so far lookin not so good for our future. i'm curious to know what kind of people are on this site, my guess is like 90 percent liberals, 5 percent conservative, 5 percent dont care or moderate. let me know your thoughts, i would like to get some ideas on what to put in my next blog.

    i'm not just gonna go and say all my ideas without out haveing to, but i would like to say that taxing the rich and giving to the poor is just flat out stupid. why tax people who work hard for their money and become rich. it will just make not many people want people to get to that point and get taxed more. why give money to the people that sit on there ass all day and just expect the gov't to give them money. it's just stupid.

  9. TbR

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    Im bored....sitting here thought i would blog. So here it goes i started a GB MLG team called BRz RippiN about the time summer started...all i had when i started that team was dreams and my friend..TbR F3AR or Travis.

    Then i found this Webs.com its a site were you can make your own website and i started making the site and as it progressed i got another teammate his GT was TG Rascal he had skill but i couldnt find that fourth and about a week or so later he quit...

    i wasnt mad or anything just disappointed soo i kept looking throught the F/A list and i found ToXyyyyy this kid isnt very old but he has TREMENDOUS skill. I was greatful to find him and as the days went buy i found vVv one of the coolest gaming community site ive ever come across... :) so i entered a App. it was either H3 Pro..or H3 Ametuer app...and i thought to myself....go big or go home, i picked the PRO app. so while thats that. i started picking up more people and we started forming as a team. I was excited cuz i found FAMOUS and TALENT and they hav talent(no pun intended). Talent is a semi-pro for his old H3 team and they were good. And Famous...being talents friend from back home..teaches famous tips and how to get better and then i picked up realist what a beast man he;s good and im glad to hav him, hes so loyal if i ask him to come on for a game just incase someone cant make it he's thurand im happy i have him on my team, We also picked up ZippyPeler hes good to and jus like Realist he's loyal, unfortunatly we got so many peolpe that i had to let some go...YES Degree...sorry bud i love ya man but your never on and LoCaL NaTuraL...it was a decision between you and Talent and i pikced Talent..sorry...but then we finally got the starting line up as...

    TbR FaTaL

    TbR ToXyyyyy

    iBeatNiggorz(sorry for racial name)

    FaMoUs I Tk

    So i scheduled some games noone ever showed up so i had to cancel and reschedule(some are even under dispute) but then we played one game it was a 3v4 me ToXyy and Zippy vs some non legit 50's i was some PISSED when Talent and Famous were not ther$ eto play the game.so we took a lose. :( 0-1.. so when we got things under control i asked fr a rematch and we are playing them again on the 23rd. We also hav a game against oTo these guys are good they place top 32 every year...we are goin to hav a tought ime with these guys but we are goin to give it our all. <3 TuFaTaL...sorry for misspells

  10. The vLog

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    # MLG Variant - If the MLG Variant is selected in the match details, the below settings and swaps must be used. If they are not used, the match will be removed.

    To play the MLG Variant, you must select the MLG Variant Mapset from the Mapset dropdown. This will generate only the MLG maps listed below. You MUST select both the MLG Variant Mapset AND the MLG Variant option.


    All Games

    1. Starting Weapon = Lancer

    2. Game Type = Execution

    3. Total Rounds = 4

    4. Round Time Limit = 4

    5. Bleed-Out Time = 15

    6. Friendly Fire = On

    7. Weapon Spawning = Customize

    Blood Drive

    1. Replace Boltok Pistol with COG Pistol

    2. Replace Frag Grenade with Ink Grenade

    3. Replace Scorcher Flamethrower with Torque Bow


    1. Replace Torque Bow with Longshot Siper Rifle

    2. Replace Boltok Pistol with COG Pistol

    3. Replace Gorgon Pistol with COG Pistol

    4. Replace Mortar with Disabled

    5. Replace Frag Grenade with Ink Grenade


    1. Replace Boltok Pistol with COG Pistol

    2. Replace Mulcher with Torque Bow

    3. Replace Mortar with Disabled

    4. Replace Boomshield with Longshot Sniper Rifle

    5. Replace Frag Grenade with Ink Grenade


    1. Replace Boltok Pistol with COG Pistol

    2. Replace Mortar with Boomshot

    3. Replace Boomshot with Ink Grenade


    1. Replace Mulcher with Longshot Sniper Rifle

    2. Replace Scorcher Flamethrower with Ink Grenade

    3. Replace Frag Grenade with COG Pistol

    4. Replace Boltok Pistol with Torque Bow


    1. Replace Mulcher with Longshot Sniper Rifle

    2. Replace Frag Grenade with Ink Grenade

    3. Replace Boomshield with Torque Bow

    4. Replace Torque Bow with Boomshot

    5. Replace Gorgon Pistol with COG Pistol

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    School's been out for little over a week and I'm pumped. I have a much longer vacation this year as i've decided to not play football and lift for baseball instead. I learned of my Regents test grades just recently as well and according to my girlfriend Kortney I'm a nerd since i received a 96 on my Earth Science, a 90 on my college level Introduction to Engineering and Design course and a 76 on my Geometry which was high for that test as some of my friend's scores were 49, 66 and 69. So yeah i guess I'm now classified as a nerd in my girlfriends eyes lol.


    My girlfriend Kortney Valentine and I have been together for around a year and 9 months now so we are very serious, although a lot of people think we are just a high school thing we both feel as though we want to be together forever and don't really seem to care what people think. She isn't much of a fan of Xbox and has threatened on several occasions to smash it with a hammer. She has a 3x better connection than me but I don't dare to try to use it because if she came home and I was in her house playing Xbox i don't wanna know what would happen.


    Currently my status for traveling is not so great, my mom really would rather not spend the money and I would rather not waste the money going only to get 30th. Currently I plan on attending Meadowlands no matter what next year and maybe Orlando this year(if it is indeed the 4th event) with Bliz if I can get myself a plane ticket or whatever his plans are but for now I'm stuck. However currently I am scrimming for the Newegg online tournament. It is working out pretty well right now and we are finalizing our roster.

    Plans for Future

    At this point in my life I'm very interested in a few things, Baseball, Game design, sports medicine and Engineering. I am working very hard towards a baseball scholarship and am hoping to do great things my last 3 years in High School. My Intro to Engineering and Design class this year got me very interested in being an engineer. Below is a program that we learned to use this year in order to design our ideas to fix problems that were given to us by our teacher. During our senior year if we stay with the Project Lead the Way Program we will be asked to find a problem that we choose on our own and we are asked to sketch and then design a prototype on our computer.

    Alright well I hope you learned a little bit more about me as a person and a gamer and if you have any questions feel free to add me on XBL.

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    Today while I was playing in a singles clan match on gamebattles.com I clearly sniped my opponent in the head and nothing occured not even body damage it was 4-4 his host on Stasis when this happened so I was kind of more mad than normal. Now this isn't the first time this has happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to many many players, but I do really wish Gears of War was consistent as far as this was concerned. Now I know with XBL lag occurs and so on, but with Gears it seems to happen so much more often. I think for Gears 3 they should really work on this. Just an opinion.


    - Ian

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    So far this was one of my favorite events . Let me first talk about the fun then i will get down to the business , I had a blast hanging out with all my new friends stacks,Dly,Monster,terribale ,cole ,and clubs exc i cant put you all because there are to many of you, it was soo funny the stuff we did and the stuff that happend ? hahaha only if people new ! I will be posting a video of all of that soon . My favorite line of the event had to have been from clubs " i want to ride inside of a disco stick! " . Ok now the business part first i would like to congrat MBN on taking 1st place and the truth for there come back and getting 6th this entire event was upset after upset. My team did so well and i would like to thank all of them for there hard work . Friday night was kind of a joke to me and normally is because we played what maybe 3 games? and they where not even close games . Saturday rolled around and that's where i would like to call the "marathon " started because it was match after match after match form 9 am till 12 :36 am. The best match i would like to say was us vs FragD i have been friends with scar for ever and to be across from him on the mainstage was nuts!. After we beat them on the 1st map on there host i new we would take the series. They where a solid team it was back and forth the entire time it felt like. Once we beat them we where so hyped and soo happy it felt like that was are night and no one could knock us off are pedestal . Then after that we had to play are friends team Highest , this was a great match up and they are a great team ! I felt bad having to beat them because they all are great players . Then we came to are final match of the night vs Fully spaced i was not to worried after we completely crushed them in the 1st map, But on the flip side we have been gaming for 9 or 10 hrs and we just got done playing a energy draning match on mainstage so every one was tired i could barley stand . Near the end the last map and the last round after carson had make his vulgar comment i decided to say somthing funny to get the croud a little more hyped up so i said to newnez " way to go -1!" not trying to be a jerk just to get in there head a little and make the croud laugh . So the croud was cracking up and then the official walks up to me and told me i couldnt coach the rest of the event i was pissed . Then Sunday came up it was so early alot of people where mad at the fact i got the tech and no one had the energy to play legacy that early . so with that said we might have done better in that match up if we had sleep and i didnt get that tech . over all that was a great event and sorry for the life time story here just thought it be fun thing to post up .! to finish this off this off me and the coach of highest missed are flight back to dulles we got stuck in ATL for 12 hrs! and had to sleep in the airport . And the thing that made it so much better i wa sick the hole event . See you all in dallas


    ps : all the people that where with me let me know if i missed anything

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  11. 10 Things you didn't know about me

    1. Lets start this off simple and sweet my name is Phil and im 18 years old, born Dundee, Scotland.

    2. Im currently at Dundee College studying Business HNC/HND, I then plan on moving away from home next year to Edinburgh to attend University there and continue to study Business and hopefully in the future be able to have my own Business.

    3. I have only had two jobs in my life one being a paper round (winner) and the other working at Tesco "Every little helps" sorry couldn't help myself.

    4. I have met some great people on Xbox Live one being Jess aka ScaRz who is visiting me again during Easter break and i hope we stay in touch 'if/when' we no longer play computer games.

    5. I love the social and competitive side in gaming, being able to meet new people and competiting against others is always fun.

    6. I am currently learning to drive I have had a total of 8 lessons, however I have had a 2 week break between each lesson due to me either going out the night before sleeping in the next day, being ill, my instructor being ill and when I do manage to do a lesson im usually either half asleep or half cut from the night before but i always enjoy it.

    7. I also enjoy going out and having a drink, dance etc. I usually go out at the weekend even when I can

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    Ok, so it would have helped had I calmed my eager ass down and bothered to look at the required compatability before I went out shopping for a new RAM.....

    With that said...my smart self bought the wrong one and it didnt fit. Looks like I'll have to wait a few more hours once the comp shop is open to go lookin again. I'll have to put Warhammer to sleep for now :(

    -Double A