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Blog #17 Championship FIFA, The Big 3

Posted by vVv michs09, 23 June 2012 · 711 views


Today’s blog will cover some factors that shouldn’t be overlooked when putting players on the pitch and choosing formations. People always check individual player’s statistics but often miss some of the most paramount data. Ever wonder why players sometimes move amazing on the pitch or vice versa? Check below for a step by step on a few characteristics to look for in players when you’re putting together that all-star lineup.

Each player on the pitch has a dominant foot, which makes a monumental difference in FIFA12. For example, I always prefer that my RS (Right Striker) have a left footed dominance or have at least 4 stars for off foot ability because in order to utilize that position it’s important to be able to cut inside to rip shots on goal. I use the finesse shot regularly in each FIFA game I play, so in order for that technique to reach its full potential it’s essential that your player can execute it with consistency.

A great example would be “Robben” from Bayern Munich. He’s easily one of the most talented wingers in FIFA 12, but he has a weak foot ability of a 2 stars, therefore it doesn’t matter that he has amazing shooting capabilities because they only apply when using his strong foot. A lot of players don’t fully understand this concept, and don’t understand why there shots aren’t coming near the target.

Ever wonder why your crosses aren’t accurate? If you’re playing a right mid / left mid whose primary foot is opposite of his position then often crosses aren’t nearly as precise. A lot of outside midfielders don’t cross nearly as much in the real world these days, but rather are used almost as attacking mids who are constantly cutting inside to put pressure on opposing defenses. This is just fine, but translates poorly to FIFA if you need your wingers to swing driven crosses into the box all match.

Everyone knows that trick moves are really important in FIFA titles, and that a player with a high level of skill moves can operate more proficiently on the pitch. For example, players that aren’t amazing in terms of overall rating such as “Ben Arfa” (79) from Newcastle but still carry solid ball control characteristics almost glide across the pitch. Ben Arfa isn’t that fast, low 80’s in sprint speed yet when he gets the ball and performs trick moves he just explodes by opposing players with ease. Another decent example would be a player like Malouda, who is pretty balanced statistically but doesn’t have the pace to burst past your opponent’s defense. However with properly timed trick moves, or just quick turns Malouda creates space instantaneously allowing openings for simple through balls or shots from distance.

The “NBA Dynamic” which states that a player who is physically superior who shares similar characteristics to a smaller counterpart will hold a competitive advantage or more potential on the pitch. So basically a 6’5 forward with a 90 sprint speed is more valuable than a 6’0 forward with that same sprint speed. If you’ve ever competed in FIWC (FIFA Interactive World Cup) online qualifiers then the most popular teams are always squads like Sweden, Germany, and Chelsea because stats are even across the board with the only factor varying being size. Losing skill while gaining size can be an efficient tradeoff in FIFA 12 if you change your attacking movements. Especially in terms of crossing, height is easily the biggest game changer when winning headers.

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