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Human Behavior - Elevators?!

Posted by PrEeN, 17 June 2012 · 2,127 views

Yes everyone Elevators!

Hello everyone! Before we embark on this strange elevator topic id like to introduce you to the next series in my blogs, Human Behaviour. The Zombie Watch Blogs are not over and i will have both series being updated. To see all the Blog posts in series go Here! So lets get things rolling and jump into this Elevator!

A little while ago i used to work at a game testing facility. The facility was located in a large building that required a long walk up and down the stairs, or a magical elevator. Why is the Elevator so magical? Is it so you can be lazy and not have to walk up flight after flight of stairs? Maybe, or could it be because when in the elevator you rise! You are pulled upwards into the skies of the concrete jungle. Why not? My reason you ask? Elevators are magical because inside them the social protocols of everyday life change. Its like running through that magical wall in the train station ( Harry Potter ) What lies on the other side is?...Magical!

Posted Image

So your standing in front of the doors waiting for the elevators, and you might not think about it, you just walk in. Press your button, stand there and when your door comes, you walk out. You continue on your day and its as if nothing happened. And most people see it that way. But Today i hope to change that. I hope that when your done reading this and you find yourself in front of an elevator. Your mind will be open to the magic. So back to the Story your standing in front of the door. For the Purpose of the story this is an elevator that isnt just used by you and the people you know, It is either the elevator shared by several buildings or departments. So you are standing there and you will either be accompanied by someone you know, you'll be with people you don't know or both. And if you notice, its kinda quiet. people may be talking, but there isn't a lot of energy in the room. Its minimal movement, this is because everyone deep down knows, and are preparing for whats about to happen.

The doors open and people start to funnel in ( Usually first come first serve basis ) and you can now be met with a large variety of different types of people.

The Immune: The Immune are the ones that don't pay attention to the magic the elevator has to offer, they walk in and walk out, they use the elevator for its base mechanical design. What ever the Elevator has to offer, they are not interested.

The Emotional: The Emotional live in there own head, Social Protocol means nothing to them. They are usually the loudest and move around the most. They can be in several forms from kids just living there life, to the " Successful Business man" who doesn't care about anyone.

The Timid: Exactly as the definition of the word, These are the silent ones, the people that walk in talking, and as soon as the doors shut. they are silent. They are awkward and scan the room to make sure nothing bad will happen to them. When they walk out of the elevator they continue to talk as if nothing happened.

The Sheriff: The Sheriffs are the ones that play it cool, they walk into the elevator talking and will continue as if nothing has happened. But they are aware of the dangers around the corner. They get set off by the immune and emotional. When the Social Protocol of the elevator is broken they lash out to destroy the threat, They fight back with many tactics, they do not use anger or frustration to get there way. There give blank stares of anger. They make sudden moves. they are in and out very quick and quiet.

The Angry: Not much to say. they just so happen to be angry. They hate life, people, doesn't matter what type you are. they're coming for you. They hate how oblivious the immune are. They want to crush the Emotional Cocky face. They despise how weak the timid are. And there natural born nemesis are the sheriffs.

The Magical: The Magical are the people that are just plain crazy. They think that Elevators are MAGICAL! They are usually escaped metal patients, or can sometimes be they kid with to much free time on his hands. When they walk into an elevator the watch as all the other types battle to stay alive. They are the instigators. They know what buttons to push, but use the knowledge wisely, except in the case of them being plain old crazy. Ounce they get in the elevator they do not take the mandatory 180 degree turn to face the elevator door. They stare at the back wall and enjoy all the faces they get. They get way to close to people and invade there space. They are the Type that usually end up injured at the end of the ride because all the other types end up balancing out.

This is a video of what magical people do.


What do you do if you walk into an elevator and you cross eyes with a Magical Type? After hundreds of hours in research, Millions of dollars spent, there were only two possible outcomes that ever had a slim chance at working.

1. Eliminate the Magical one. If you kill the magical one the threat is gone and you are safe. But what happens after wards seems to be worse then the initial threat. You are stopped by the police for the murder of an individual. You explain the story. As you explain you start to realize something. The cop thinks your crazy. All this talk about magical ones. and magic elevators. You go to a looney bin and never come out. If you Kill a Magical one. you seem to catch its curse.

2. Temporary insanity. Your mind must venture into the world of the magical one for a split second. YOU MUST be more insane and more crazy, then the magical one to defuse him. But in many studies, when this is done with a sheriff or anger type. It usually ends in them killing you.

Good Luck!

So tell me, What type are you? What have you noticed in elevators?

Leave your comments here, Email them to PreensCommunity@Gmail.com or PM me.

Until Next Time Cheers!


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