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KTAR4 Write Up - Regional Brawl Event in NJ

Posted by ChiboSempai, 18 January 2011 · 547 views

This past weekend on January 15, 2011 was a large Brawl event called KTAR4 in north NJ. KTAR is a long-running tournament series hosted by Keitaro, a Falco main from NJ. KTAR started as a medium sized tournament series in a small hotel venue that grew exponentially with each iteration. KTAR4 featured a new venue that was over 4x the size of the old location, and was announced months in advance. I still remember hearing about KTAR4 before it was even announced, it's a tournament series I've grown to love each time it happens. Keitaro is a friendly host and there's always a great variety of players in attendance. I wasn't able to make it to the first KTAR, and unfortunately I did poorly in singles at KTAR2 and 3. Doubles was canceled at KTAR2 due to a problem with the venue and I did awesome at KTAR3. I was pumped for KTAR4 as right after the tournament was announced I planned to team with Dabuz, one of my favorite players to team with after getting 2nd place in a NY local in the summer. This would be our second time teaming, and it was time to see if that NY tournament was a one time fluke or if we were legit.

And so the day came, time for KTAR4. I was ready for doubles, and I had been training an absurd amount of time for singles over the last week. I didn't even mean to, it was a sheer coincidence. I believe I had people over 3 times in the last week for practice and each of those times amounted to about 5 hours of practice. KTAR4 would also be the first event with us showing off the newest member of our sponsored Brawl team - Logic. You can learn more about Logic and his experience with KTAR4 when he makes his write up blog soon.

Posted Image
From left to right: Heero, RJ, Keitaro

After getting to the tournament and practicing for a bit, I got to hang out with friends I hadn't seen for a while since this was the first tournament I had been to in over a month because of being home from school on winter break. Doubles started on time for the most part and Dabuz and I were ready for our first match. We ended up having to play the team we just practiced against for a half hour before the event started. It was an annoying Peach/Pit team which gave Dabuz's Olimar some problems, though I had no problem with ROB. Dabuz had gotten gimped in the first game which left me to do a 2v1 by myself, but I made an awesome come back and won the game for us anyway. Match 2 we played a bit safer and made sure I stayed targeted on the Peach to get him out asap and we won easily.

Our second match was an interesting one. We were set to play ADHD and Fatal, however ADHD wasn't there yet. Keitaro waited as long as he could before he had to call the match for us to play, and ADHD still wasn't there. Fatal was allowed to play the first game in a 2v1 as he went Meta Knight to try and stall and buy ADHD time since he was almost there. Though we could have easily 6 stocked him if we were patient the whole time, we approached a bit to try and finish the match quickly and only won with 5 stocks remaining lol. However to our disappointment ADHD did arrive during that first match and was able to play games 2 and 3. Unfortunately we lost the set, they were a great team that later went on to get third in the tournament.

We had went to the losers bracket early losing in the second round out of 28 teams, but that didn't matter to us. We played JTails and Bara next, a Fox Meta Knight team. JTails is a great player, however Bara really isn't close to his skill at all. We lost match one completely on my fault when I made a poor decision and got up B stage spiked by Meta Knight and died at about 20%. The next two games were easy and we won 2-1. Next we played Will and KirinBlaze. What had me worried about this game was that both of these players knew the ROB matchup VERY well, and Kirin was taunting me about that fact before the game. I kept optimistic and the game started as I went into a frenzy. I was fighting Kirin's Mario as Dabuz primarily dealt with Will and I had no problem at all. All that ROB experience he has didn't seem to be working lol. We played well the entire game and won fairly easily. Game 2 was a tad different as Will and Kirin stepped it up. They took the match continuing with DK and Mario, a team that no one expects to do good normally. Game 3 was on Halberd and was extremely close which generated a large crowd. I got a great gimp on Will killing him at low percent with a dair removing the lead they had started to get on us. Once we killed Kirin it was hopeless for Will. We had a 2v1 camp strategy that a character like DK had absolutely no hopes of getting through. In a last effort he jumped over us to get to the other side of the stage to attack me but fell into my usmash to net us the win.

Continuing on through the losers bracket we came up against Snakeee and Doom, two talented players from NJ. Both players perform well in teams, and I wasn't sure how this would go. To my surprise after sitting down and starting the match, it seemed that we had no problem at all. We 3 stocked them the first game and won the 2nd game almost as easily. Our next match in this very tough bracket was vVv's newest Logic teaming with Takeover. This would be an interesting match since both teams had an Olimar on it, and as a teammate most would assume Snake to outperform ROB. We showed them wrong however as we took the set 2-1. We were guaranteed 5th place now as we came up against ADHD and Fatal again. We mixed up our strategy from winners and got a lot closer to winning, but it wasn't enough to win and we lost 0-2. So in teams we walked away with 5th place, a great placing with a handful of great victories. Only problem was that only top 4 were paid out in teams -_-

Posted Image
From left to right: Chibo, Logic, Cheese

Singles event was going to be interesting, I was playing very well today and I was excited to see how my practice this week would pay off. I found that I had a bye first round, which I was surprised about. I mean I'm good, but there were players I thought were better than me that didn't have byes, but I'm not going to complain about that. However the player after that I would likely have to face was Blackanese, a very talented player from NY. He's not ranked but that's because he typically doesn't enter singles. He enjoys doubles above all else, but he's still incredibly good in my opinion. Also being a MK main who beat me the last time we played. I watched Blackanese's first match carefully against someone I didn't know. To my surprise he lost with MK first round but was able to switch to Olimar to win. When he played me however he went back to MK, this guy knows the MK ROB matchup well when practicing with a good ROB in New England named TeeVee.

I was playing well, but Blackanese took game 1. I stayed confident and counterpicked Frigate Orpheon. It wouldn't really give me any strong advantages (what does vs MK lol) but it's a stage I personally enjoy. I won game 2, it was close, but I had the upper hand throughout the whole match. Game 3 as he took me to Battlefield wasn't looking good as I was down almost an entire stock. At some point between the end of my second stock and throughout my third stock, I started playing extremely well. I was comboing him left and right and noticed how my glide toss strategy was absolutely destroying him. I bridged the gap between us and took the win to move onto round 3 of singles.

My round 3 was a tough one, it was former member of team vVv Sunshine, Shadow. Shadow is no joke, I don't care if people mention how he isn't currently ranked because he probably didn't attend three tournaments last season or something, but he has skill. We got to play on the livestream so tons of people were watching. It was cool to have Cheese and vVv's new player Logic watch me over the entire set and offered advice after each match. I was playing extremely well game 1 with the knowledge I learned on game 3 vs Blackanese when I started to beat him. I took game 1 fairly well, I don't think I dropped the lead at all and if I did it was for a very short time. Game 2 was going to be interesting. Delfino is normally my auto ban for Meta Knight, but I know Shadow loves Rainbow Cruise and Logic and Cheese suggested banning RC instead, as Delfino would better suit the style I used to beat him game 1. I went with that and it was working well. I lost the lead in game 2 and the gap was growing and growing. Shadow was playing very careful, and there reached a point around 3 minutes left that I knew I wasn't going to win in a normal way. With a 40 LGL I decided to work towards a time out and hope he had 41+ LGs. I survived to 15 seconds left, though I was kind of flustered I had died falling short of my goal. Shadow had 38 LGs so he was close to going over, but didn't quite anyway.

Game 3 was where it was at. I had the counterpick advantage and tons of players were watching. I was originally planning to pick FD but since he banned that, I went to Pictochat. Pictochat was working great, the game was going neck and neck. We were close the entire time, though Shadow generally had a slight lead. Things started to change as soon as he took my second stock away. I immediately start my third stock by completely predicting when he would throw my gyro item back at me and reflected it at him (which was pretty embarrassing for him imo lol, seeing how bad ROB's reflector is), and then killed him tieing up the game since I didn't lose a percent yet. The crowd was going nuts, last stock last game, and as they chanted my name I was on fire. I absolutely destroyed his last stock only taking about 50% while I took him to 130% to death.

I have a recording of the entire set from the livestream so it has commentary and part of the webcam view. Check out all that air-time for our vVv shirts!

Chibo vs Shadow: Round 3 Winners Bracket

After Shadow it seemed that Cheese and I would have to play each other. Originally I was destined to fight Vinnie, but Cheese had taken him out in round 2. This was fortunate for me as I would much rather play a ICs, and with how good I was playing and getting some ICs practice the night before, I was good to go.

Cheese was confident he would win, but I knew it wouldn't go any other way ;)
As soon as the match started I fired off like a canon and had his first stock off in probably no longer than 20 seconds. Having a stock lead on ICs is very important so you don't have to worry as much about the infinite. You could say that you are allowed to mess up at least once then, allowing you to play more aggressive with a lesser risk for that greater reward. I took the first game with a 2 stock victory. Counterpicking for game 2 I purposely left Final Destination available, ICs best stage. I wanted to coax Cheese into staying ICs with FD available instead of making him switch to MK. It went as I thought as he picked ICs on FD. The game went very similar, except that it was a little longer and I won with only one stock remaining. Video from this set should be up within the week.

That was more or less it for my really interesting sets. In round 5 I was matched up with ADHD, who proved to still be too tough for me. I have taken games off of him in the past but lost 0-2 once again to him. In losers after a long wait I came across Vinnie, one of the best GaWs around. It's been months since we have met in tournament (and I won the last time), though we have played a lot since then. We generally play ROB dittos, and he typically does better in them than with GaW. He vowed that next time we meet in tournament he would go ROB, and he kept to his word as we did a ROB ditto game 1. The match went back and forth with Vinnie generally in the lead by a little bit, but I had an amazing third stock and took the victory. He switched to GaW and won matches 2 and 3, last stock last hit on both. I ended up placing 9th out of 77 entrants, which was unfortunate since only top 8 were paid out.

Still with the victories I got I was very happy, I placed top 10 in a NJ/NY regional event, and I was also the highest placing vVv member. There was also an All Brawl side event where I got 4th place out of 24 and won a little bit of money from.


Here are the results from top 24 of singles and top 12 of doubles:

28 Teams - $500 pot

1: Anti and GNES ($275.00)
2: Inui and M2K ($125.00)
3: ADHD and Fatal ($75.00)
4: Nairo and Atomsk ($25.00)
5: vVv Chibo and Dabuz
5: Diem and Shadow
7: Takeover and vVv Logic
7: Vinnie and Blackanese
9: Doom and Snakeee
9: Pelca and Bloodcross
9: Nakat and Pwii
9: Coney and GIMR

77 Singles - $1000 pot

1: M2K ($450.00)
2: Gnes ($220.40)
3: ADHD ($120.40)
4: Nairo ($80.00)
5: Fatal ($40.00)
5: Anti ($40.00)
7: Dabuz ($25.00)
7: Vinnie ($25.00)
9: Kai
9: Pat G
9: Will
9: vVv Chibo
13: Nakat
13: vVv Logic
13: jband
13: Coney
17: VVV Cheese
17: Pwii
17: Pelca
17: Delta Cod
17: NinjaLink
17: Doom
17: GIMR
17: Jtails

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