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Sup guys

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The Bastion

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Hey Jerry what server is everyone on in swtor?

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:gamer2: :gamer2: :gamer2: :gamer2:

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Yea I am pretty excited!!

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@vVv MikEvil lucky you

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Its time for some #SC2 #LegacyoftheVoid #Beta!!!

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Hello everyone!!!

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The arcade is empty....... Hearthstone anyone lol

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Otherwise we are forced to takeover a different channel if we need to have those types of discussions.

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@vVv LordJerith It would be nice to have it there for when we are on to have group chats.

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@kosta We cna always put teh room abck if you need it, but we didn't see much use

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ok cool

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trusted not secure

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or a link to a secure torrent

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does anyone know good free video editing software

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Blog #14 Real Madrid, Simply the Best? FIFA Fridays (2)

Posted by vVv michs09, 01 June 2012 · 3,762 views


Why does everyone use Real Madrid?

In this week’s FIFA Friday ‘s blog I’m taking a closer look into what makes Real Madrid so dominant in FIFA 12. Without a doubt Madrid has the most complete squad and has multiple balanced players that are interchangeable at each position which provides “Depth”. Why is depth important? Mainly because FIFA players have separate styles and different players cater to different tactics. For instance, a smaller undersized team will excel in pressing and quick passing but may lack the ability to win headers or strength to knock players off the ball with consistency. Below is my “Real Madrid” position Breakdown.

Regardless if you run a two or three forward set Madrid has amazing Wing / Strikers in FIFA 12. Obviously you have Ronaldo, the best player in the game in my opinion by a large margin. There isn’t a more complete scorer in the FIFA over the past few years… The combination of strength, size, technique, power, and finishing just makes Ronaldo simply a BEAST. His striking partner Benzema adds a second weapon that your opponent has to respect. He shares many of the Ronaldo characteristics just in smaller doses but is an elite striker and deserves his overall 84 rating.

Game Changer: Both Benzema & Ronaldo are big (6’0 & 6’1) so crossing or fast build up on the ground suits both players which your find is a rare characteristic between strikers. Speed & Size doesn’t come around all too often in FIFA 12.

In the Madrid midfield you have tons of options, so your final lineup comes down to what formation / tactics you plan on using in the match. I commonly use a 3-5-2 with Real Madrid so that’s going to be our example formation for this blog. The first major change I make is I play Diarra (CDM) instead of playing Alonso because while I sacrifice some offensive shooting and long passing I gain a stronger defender who is much quicker enabling better pressure opportunities. I also play Kaka as a CDM even though that’s far from his natural position. I’m a huge fan of using players out of position if I think it gives me a competitive advantage. Kaka has strong composure on the ball and looks to get forward whereas Diarra sits almost just on top of the defense.

RM = Jose Callejon
LM = Di Maria

Both these players have what seems like unlimited pace that compliments with incredible fitness which allows them to run the wings all match and provide crosses for the strikers.

Last key player: Ozil should be your CAM… He can maneuver extremely well and then drop off easy passes to the strikers for the finish.

This is Madrid’s weakest point on the squad; they lack true speed and outside of Ramos don’t provide much power on the defensive line.

Considering I’m only using 3 defenders in my example formation, I’m choosing to use quicker backs rather than larger more powerful ones. If you play with 4 in the back, use Pepe to accompany Ramos in the middle. (CB)

Marcelo and Coentrao are both natural outside backs and have decent speed but are terrible in the air. You can count on them to catch up to fast strikers, but not Elite speedsters or tackle larger Strikers such as an Ibra or Drogba with overwhelming success.

However you do get one stellar defender on your team in Ramos (85)… He’s easily one of the best combo defenders in the game winning headers, making strong tackles, and catching up to fast forwards. Make sure to have him always as your last man back if a through ball down the middle approaches.

Casillas is a top tier keeper in FIFA 12. (89) However for goalies in FIFA size means more than skill sometimes so players like Cech or Hart are much better to have even at lower ratings .

Game Changer: Casillas is a fast keeper, this allows for him to be taken way off the line in order to cut off through balls and improve angles.

As always, thank you for taking time to read my blog & if you guys have any suggestions or questions fire them over to twitter @michs09usa

Next Week’s Blogs = “Why MLG Should Pick Up FIFA13 for the Circuit”

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Nice write up :) not sure about Ronaldo, he is a beast but gotta give Lionel Messi some props as well the kid is a monster on the pitch. He is a play maker and goal scoring machine.

3-5-2 .. seriously? that scares me ;) hope your LDM/RDM are wise enough to not push to far forward and get caught in a counter...

Can;t wait to see what you bring to the table next Friday :)
Actually the 3-5-2 is a really solid defensive formation.. the 5 midfielders create a wall that's difficult for your opponent to break down...

Messi is nowhere near Ronaldo in terms of FIFA talent.... mainly because messi is so small that he gets bodied, he can't compete in the air, and doesn't have an off foot in the game
not sure as a coach if I would ever feel comfortable running a 3-5-2 unless I had very disciplined midfielders who I could trust. One poor decision and the counter is on leaving your flat 3 back scrambling with your keeper praying.

Messi is nowhere near Ronaldo in terms of FIFA talent.... mainly because messi is so small that he gets bodied, he can't compete in the air, and doesn't have an off foot in the game

ah, so they (devs) screwed over messi :( thats a shame
Messi's stats are still amazing, he even has a better overall then Ronaldo but he's no where near as dominant in the game

Yeah you don't see much 3-5-2 in real life, but in FIFA 12 the gameplay isn't that fast and it's easy to get the midfielders back so you rarely will be left with just 3 in the back with attackers coming at you...there were multiple people that used 3-5-2 in the Virgin Gaming Challenge in NYC

FIFA is about to release a new record football jersey.


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